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IDFA DocLab 2010 | The official new media program of IDFA, showcasing new forms of documentary storytelling, digital technology and media art. Inside Shelbyville Multimedia's Ambitious Immigration Project Shelbyville project kicks off with a series of “Welcoming” videos Chances are you haven’t yet heard of Shelbyville, a small rural community in Tennessee. If not, then you’re probably also unaware of the upcoming “Welcome to Shelbyville” documentary or the online project that is forging a pilot, or prototype, for communities to tell and share their own stories. So let me share my initial impressions of this remarkable, ambitious effort. Last Monday I was lucky enough to be a part of a “digital brain trust” of 20 progressive media and non-profit representatives at the Bay Area Video Coalition headquarters. The event was convened by Active Voice, a San Francisco-based non-profit that uses film, television, and multimedia to spark social change. What is the Shelbyville Project? Miss Marilyn, a retired public elementary school teacher who taught in Shelbyville The Shelbyville project is a series of stories about immigrant integration. Positive Stories The initiative’s promise as a prototype

El Navegador interactiu del CCCB Selecciona allò que vols veure al mapa: Llocs Barcelona literària ITINERARIS Barcelona literària PUNTS ''Ramona, adéu'' La Barcelona de Montserrat RoigMaria Nunes'Ramona, adéu'La Barcelona de Montserrat Roig Carrer Gran de Gràcia, cantonada c/ Còrsega, domicili d'una de les protagonistes de la novel·la 'Ramona, adéu' de Montserrat Roig, Mundeta Jover que representa la primera generació de dones de l'obra. Isabel Clara Simó parla de Montserrat Roig Compartir:

Interactive Documentary NFB/Interactive - National Film Board of Canada At the NFB we like change. For 70 years we've experimented, innovated, and produced a legacy of technical and creative firsts in cinema, animation, and documentary. Think McLaren, Lipsett, Brittain, and Jutra; Stereoscopic 3d, VTR, and participatory media. Today, the way we create, consume, and connect with each other changes by the minute. It's the result of artists and storytellers of all sorts utilizing new technology, to explore new forms of creation, for a new kind of Canada. The stories they're telling here are new, but share a lot in common with the work that came before: they present distinct voices, strong points-of-view, and unique perspectives. So let the conversation begin. Scary or otherwise.

Planet Galata Hoy empieza todo La película. Hoy empieza todo. Ca commence aujourd'hui Francia. 1999. 95 min. Director: Bertrand Tavernier. Guión: Dominique Sampierom (que fue maestro durante más de veinte años en Hernaing, una localidad del norte de Francia y cuyas experiencias transmite en la película), Tiffany Tavernier y Bertrand Tavernier Fotografía: Alain Choquart Montaje: Sophíe Brunet Música: Louis Sclavis Producción: Alain Sarde/Little Bear/TF1 Production Intérpretes: : Philippe Torreton (Daniel Lefebvre), María Pittaresi (Vcaleria), Nadia Kaci (Samia), Veronique Ataly (señora Liénard), Nathalie Bécue (Cathy), Emmanuelle Bercot (señora Tiévaux), Betty Teboulle (señora Henry), Gérard Giroudon (Alcalde), Didier Bezace (Inspector), Marief Guittier (Daniel), Daniel Delabesse (Marc). El profesor es un hombre extremadamente amable y paciente, pero no duda en ponerse firme para defender sus convicciones en determinados momentos.

We. A documentary featuring the words of Arundhati Roy Jake, Not finished yet. Director/ producer Ian Thomas Ash has teamed up with producer/ cameraman Colin O’Neill for “Jake, not finished yet”. Joining them on the crew is newcomer Jake Caswell, the subject from the title, who along with co-directing also serves as second camera. Ian helps direct Jake as he directs his own story. While Jake and Ian are connected through Vicki, their bond becomes stronger when Ian experiences another great loss.

TransformaFilms UNDER THE CITY Interactive Documentary Archive .:. Interactive Documentary The archive is now closed When I started this PhD there was not very much happening in i-docs land. So I felt I had to assemble my discoveries through this website. (No Comments) Read more Shadowlands This entry was proposed and written by Elaine Hills Description: Produced Feb 2012 to document the effects on the people who continue to be effected by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster. (2 Comments) Read more The Cat and the Coup is a documentary videogame in which you play the cat of Dr. (3 Comments) Read more Aysén Profundo This entry has been sent to me by Philine von Düszeln. (No Comments) Read more Walking the Edit This entry was proposed and written by Ulrich Fischer Description: Walking the Edit is an innovative system to “walk a movie” : your recorded walk will be translated into a movie through an iPhone app’.