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Start - Otto’s Journey 2011 on the roof of the world: Gunther Holtorf with Otto against the backdrop of Mount Everest When Gunther Holtorf looks at a map, memories immediately pop up in his head: memories of past visits, encounters and adventures. Pick up any country –he has been there. Or at least every country you can get to with a four-wheel drive car. He has visited 215 countries, autonomous territories and regions over the last 26 years. Decorah Eagles, Ustream.TV: The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles from atop their tree at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. The li Watch the Decorah Eagles! We have a stream here, but check out **our NEW ADS-FREE STREAM ** at our website: We will be chatting there as well, so be sure to follow the link to see an ads-free stream and to chat with us! This is the Decorah Eagles nest, which is located just south of the city of Decorah near the trout hatchery. For more information about the eagles and their nest, please follow this link:

5 Tools to Improve Your Idea Before You Write a Line of Code In my last post on ReadWriteStart, I talked about how, in many cases, it wasn't an advantage to build your start-up in stealth mode. As a continuation of that theme, I thought it would be interesting to explore five tools you can use to iterate and improve your startup idea before writing one line of code. There is nothing worse than building a tool no one is interested in, so I'd encourage you to consider these options before starting down the path of building your next startup. Specifically, these five tools can help you do three critical activities before starting to write a line of code: create a wireframe, get feedback from the target market and test value proposition through multiple landing pages.

Trash Track For more information, please contact: team Carlo Ratti Director Assaf Biderman Assoc. Director Dietmar Offenhuber Team Leader Eugenio Morello Team Leader, Concept Musstanser Tinauli Team Leader, First Phase Kristian Kloeckl Team Leader, Second Phase Lewis Girod Engineering Jennifer Dunnam E Roon Kang Kevin Nattinger Avid Boustani David Lee Programming Alan Anderson Clio Andris Carnaven Chiu Chris Chung Lorenzo Davolli Kathryn Dineen Natalia Duque Ciceri Samantha Earl Sarabjit Kaur Sarah Neilson Giovanni de Niederhausern Jill Passano Elizabeth Ramaccia Renato Rinaldi Francisca Rojas Louis Sirota Malima Wolf Eugene Lee Angela Wang Armin Linke Video Advisors Rex Britter Stephen Miles Tim Gutowski Lead Volunteers Tim Pritchard Jodee Fenton Lance Albertson Chad Johansen Christie Rodgers Shannon Cheng Jon Dreher Andy Smith Richard Auger Michael Cafferty Shalini Ghandi Special Thanks Jodee Fenton Tim Pritchard – Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities download hi-res video

Alexandre Liebert & Emilie Arfeuil présente SCARS OF CAMBODIA When Polpot took control of Cambodia in 1975, he was determined to create a completly new society starting by destroying all the aspects of the former one. His communist regime began by executing systematically every person who had relations with the former government, and built prisons and forced-labor camps. Determinedly agrarians, the Angkar set agricultural population against city-dwellers, accused of being contaminated by the bourgeois imperialism. Phnom Penh was immediately emptied and its population sent to the countryside in camps to work under watch.

California's Getting Fracked California s Getting Fracked Everything oil companies aren’t telling you about the extent of fracking in California, and what it means for your food, water, and health. by Anna Flagg, Sarah Craig & Antonia Bruno Christian the Lion About Christian the Lion is a phenomenally popular video clip from the 1971 Australian documentary Christian, The Lion at World’s End featuring a domesticated lion recognizing his owners a year after being successfully integrated into the wild. The video is usually accompanied by a happy-sad song and is most notorious in chain-mails. Origin Christian was born in captivity in an Ilfracombe zoo, who gave the cub to a department store. MillionShort Million Short is an experimental web search engine (really, more of a discovery engine) that allows you to REMOVE the top million (or top 100k, 10k, 1k, 100) sites from the results set. We thought it might be somewhat interesting to see what we'd find if we just removed an entire slice of the web. The thinking was the same popular sites (we're not saying popular equals irrelevant) show up again and again, Million Short makes it easy to discover sites that just don't make it to the top of the search engine results for whatever reason (poor SEO, new site, small marketing budget, competitive keyword(s) etc.).

How what you eat demands more water than you think it does - Los Angeles Times By Kyle Kim, Jon Schleuss and Priya Krishnakumar April 7, 2015 California's crippling drought has prompted conservation efforts, such as replacing grass lawns and minding how long you leave the tap water running. Strange, Beautiful and Unexpected: Planned Cities Seen From Space Most planned cities probably aren't designed with the view from space in mind, but some of them create incredible patterns on the landscape that can only be truly appreciated from above. Planned cities are laid out all at once and built from scratch. They are designed with a purpose in mind: to optimize traffic flow, or to maximize access to green space or to keep everyone in their proper place.

REST API - Evri Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Registration and API Use Limits The Best Online Storytelling and Journalism of 2014 5) A Big Year for Crowdsourcing and Eyewitness Media The term crowdsourcing is nearly 10 years old, but in 2014 crowdsourcing in journalism took a few big steps forward. Right at the end of 2013 user generated content and eyewitness media got a boost when Storyful was purchased by News Corp (my take here). In Syria Shattered Storyful worked with the Wall Street Journal for a three part series weaving together incredible before and after pictures, poignant original video and eyewitness video sourced from YouTube users. The cumulative effect serves to bring readers closer to the people and the streets of Syria in a way that feels immediate and urgent.

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