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Dangers of Fracking

Dangers of Fracking

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What's the Score? A Guide to Social Media Influence Scoring Social scoring assigns an 'influence' score to people who are active on social media. You might be thinking, 'So what? It's just another number.' Home energy sources The CO2 emission factor used is 0.527 kg / kWh [Defra, 14]. This includes an allowance for the 7.5% of losses on the national grid [Defra, 14] and some other inefficiencies that occur before electricity reaches the end user. Other calculators that use a smaller value (e.g. 0.43 kg / kWh [2] [5] [6]) appear not to allow for grid losses. The average electricity consumption is 4,800 kWh per household [36]. A smaller than average household is taken arbitrarily to be 3,000 kWh (i.e. roughly two-thirds of the average), and a larger than average household to be 7,000 kWh (i.e. roughly 50% more).

How to Fix Money and Banking System - Positive Money Proposals What We Need We’ve spent the last four years researching the problems caused by the current debt-based monetary system and how to fix them. This is what we think needs to change to fix our broken money system: History has shown that when banks have the power to create money, they create too much in the good times, causing financial crises, and then create too little money in the bad times, making recessions and unemployment even worse. They put most of the money that they create into house price bubbles and speculation on financial markets, and only put a small amount into businesses outside the financial sector.

Fossil Fuels The Institute for Energy Research conducts in-depth economic and policy research on energy and environmental issues. The follow studies provide an extensive analysis of fossil fuels as an energy resource, their impact on markets, and their importance in energy policy debates. Below these studies is an in-depth overview of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels—coal, petroleum (oil), and natural gas — are concentrated organic compounds found in the Earth’s crust. They are created from the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago in the form of concentrated biomass.

17 eye-popping examples of parallax scrolling websites Today's advanced web technologies make it possible to create remarkable effects in the browser. While these effects can be gimmicky, when employed in the right way they can result in a distinctive and memorable website. One fairly recent web design trend is parallax scrolling, which involves the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground, creating a 3D effect as you scroll down the page.

BEHIND THE BLOODSHED: THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICA’S MASS KILLINGS To analyze mass killings, USA TODAY used the FBI's definition: four or more killed, not including suspects, in an event. The killing may stretch over a day or more and some distance, especially if it includes killings committed in flight or against targeted people. It does not include an extended "cooling-off period" to distinguish this kind of crime from the acts of serial killers. Unlike gun control advocates who just count shootings, USA TODAY analyzed all mass killings, regardless of weapon. That adds significant diversity to the types of killers and victims and produces a fuller portrait of this type of crime. USA TODAY began by collecting the FBI's Supplemental Homicide Reports for 2006-11.

Global Warming 101 What is global warming? Think of a blanket, covering the Earth. When CO 2 and other heat-trapping emissions are released into the air, they act like a blanket, holding heat in our atmosphere and warming the planet. Overloading our atmosphere with carbon has far-reaching effects for people all around the world—more extreme storms, more severe droughts, deadly heat waves, rising sea levels, and more acidic oceans, which can affect the very base of the food chain. What causes global warming?

Infographic: The Climate Risks of Natural Gas Learn More | The Science Behind the Infographic Enlarge Image: Full Infographic | Panel 1 | Panel 2 | Panel 3Download Infographic (PDF): Full Infographic | Panel 1 | Panel 2 | Panel 3 The Transformation of the U.S. Electricity System Why are coal-fired power plants closing? Derivatives - The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks Note the little man standing in front of white house. The little worm next to lastfootball field is a truck with $2 billion dollars. There is no government in the world that has this kind of money. Achetez, envoyez de l'argent et acceptez les paiements Get away without giving away your security. Sign Up for Free Own a business? Open a business account Paused. Click to play.Pause

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