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No Distractions, No Deceptions, No Diversions, No Delusions!

No Distractions, No Deceptions, No Diversions, No Delusions!
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For those who want to know: Reliable information on health, energy, media, war, elections, 9/11, more RUSSIA/UKRAINE I don't know about you, but I always took a certain comfort in the notion Harper was a cynical master of manipulation, a politician for whom no wedge was too harmful or divisive to be shunned. This is bad, of course, and both immoral and dangerous, but it contains the comforting kernel of thought that no one as bright as Harper is could actually fail to see the glaring contradictions in the stuff he says. This always offered the faint hope he didn't actually believe everything he was saying, and therefore might be philosophical if voters indicated they disagreed. Naturally one hoped his petulant and furious reaction to the complicated situation unfolding in Ukraine reflected only the availability of another potential wedge issue here in Canada. That is, a chance to capture the Ukrainian-Canadian vote. Perhaps, one hoped, it didn't reveal his actual thoughts on the unstable and dangerous crisis in which there are plenty of nasty players and victims on all sides.

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