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Believe Nothing (but understand as much as you can)

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The Zeitgeist Film Series Gateway | Zeitgeist: The Movie, Zeitgeist: Addendum, Zeitgeist Moving Forward LE TRIANGLE DRAMATIQUE © Extrait du livre " Manuel de relation d'aide", Jacques et Claire Poujol, Empreinte Temps Présent, 1998. Livre disponible sur le site de la librairie 7ici : ou par mail . De nombreux romans, films, contes, ou vaudevillles sont bâtis sur une même dynamique : un méchant s'attaque à une victime. Cela dure jusqu'à ce qu'arrive un bon, qui sauve la victime, et le méchant se retrouve victime. La vie aussi, qu'elle soit familiale, professionnelle ou politique, est pleine de tensions dramatiques, petites ou grandes, qui toutes se situent sur cet axe dynamique qui mène le monde : un persécuteur, une victime, et l'intervention d'un sauveteur. Nous passons environ 75% de notre temps dans l'un ou l'autre de ces trois rôles. Ces trois rôles « se gravent » dans nos états du Moi : Le rôle de Persécuteur C'est une forme excessive, critique et dévalorisante, du Parent Normatif Négatif. Le rôle de Sauveteur Plaisir Le client (Victime) : Le conseiller :

:: Download Free Political Documentaries And Watch Many Interesting, Controversial Free Documentary Films On That You Wont Find On The TV! :: ited Nations Global Issues - Home Africa As the world’s only truly universal global organization, the United Nations has become the foremost forum to address issues that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any one country acting alone. To its initial goals of safeguarding peace, protecting human rights, establishing the framework for international justice and promoting economic and social progress, in the six and a half decades since its creation the United Nations has added on new challenges, such as climate change, international terrorism and AIDS. While conflict resolution and peacekeeping continue to be among its most visible efforts, the UN, along with its specialized agencies, is also engaged in a wide array of activities to improve people’s lives around the world – from disaster relief, through education and advancement of women, to peaceful uses of atomic energy. This website offers an overview of some of these global issues, and links to other resources where you can get additional information.

10 steps to awaken your third eye It is felt that the third eye is active and makes wider sensing possible as humans dream. As the physical eyes are closed, the physical mind works in conjunction with this heightened sensitivity. Many people wonder how they could learn to open this third eye while conscious. Consider the third eye," is where, as the Bible notes, "thine eyes become single," where there is no longer a difference between male and female, and where "the peace that passeth all understanding" dwells. To deepen awareness, you must truly believe the third eye exists and know the pineal gland used to be the third eye. You may think its desirable to force the third eye open quickly, like with a drill. It is relevant George Boyd explores the attentional principle (purusa). At its core, the nature of your attention is like a wave of self-understanding. Practice of Purusa Dhyan Meditation (Based on work by George Boyd) Affirm quietly, "the self, the size of a thumb, is seated behind the two eyes.

Documentary Films .NET Triangle de karpman Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Le triangle dramatique, dit aussi triangle de Karpman, est une figure d'analyse transactionnelle proposée par Stephen Karpman en 1968 (dans son article Fairy Tales and Script Drama Analysis) qui met en évidence un scénario relationnel typique entre victime, persécuteur et sauveur (ces rôles étant symboliques, une même personne peut changer de rôle). Rôle[modifier | modifier le code] C'est une schématisation qui tend à exprimer que si une personne utilise un de ces rôles (par exemple la victime), elle entraîne l'autre à jouer un rôle complémentaire (le Sauveur ou le Persécuteur). L'expression de ce scénario permet de déceler la mécommunication : on peut souvent l'utiliser pour exprimer les mécanismes ayant généré un conflit. Manipulation[modifier | modifier le code] Exemple[modifier | modifier le code] S1 affirme à S2 : « Tu n'as pas honte de refuser de manger ces bons haricots verts ? Limites[modifier | modifier le code]

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:: Download Free Political Documentaries And Watch Many Interesting, Controversial Free Documentary Films On That You Wont Find On The TV! :: Jos - Modern Taoist Sage 1. A harmony of paradoxes A wise man knows himself to be more precious than fame, and so, obscure, remains. The Taoist sage consists of paradoxes that would mortify most people, but do not seem to bother him at all: The sage - is detached, yet compassionate; - enjoys life, yet does not cling to it; - is a perfectionist, yet indifferent to success or failure; - is a man of honour, yet avoids reaping honour; - ignores ethics and morals, but lives a life of the highest moral order; - does not strive, yet achieves; - knows the answers, but prefers to remain silent; - has the innocence of a child, but incredible inner strength. These paradoxes are in harmony in the sage, the same way nature itself seems to be a harmonious blend of paradoxes. 2. All things end in the Tao as rivers flow into the sea. The Taoist sage lives in close harmony with the natural rhythm and flow of life. He feels at home in nature - in deep forests or on misty mountains - away from the artificial and the contrived. 3. 4.

Documentary Dish Ernst von Glasersfeld - Constructivisme radical et enseignement : CIRADE - Conference Québec 2001 Perception Since the rise of experimental psychology in the 19th Century, psychology's understanding of perception has progressed by combining a variety of techniques.[3] Psychophysics quantitatively describes the relationships between the physical qualities of the sensory input and perception.[5] Sensory neuroscience studies the brain mechanisms underlying perception. Perceptual systems can also be studied computationally, in terms of the information they process. Perceptual issues in philosophy include the extent to which sensory qualities such as sound, smell or color exist in objective reality rather than in the mind of the perceiver.[3] The perceptual systems of the brain enable individuals to see the world around them as stable, even though the sensory information is typically incomplete and rapidly varying. Human and animal brains are structured in a modular way, with different areas processing different kinds of sensory information. Process and terminology[edit] Perception and reality[edit]