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One Millionth Tower

One Millionth Tower
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» Out My Window | Highrise Still image from recently found footage: An uncle’s self-documentation 20 years ago with a super 8 film camera in a Toronto highrise. This remarkable footage is providing clues for Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam, HIGHRISE community media coordinator, in her documentary about the mysteries of her uncle’s immigration to Canada, and his struggle with mental health issues. I asked Maria to guest blog about how she found the footage, her uncle, and how it unexpectedly relates to HIGHRISE. My father was convinced he had no films of his brother Pandi. While I was interviewing him on camera, he insisted on showing a box with a super-8 projector in it that belonged to Pandi. To our surprise the projector was working. My father had never seen any films his brother had created, nor had never visited Pandi’s apartment. Pandi had been living in Chennai, India where he was having trouble finding a job in the film industry.

Life in a Day : disponible sur YouTube Souvenez-vous, c’était en juillet 2010. YouTube lançait son projet “Life in a Day” : produire un film à partir de vidéos d’amateurs, dans lesquelles ceux-ci avaient alors l’opportunité de partager et de faire découvrir des moments de leur vie avec le reste du monde. Souvenez-vous, c’était en juillet 2010. YouTube lançait son projet “Life in a Day” : produire un film à partir de vidéos d’amateurs, dans lesquelles ceux-ci avaient alors l’opportunité de partager et de faire découvrir des moments de leur vie avec le reste du monde. Le documentaire, produit par Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Kingdom of Heavens) et YouTube, est un montage de clips vidéos basé sur la notion du crowdsourcing. La plateforme aurait reçu plus de 80 000 vidéos sur sa page dédiée au projet. Le résultat, concentré en une heure et demie, est un formidable enchaînement de situations de vies, qu’elles soient typiques ou un peu moins communes.

Collapsus - Energy Risk Conspiracy Collapsus is an immersive web experience set in a near-future world after peak oil, where conspiracy and treason are rife. Against a dramatic backdrop of global energy politics, Collapsus combines interactivity with animation, fiction and documentary, inviting the user to embark on a quest to collect information, find solutions, and make crucial decisions that will leave their mark on a national and a global See also our interview with the creators and producers of Collapsus and our walkthrough of Collapsus with audio commentary by director Tommy Pallotta. Awards Collapsus received an Emmy nomination for Best Digital Fiction, a People’s Choice Award and Interactive Award nominations at SXSW 2011, the Dutch Spin Award, and a World Summit Award. is a Submarine Channel production in co-production with VPRO Backlight.

Filmmakers Collaborative FC offers low cost fiscal sponsorship to independent producers across the country. Many foundations will not issue grants to individuals but only to non-profits, so instead of starting their own 501(c)3 organization, filmmakers often align themselves with an established non-profit, allowing them to apply for a wide range of grants and offer their donors a tax deduction. FC is not simply a “pass through;” it is a member organization that accepts and administers contributions made to our members’ projects, monitors reports to ensure that grant funds are spent in accordance with funder requirements, and acts as the liaison between foundations and filmmakers. Since 1986 FC has managed more than $25 million in grants and donations for over 200 projects. Our films have been shown nationally and internationally, and have won awards at festivals and competitions around the world. Besides films and videos, we sponsor websites, apps, games, and digital projects on a range of platforms. * Budgeting

Fifty People, One Question by Maria Popova What world peace has to do with zombie fever and waking up in your own bed. This past weekend, Vimeo announced the finalists in the first-ever Vimeo Awards for creativity and innovation in online video. The brainchild of filmmaker and designer duo Benjamin Reece and Nathan Heleine, the project is based on a simple premise that yields surprisingly rich results: Asking people one question and filming their response. The project consists of four films, the first of which was shot in New Orleans and conceived by Reece, who later partnered with Heleine to produce the remaining three. It’s amazing, in a deeply sad kind of way, how self-conscious and timid people become as they communicate a genuine wish for “world peace,” fully aware of the contrived fluff-status the phrase has attained. Where would you like to wake up tomorrow? Brain Pickings has a free weekly newsletter and people say it’s cool. Share on Tumblr

Snow Fall Waterlife Annette Peacock Annette Peacock (born in 1941) is an American composer, arranger, producer, musician, writer, singer. Biography[edit] Born in 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, Annette Peacock began composing at age four.[1] Her mother was a violist in the San Diego and Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestras. At 19, Annette married jazz bassist Gary Peacock. At the beginning of the 60's she toured with Albert Ayler, studied Zen Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi, and was a close associate of Timothy Leary at the psychedelic center in Millbrook.[1] In 1964, pianist Paul Bley first began featuring her avant-garde compositions - ultimately on over 60 records. In 1968/69 she recorded Revenge - its release thwarted by Polydor till 1971. In 1971 I'm The One was recorded (voted by the journalists of WIRE magazine as one of the top 100 records that "set fire to the world") and released by RCA in 1972. when she appeared as a "Hologram" in a collaboration and show with Salvador Dalí. Selected discography[edit] Albums[edit]

Starlight Runner | Transmedia Services Rise of Pervasive Communications Today's most desirable target markets, Millennial young adults and Generation Z ‘tweens and teens, have come of age in a time of pervasive communications. As a result they are far more media savvy, interpersonally connected, and able to express themselves than any previous generation. The problem faced by corporations and big media is that many are communicating on old broadcast models, where the narrative is linear, the medium stands alone, and the narrative is only running one way. A new toolset and new techniques are necessary to reach and engage mass audiences in the digital age. The consumer or audience member is now a user and a participant. Transmedia Storytelling Defined The term transmedia storytelling first saw publication in Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, a text by Professor Henry Jenkins (then of M.I.T., currently teaching at the University of Southern California). Transmedia Planning & Development Transmedia Branding

Sarako | Interactive Storytelling - sarako Sarako | Interactive Storytelling Hi there! I’m Sara Kolster (Sarako) and I tell stories through visual and interactive interfaces. I get particularly inspired by travel to big cities and climbing rocks and have an addiction to stripy t-shirts. Have you ever been to the island of Naoshima in Japan? It’s one of my favorite places. You may also want to know about my love of nerdy artists, fluorescent pink, and polka dots. Specifically, I love working on interactive design interfaces for Cultural & Non-Profit Institutions. If you’re coming from a cultural or non-profit institution, you’ll want to check out the work that I’ve done on large audiovisual archives. Do you have an idea that you’d like to turn into an amazing interactive reality? I know what that’s like. I’ve presented my work in places like… Got a project in mind for an interface designer like me? Because projects come in all shapes and sizes, I tweak my work to suit each one’s quirks. Generally, these are the steps I take:

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