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Breaking Business News, Headlines, Stories and Video

Breaking Business News, Headlines, Stories and Video

Online Investing: Stocks, Personal Finance & Mutual Funds at 5 Cornerstones Of An Effective Web Strategy Jeremiah Owyang maintains an ongoing blog post called “The Three Spheres of Web Strategy” (see below) which he is updating about every year. The original version of this post prompted our Web Strategy Basics video presentation with the hopes of building on these phases of Jeremiah’s outline into actionable blueprint for planning your own web strategy. Here is Jeremiah’s updated “Three Spheres of Web Strategy” And here is our Five Web Strategy Cornerstones – which we reference on any web strategy plan we create for clients at 48Web.

Management Education's Unanswered Questions How has management education evolved, and where is it going? This question is of crucial importance for society, says HBS professor Rakesh Khurana. Business leaders are admired yet often distrusted, and the idea of management as a profession is similarly on shaky ground—as it has been for more than 100 years. Engagement Brand Advertising, Brand Engagement, Brand Awareness, Increase Purchase Intent, Engagement Advertising

Bargaineering: personal finance blog with anecdotes, advice and commentary. Building a Social Learning Environment: Part 1 Building a social learning environment - for free or at low cost Part 1: Using free, public social media tools Inside Learning Technologies Magazine, October 2009 In this series of 3 articles I will be looking at three ways to build a social learning environment for free or at low cost. What is a social learning environment (SLE) and how is it different from a learning management system (LMS)? Most traditional LMS provide the functionality to upload course content, deliver it to learners and track and monitor usage.

Multitenant SaaS Application Platform from LongJump As part of Software AG, LongJump joins the family of industry leading software products mastering the major trend shaping the digital enterprise - Cloud, Mobile, Social Collaboration and Big Data with the brands you´re already familiar with including Web Methods, ARIS, Apama and Terracotta. If you are an existing LongJump customer, continue to sign in with the LongJump-Button above. Feedback And Recognition Most Valued In Bosses: SHL Survey - Managing people Employees value feedback and recognition more than any other attributes in their boss, according to a new survey, with Generation Y workers the most needing of praise. Talent management company SHL recently surveyed 1,299 Australians about what they view as the most important characteristics in a boss. The survey reveals employees value their bosses’ ability to give good feedback and recognition more than any other attributes.

Managing tomorrow's people: Downloads NEW! This report looks at the future of talent mobility in a globally connected world. What are the challenges HR will face in the next decade and beyond? A survey of over 4,000 millennials designed to capture their perspective on what they value most in a career.. How will the actions of businesses at this time of great change determine their readiness for the upturn and ability to compete successfully in the second decade?

BNET helps corporate managers and small business owners achieve success in their companies and their careers. The team of editors provide a range of original, practical content: honest, insightful commentary on business news, advice on career strategies, management research from top business schools, and inspiration and wisdom from business owners to business owners. BNET is the go-to resource for any business leader whose goal is to accomplish great things. by tek_eek Feb 18