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Getting started in Transmedia Storytelling

Getting started in Transmedia Storytelling
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Dummies Guide to Writing a Transmedia Production Bible OK not really a Dummies guide as there are some complex elements in here, but one has to use whatever memes are in vogue A few weeks ago I was commissioned by Screen Australia to write a very basic structure & guide for producers relatively new to multi platform content to structure & document their propositions, after they have developed the ‘audience centric’ concepts. This has just been published on the Screen Australia site as a digital resource for those needing to document projects for transmedia productions. Background? There are many ways to construct this kind of resource for a production team but I broke it into five clear sections – Story/Treatment, Function, Design, Technical and Business, all, like transmedia itself, with connecting tissue and blended narrative arcs The writing guide is free to download from the Screen Australia site, link below the introduction. And Just for fun: Get your Transmedia brains working. Instructions for above:

Is It Really Transmedia?? Is It Really TransmediaStorytelling? Are there actionfigures?Is it a singlestory or multiplestories Is it on multiplemediaplatforms? Are the pieces ofstory contentunique oridentical? Is it really astory, or is it astory universe? C'mon, is it*really* a story,or is it a theme? Is it anAlternateReality Game? Are therecasual games? Do the contentfragments linkto each other? NOYESIt's notTransmedia! Which is moreimportant whendeciding how contentwill be delivered? Was the storytransmediafrom inception? Do you own theIP? 2011 Steve Peters ( Are the pieces ofcontent linked andin narrative syncwith each other?

The Art of Immersion - Hollywood will never be the same 4D Commercials | RedMagmaMedia Blog At RedMagmaMedia, we have been investigating the new forms of storytelling for a long time. We have also tested many different methods and we have even developed proprietary technologies to recruit and engage large communities of participants around different types of content. We have reached the conclusion, that we have to be able to produce “4D Commercials” and we set in place a structure to achieve the goal. What does “4D Commercials” means in practical terms? 1. Commercials have to be not only good but “unbelievably good”. 2. Commercials have to be powerful community builders and be able to congregate like-minded participants. 3. Commercials have to incorporate some form of call to action to energize the participants (the formerly known as “consumers”) and give them a mission. 4. May 30th, 2011

Part book, part film, part website - O'Reilly Radar How a web-based interactive documentary creates a new kind of book-reading experience I’ve been writing about and helping create digital books for about 15 years now and I don’t think I’ve seen anything as innovative, as well executed, and as plain lovely to look at as Welcome to Pine Point. No disrespect to the great work done by teams at Push Pop (Our Choice), Touch Press (The Elements), or Potion (NYPL Biblion), but all those projects take the print page as the starting point and ask: how can we best recreate that reading experience onscreen? Pine Point, instead, is an example of something that couldn’t exist in any other medium. Its creators describe it as “part book, part film, part website”, which sounds about right; it mixes audio, video, still photos, prose, and movable images to tell the story of a Canadian town that was abandoned, and then demolished, in the late 1980s. But as most people reading this blog know: that multimedia stew’s been cooked before. Quality, for starters.

It's not you, it's Media. storycentral DIGITAL Blair's : Project Lost Generation : oldhollywood:Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers in Top Hat (1935, dir. Mark Sandrich) (via) troposphera:A member of the Occupy movement rests while holding a protest sign on the steps of Federal Hall near the New York Stock Exchange, April 16, 2012. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson