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Glossary of Resources

Glossary of Resources

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Emailers How often does this happen? You start the day with great intentions for barreling through a list of priorities. But at quitting time, you've only accomplished one: getting (most of) your email answered and filed. Founders Den classes up San Francisco’s co-working scene Serial entrepreneur Jonathan Abrams is adding a little class to the co-working model with a new office called the Founders Den. Now, I’m a big fan of some of San Francisco’s other co-working spaces, where very early companies (or, in some cases, anyone else who’s interested) can share an office. But I’ll admit that they get a lot of their charm from their scrappiness. I think the quintessential co-working team is a pair or trio of programmers in their twenties, looking like they walked straight from their bedroom to the office, crammed around a couple of desks, coding. Abrams, who previously founded Socializr, Friendster, and HotLinks, doesn’t fit into that model.

Executive PayWatch 2010 I came to the United States from Mexico in 2006, driven by a dream we all share: a better life for my family. What I found, however, is suffering. Fernando is not my real name; I am an undocumented worker and, therefore, I have to protect my identity. I have six children and a wife to support, so I harvest tobacco. My job is dangerous. What's the One Thing Limiting Your Success? Last Updated Jan 19, 2011 6:55 PM EST The other day I was half listening to an interview of a famous actor when something he said got my attention. The guy apparently immigrated to this country with his parents and he realized that, to get a good job, he'd have to improve his ability to speak English. So he thought, what better way to do that than to take acting classes.

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman’s 10 rules of entrepreneurship LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman gave a speech today about how entrepreneurs can “invent the future”. Speaking at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, he recited a list of 10 rules of entrepreneurship. Hoffman, who is now a partner at venture firms Greylock Partners, cautioned that he “reserves the right” to change the list later on. Business and financial news - Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero de Montezemolo explains how his ultimate Italian luxury brand is surviving the eurocrisis. Are You Sabotaging Your Own Career? Probably Last Updated Jul 12, 2011 6:16 PM EDT When things don't go your way, it's a hell of a lot easier to blame it on someone else than take personal responsibility for what happened. Come on, don't sit there and tell me you've never done that. Of course you have. Everybody has. I mean, doesn't it feel really good to go home and rant about your lunatic boss who makes your life a living hell or your coworker who got the promotion you deserved?

Centennial On the occasion of our 100th anniversary in 2013, we reflected on our past accomplishments and worked with the global community to highlight the innovations that will help poor or vulnerable people throughout the world over the next 100 years. Issues that were once largely confined to individual nations or regions — such as climate change and urbanization — now are clearly global in character. Technology has accelerated change across the planet and altered the way people live. Citizen movements are compelling reforms that were unimaginable only a short time ago. Solutions to today's challenges involve a complex mix of actors that include governments, nonprofits, foundations, civil society and the business sector in major new ways. Our centennial was also a moment to look ahead, to analyze which global issues will dominate the next decade and beyond, and to sculpt new ideas for addressing them.

CORI: Contracting and Organization Research Institute The CORI K-Base is made available for educational, academic and public use. Researchers that use contracts from the collection should acknowledge CORI in their papers. A notice of publication or copy of papers using contracts from the collection would be appreciated. Continued use of the CORI K-Base Search engines constitutes acceptance of these use conditions. Available collections in the CORI Contracts Library The CORI K-Base - Digital Contracts Library CORI's digital contracts library contains over 690,000 contracts.

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