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Coca Cola Content 2020 Part Two

Content 2020: Dynamic Storytelling, Provoking Conversations and the Future of Marketing [VIDEO] | Fruition Interactive :: toronto interactive strategy, web design and development, online marketing I’m not crazy. In fact, my instincts have been right all along. Let me explain. A few months back, Coca Cola announced they were no longer going to rely on the “30-second TV spot” or even traditional ad agencies to build their business moving forward. According to Jonathan Mildenhall , VP Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence, Coke is going to put their efforts (and money) into the web, storytelling and creating excellent content . The short version? Content marketing has truly arrived on the big stage. Think Like a Publisher As some of you probably know, we’ve been evangelizing this approach for years. Today, however, I feel a sense of victory for us digital and content marketing folks. We weren’t crazy after all. Think about it. Please Watch these Videos I’ve spent some time reviewing the two videos below. It’s that important. Coca Cola Content 2020 Part One Coca Cola Content 2020 Part Two Why Is Content 2020 So Important? How Coke Defines Content and Storytelling 70% Content [P.S.

Coca Cola's Shift to Content Excellence - Philadelphia Internet Marketing Company Dinkum Interactive February 3rd, 2012 There’s been quite a bit of discussion about Coca Cola’s evolution of its content strategy. For many years, the company dominated the advertising space – globally – but the Internet has forced a change in its strategy. Lesson 1: Create Liquid Content As Jeff Bullas notes, the purpose of content excellence is to create ideas that are so contagious, they can’t be controlled. Lesson 2: Ensure your Content is Linked The next part of the equation, adds Bullas, is to ensure you create content that’s relevant to the business objectives of your company, your brand, and your customer interests. Lesson 3: Create Conversations The new distribution technologies including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook allow greater connectivity and consumer empowerment than ever before, continues Bullas. Lesson 4: Move Onto Dynamic Storytelling With traditional media, storytelling is static and one-way. Lesson 5: Be Brave and Creative with Your Content Creation 70% of your content should be low risk.

Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz On Brand As Media Company There are few companies--and almost no “traditional” advertisers--that have the kind of holistic approach to brand experience that ensures every expression, from product to corporate culture to communications, is part of a master creative vision. For these companies, marketing is not a department; it’s a genetic part of the brand itself. But Red Bull has taken the brand rigor that made it a global beverage titan and done something vanishingly rare. Post digital revolution, brands have woken up to the fact that their information and entertainment outputs can and should go beyond the paid, interruption-based model known as advertising. Read about Red Bull’s approach to media in Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies feature. Co.Create: Where did the original vision come from--that is, the vision that marketing was an integral part of the brand. Mateschitz: This is similar to the question “What was first, the chicken or the egg.” Was producing content a part of that from the start?

Nike's new marketing mojo How the legendary brand blew up its single-slogan approach and drafted a new playbook for the digital era. By Scott Cendrowski, writer-reporter FORTUNE -- Few outsiders have visited the third floor of the Jerry Rice Building at Nike's headquarters. Once upon a time, the hush-hush plans and special-access security clearance would have been about some cutting-edge sneaker technology: the discovery of a new kind of foam-blown polyurethane, say, or some other breakthrough in cushioning science. This hive is the home of Nike Digital Sport, a new division the company launched in 2010. But Digital Sport is not just about creating must-have sports gadgets. Nike's new digital hook: the Nike+ logo; the new Nike FuelBand; and the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Just try to recall the last couple of Nike commercials you saw on television. The reason for the shift is simple: Nike is going where its customer is. That's all the more impressive given that Nike shouldn't be good at this. So is it working?