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Short Film of the Day: Porcelain Unicorn | Film School Rejects Why Watch? Because sentimentality never dies. This short got some attention when it won a contest created by the Phillips Corporation which had a few restraining parameters in place. The films could only have six lines of dialogue, and they had to be: What is that? It’s pretty limiting, but this short is a phenomenal example of where limitations can create something truly inspired. What does it cost? Check out Porcelain Unicorn for yourself: Trust us.

LSFF | Lone Star Film Society In this new series of posts, we will highlight featured films screened at past editions of the LSFF while exploring how they faired critically and where they are now. This week, we take a look at the 2008 Lone Star Film Festival. 2008 was a good year for the festival. Not only did the lineup include… Read more → One of the great American singer-songwriters, Texas native Lyle Lovett has put out 11 studio albums since 1986, fusing the sounds of a multitude of southern genres into his own brand of cool. Of all the spectacular films that screened at the 2012 Lone Star Film Festival, there are a few that stand out as clear leaders in the awards season race. Even though we’re looking ahead to the 2013 Lone Star Film Festival, we haven’t forgotten the amazing time we had at the festival last fall. During his conversation with Bobbie Wygant at the 2012 Lone Star Film Festival, actor Billy Bob Thornton discussed his Oscar-nominated role in the 1998 film A SIMPLE PLAN.

Top Ten Films to See at Cannes - a list by keithsim Austin Film Festival – The Writers Festival - October 23-30 Cannes retrospective: ‘Pulp Fiction’ (1994) | Miramax This year’s Cannes Film Festival came to a close on Sunday, and with it, our week-long retrospective. After having already covered Steven Soderbergh’s breakthrough and Jane Campion’s milestone, we thought we’d conclude our series with a look back at what many consider to be the crown jewel of the Miramax Library — Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. The above interview aired on the Charlie Rose Show in October of 1994, just ahead of Pulp‘s theatrical release in the US. The film had debuted at Cannes about six months earlier, winning the Palme d’Or, and was already riding a freight train of momentum by the time Tarantino sat down at Rose’s famed table. Pulp was the ostensible centerpiece of Rose’s interview, though the conversation didn’t really unfold that way. “You should be semi-embarrassed about certain people seeing your movie.”- Quentin Tarantino As with any archival footage, it’s difficult to imagine how the audience of 1994 may have received this exchange.

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