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Gameful - A Secret HQ for World-Changing Game Developers

Gameful - A Secret HQ for World-Changing Game Developers
So you think exercise is an excruciating test of willpower over the drudgery of treadmills, crowded gyms and sweaty t-shirts? So do we! That’s why we need Rundercover, a thrilling interactive audio-game. Or, how a Swiss startup starts out to make your outdoor exercises more fun and rewarding. In the mobile app “Rundercover”, you as the runner become the hero of an epic secret agent story. Through various interactions, such as jumps, speed-ups and…

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The top 11 apps to use with Book Creator - Book Creator app #1 Explain Everything It was no surprise to us that Explain Everything came top in this list. We’ve seen anecdotally that teachers love this app, and we know there are many, many ways it can be combined with Book Creator – and the workflow works both ways. For those who don’t know, Explain Everything is an interactive screencasting whiteboard app. It allows teachers or students to create presentations, tutorials, or lessons using an infinite canvas and a varied toolset.

Playing With the Monster: How to Build a Successful Trans-media Project Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) Art of Crime developed a total cross-media strategy from scratch AND designed the whole platform for a trans-media expansion BEFORE launch. Their test launch last year showed a unique potential, and the Scandinavian MMO launch this summer has proven it is scalable now with over 80 thousand Crimevillains and hundreds joining every day. But hey! It all sounds easy on paper. How do you really create monetizable production and distribution pipelines, artwork and 40 characters that fit all platforms?

GAMEFUL, a Secret HQ for Worldchanging Game Developers by Jane McGonigal As a planet, we spend 3 billion hours a week playing computer and videogames. That’s a LOT of time -- enough to change our lives, and probably save the world (the real world) while we’re at it. That's why we want to create a secret HQ for people who are making games that are making us: - happier - smarter - stronger - healthier - more collaborative - more creative - better connected to our friends and family - and better at WHATEVER we love to do when we’re not playing games Here are some games that are already doing just that: EVOKE, Fold It!, The Epic Win App, Flower, Code of Everand, SuperBetter, The MP Expenses Game, Budgetball, the Pokéwalker, Quest to Learn, Little Big Planet: Gamechangers, World Without Oil, Seek ‘n Spell, Goal Mafia,and Conspiracy for Good.

Game Mechanics In this past Sunday’s Wall St. Journal, Farhad Manjoo had a piece on gamification in the workplace. It begins… Envision that every one of your professional endeavors was meticulously tracked and measured in points, that there were levels to complete and you were given prizes for excellence. The Beast (game) An ARG is a game which deliberately blurs the line between the game and the real world. Players investigate the world of the game using the same tools with which they interact with the real world such as websites, email, telephone conversations and even in-person discussions with actors playing game characters. The mantra of The Beast, and most other ARGs, is "This is not a game." When a player reads a character's blog, or looks at his employer's website, or even speaks to him on the phone, the character never indicates that he is anything but what the game says he is, whether that's a professor of biology, a kidnapped child, a DP artist, or a robot bounty hunter.

The Miracle Mile Paradox ARG by Transmedia LA Rexford Higgs, in the video above, is just one of many characters with which you will be able to interact as if they were real people in The Miracle Mile Paradox, an alternate reality game (ARG) set in a historic neighborhood of Los Angeles. The game will run for 14 weeks this summer and will be playable both online and in real life for free! It's simple! All the "in game" characters like Rex will have websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, even phone numbers, which you can read, follow and call as you discover pieces of the story. Think of it as an alternate world that overlaps with the real one that's a bit, shall we say, more dangerous & dramatic? Often times, there will be puzzles and things to figure out in order to reveal a new piece of the story.

Avant Game: GAMEFUL: a secret HQ for worldchanging game developers As a planet, we spend 3 billion hours a week playing computer and videogames. That’s a LOT of time -- enough to change our lives, and probably save the world (the real world) while we’re at it. That's why we want to create a secret HQ for people who are making games that are making us: - happier Game mechanics Game mechanics are constructs of rules intended to produce a game or gameplay. All games use mechanics; however, theories and styles differ as to their ultimate importance to the game. In general, the process and study of game design, or ludology, are efforts to come up with game mechanics that allow for people playing a game to have an engaging, but not necessarily fun, experience. Game mechanics vs. gameplay[edit] Gameplay refers to the overall game experience or essence of the game itself.

Trading Card: Turn your photos into trading cards! Tons of fun stuff... Give one of our toys a spin! Cube, FX, Billboard, Pop Art Poster, Mat, Magazine Cover, Photobooth, Jigsaw, Movie Poster, Calendar, Gift Center, Map Maker, Motivator, Hockneyizer, Wallpaper, Trading Card, Pocket Album, CD Cover, Mosaic Maker, Lolcat Generator, Framer, Color Palette Generator, Badge Maker, Bead Art, I know, right? It's a lot to take in.

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