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Holograms On iPad Demo'd On Video I’ve heard many people taking about technology as a whole and that it’s not advancing as fast as in recent years which will eventually lead to a stagnation. I don’t agree at all with this statement and I believe that the advancement in technology will blow the mind of those who disagree. Per example, take a look at a technology called Sixth Sense developed by a MIT research assistant called Pranav Mistry. During the TED conference a couple of years ago, Pranav demoed a portable projector which gives people the possibility to interact with objects and the information displayed by the objects. When Sixth Sense will be adopted at large scale will allow people to see the reviews of a book in real time then holding the book. According to inventor Pranav Mistry, Sixth Sense will be accessible to the a big chunk of Earth’s population as it will cost less than $350. If you aren’t convinced by the enormous implications of Sixth Sense, then take a look at the video below.

American Stem Cell Institute - San Francisco, USA Nanotech breakthrough: get ready for graphene The exciting one-atom thick super material can now be produced in ample quantities and high quality. Rapid improvements in nanotechnology are now expected. Technology improvements are about to get dramatically ultra-fast. Read more... The result? News On Stem Cell Clinics And Companies Khan Academy Clinical Production: GMP Cell Therapeutics | Waisman Biomanufacturing GMP Cell Banking / Cell Therapeutic Highlights Suspension / adherent cell bank capabilities Master / working bank options Large scale bioreactor / multitray production Vial / cryobag formats Control Rate Freezer cryopreservation Waisman cell culture specialists have a broad range of experience that enables us to optimize the culture parameters unique to each product cell line. Working in close contact with each client, we develop a culture process and timeline that meets program needs and cGMP/ICH cell banking requirements. The Waisman facility houses four ISO Class 7 Cell Processing Suites (Facility/Cell Processing Suites) specifically designed for the cultivation of mammalian cells for use in 1) cell therapy applications including autologous cell processing, and 2) production of Master and Working Cell Banks for biotherapeutics production and ex-vivo gene therapies. Cell Bank Specifics In-house QC testing for cell line characterization Waisman Products and Processes

Physical Reality of String Theory Demonstrated Posted on: Tuesday July 7, 2009. String theory has come under fire in recent years. Promises have been made that have not been lived up to. Leiden theoretical physicists have now for the first time used string theory to describe a physical phenomenon. Euphoria ‘This is superb. Hot issue Electrons can form a special kind of state, a so-called quantum critical state, that plays a role in high-temperature super-conductivity. Theory of everything This is the first time that a calculation based on string theory has been published in Science, even though the theory is widely known. Quantum soup But now, Zaanen, together with his colleagues Cubrovic and Schalm, are trying to change this situation, by applying string theory to a phenomenon that physicists, including Zaanen, have for the past fifteen years been unable to explain: the quantum-critical state of electrons. Bridge Puzzle After days and nights of hard grind, it was a puzzle that fitted. Gateway to more

Drug Interactions Checker | Drugs Drug interactions occurs when the effect of a particular drug is altered when it is taken with another drug, or with food. The Drug Interaction Checker explains the mechanism of each drug interaction, the level of significance of the interaction (major, moderate or minor), and in certain cases, can provide the recommended course of action to manage the interaction. The Drug Interaction Checker will also display any interactions between your chosen drug(s) and food. In order to proceed to the Drug Interactions Checker, you must read and agree to the following terms: The Service is a service provided to you by Cerner Multum, Inc.