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The view from the Kremlin: Putin’s war on the West. HE IS ridiculed for his mendacity and ostracised by his peers.

The view from the Kremlin: Putin’s war on the West

He presides over a free-falling currency and a rapidly shrinking economy. International sanctions stop his kleptocratic friends from holidaying in their ill-gotten Mediterranean villas. Judged against the objectives Vladimir Putin purported to set on inheriting Russia’s presidency 15 years ago—prosperity, the rule of law, westward integration—regarding him as a success might seem bleakly comical. But those are no longer his goals, if they ever really were.

Look at the world from his perspective, and Mr Putin is winning. His overarching aim is to divide and neuter that alliance, fracture its collective approach to security, and resist and roll back its advances. What the Kremlin wants Last year Mr Putin lopped off Crimea, redrawing Europe’s map by force. The EU and NATO are Mr Putin’s ultimate targets. Mr Putin’s stranglehold on his own country means he has time and freedom for this campaign. The silent minority. ON A snow-covered bluff overlooking the Sheboygan river stands the Waelderhaus, a faithful reproduction of an Austrian chalet.

The silent minority

It was built by the Kohler family of Wisconsin in the 1920s as a tribute to the homeland of their father, John Michael Kohler, who had immigrated to America in 1854 at the age of ten. John Michael moved to Sheboygan, married the daughter of another German immigrant, who owned the local foundry, and took over his father-in-law’s business. All Categories. A Brief History Of Cincinnati Occulture. I gave this talk at F.I.G., the Free Inquiry Group, at the invitation of my good friend from Aurore Press, Chuck Byrd, on October 30th, 2012.

A Brief History Of Cincinnati Occulture

Sample eBook CJ1. Those Wiccan Waccos. Those Wiccan Waccos Christine Tobey (aka Chaplin IM False of the Legion of Dynamic Discord ) recently sent me a bound copy of the major epistles sent during the cursed CSEA Affair.

Those Wiccan Waccos

One of the things in the mish-mash of stuff was the following article, written by Ian Bear, which appeared in Green Egg, which seems to be some kind of Neo-pagan/Wiccan magazine or other. I have decided to forgive them for saying that Discordianism was invented by Robert Anton Wilson and Bob Shea; 'tis so much the better if people are confused as to whether or not Lord Omar is a figment of Robert Anton Wilson's overflowing cesspool of an imagination.

Discordian Opening Ritual. 1.

Discordian Opening Ritual

Clap x5 2. The Erisian Cross: "Light in my Head Fire in my genitals Strength at my Right side Laughter at my Left side Love in my Heart. " Big 5 Personality Traits: A Quest Of Understanding The Psyche. Cool Video Reveals Why People in Old Movies Talked Funny. The Entity of Neutrality and the Story of the Black Knights. During the Middle Ages, Black Knights began to appear in history and, since the 13th century, a series of legends mentioning the mysterious Black Knights emerged.

The Entity of Neutrality and the Story of the Black Knights

We Talked to a Woman Who Helps People Deal with Being Abducted By Aliens. Photos courtesy of Kathleen Marden Last week, NASA issued a clarification that a bright light in an image tweeted by one of its astronauts was, in fact, from the International Space Station, and not from a UFO.

We Talked to a Woman Who Helps People Deal with Being Abducted By Aliens

Even though there's never been any scientific evidence that UFOs exist, it's not exactly surprising: A higher percentage of Americans believe that UFOs exist than those who believe in climate change, evolution, or that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. One of the best-known organizations claiming to scientifically study UFO's is the "Mutual UFO Network," or MUFON. Ambiversion: The Lost Personality Type. The Hidden World of Tenement Fortune Tellers in 19th Century Manhattan. A crowded street scene on the Lower East Side, 1909.

The Hidden World of Tenement Fortune Tellers in 19th Century Manhattan

(Photo: Library of Congress) In 1993, a restoration was underway at 97 Orchard Street in New York City. The Sneaky Self-Talk That's Sabotaging Your Relationships (And How To Stop) The thing I say to myself most — more than affirmations, more than inspirations, more than anything — is the word should.

The Sneaky Self-Talk That's Sabotaging Your Relationships (And How To Stop)

The almost inevitable result of should is a doubt spiral that makes me feel depleted, dejected, and incapable. So many of us do this, and so often, that it starts to seem innocuous. But don't be fooled. It's toxic, both personally and relationally. The shoulds that affect relationships tend to be about risks we should take in the name of vulnerability or things we need to change because we perceive ourselves as inadequate or incomplete. If you find yourself telling yourself over and over why you should do something good for your relationship, ask yourself why you’re choosing to stay stuck in your comfort zone. The #1 Thing You're Doing To Make Yourself Unattractive.

The heartbreak that followed a particularly difficult breakup turned me into a shell of a person for a year and a half.

The #1 Thing You're Doing To Make Yourself Unattractive

Then, when I decided I had healed enough to get back onto the dating scene, I made a pact with myself to never be as vulnerable as I’d been with my ex. In my eyes, the reason I hadn’t felt joy for the last 18 months was because I’d let him occupy such a large part of my heart. While this was partially true, I now know that my emptiness was mostly a product of my poor relationship with myself. I’d struggled with my own demons (perfectionism, eating disorders, depression and anxiety) for many years, which caused me to find self-worth externally through romantic relationships.

What Ever Happened to The Age of Aquarius? (2) What Ever Happened toThe Age of Aquarius? (2) Reflections on “The First Aquarian Exposition”aka “Woodstock” — August, 1969. Could Ketamine Be Used to Vaccinate for Depression or PTSD? One sunny day this fall, I caught a glimpse of the new psychiatry. At a mental hospital near Yale University, a depressed patient was being injected with ketamine.

For 40 minutes, the drug flowed into her arm, bound for cells in her brain. If it acts as expected, ketamine will become the first drug to quickly stop suicidal drive, with the potential to save many lives. Other studies of ketamine are evaluating its effect as a vaccination against depression and post-traumatic stress. Between them, the goal is nothing less than to redefine our understanding of mental illness itself.

Depression is the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 30 percent of Americans at some point in their lives. What Neutron Stars, Lasagna, and Waffles Have in Common. Hot fluids of neutrons that flow without friction, superconductors made of protons, and a solid crust built of exotic atoms—features like these make neutron stars some of the strangest objects we’ve found in the cosmos so far. They pack all the mass of a star into a sphere the size of a city, resulting in states of matter we just don’t have on Earth. And yet, despite their extreme weirdness, neutron stars contain a mishmash of vaguely familiar features, as if seen darkly through a funhouse mirror.

How to Ground Yourself in Any Situation. How to Live in Mansions Around the World Rent-Free. You could live here for free! Photo by the author. The Witch and the Wand: Dryads and Gesture in Magic. For the past eighteen years I've been a professional wandmaker, so it may not come as a surprise that I would consider a wand to be a witch's most versatile magical tool. The wand represents and embodies the alchemical element of Fire, which is the element of the will or intention. What does that mean? We often hear people talk about having "passion" and "drive. " You might remember Joseph Campbell's famous phrase, "Follow Your Bliss.

" That means to know what you want and what you need at the deepest level of your being, and then to have the faith in yourself and the Cosmos to follow the path towards that goal. Yet, your "bliss" is more than a feeling; it is like a special spirit, a guide that will lead you and protect you, and which you can safely follow. A magic wand is the tool to express and direct this holistic desire. Dryad spirits are not separate from the trees.