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Arvind Gupta Our core belief is that children learn by doing - by touching, feeling, cutting, sticking -- pulling things apart, putting things together. We believe that this hands-on science helps them relate to curriculum and get conceptual understanding. We believe this will revolutionize the way children learn. A child lighting up a LED with a Syringe Generator is more likely to light up his village tomorrow.

Rembrandt Self-portraits in chronological order Self-portraits in chronological order by REMBRANDT It is particularly interesting if the various stages of the creative renewal of an artist can be followed on self-portraits so that the change in style and the change in maturity can be studied simultaneously. 50 Ceiling Design Ideas complex mirror structure on a ceiling is a really unqiue desing solution for any room A lot of people prefer simple flat white ceilings. Sometimes that’s because of neglecting the possibility of ceiling design while other times that’s because of they think that’s the best solution. Even though I think white ceilings are awesome there are also other very cool ways to design them. Whether it’s a bedroom, a kitchen or even a bathroom, a cool and creative ceiling design could give this room a unique look and impress all people who visit it.

Fancy a breeze-block sofa? Sarah Lucas unveils her first foray into furniture Questioning the domestic dream … Sarah Lucas's new furniture line debuts in Milan. Photograph: Sarah Lucas/Sadie Coles HQ Fancy sitting on a breeze-block couch? A chair made of, er, breeze blocks set in MDF? Artist Sarah Lucas is offering an eponymous furniture range that elegantly, albeit uncomfortably, parodies modern design and spartan chic. NPASS2: National Partnerships for After School Science The game of pinball is a relatively recent invention. Some say it was developed from a billiard-like game called bagatelle. Some of the earliest versions resembled Pachinko machines, which were upright boards with many pins through which a ball was dropped to earn points. This may be the origin of the word "pinball." Today's arcade and video pinball games are much more complex than the ones of yesteryear, however they are similar in that a ball is rolled onto a board with bumpers (pins) and traps (holes), scoring points depending on what the ball hits and where it lands on the game surface.

Barnaby Furnas The explosive moment versus painting's innate stillness has been a central concern of Barnaby Furnas's work over the past decade. Drawing on US history and culture, the American artist presents restless, radiant paintings of subjects including Civil War-era battles and high-octane stadium rock gigs, chronicling crescendos of excitement - religious, political, sexual - as they career towards tipping points of uncertain outcome. These are at once brutal and elegant works, bound up with the excesses of the world yet brought into being through the prism of art history. From Cubism's fracturing of the picture plane, through Futurism's attempts to capture movement, via 'blood and guts' outpourings of Abstract Expressionist and the transcendental spaces of colour field painting, Furnas entwines history with art history in provocative combinations of narrative and form. Born in Philadelphia in 1973, Barnaby Furnas lives and works in New York.

Author Quote Posters - Design Being around a successful author would surely be exhausting and inspiring in equal amounts. As well as all that wisdom they put into their books, their thought-provoking one-liners would literally be falling out here, there and everywhere. So while you'd beat yourself up for not possessing even a smidgen of that kind of talent, you'd also be maniacally scribbling it all down for dinner party quoting. The rather smart Evan Robertson has created a set of posters that combine iconic author quotes with genius design work. If you don't want at least two of these hanging on your wall then we need to have a serious chat. Tags: books, Design, Posters Dunne & Raby One day, in the future, robots will do everything for us. It's a dream that refuses to go away. Over the coming years, robots are destined to play a significant part in our daily lives -- not as super smart, functional machines, nor as pseudo life forms, but as technological cohabitants. But how will we interact with them? What new interdependencies and relationships might emerge in relation to different levels of robot intelligence and capability? These objects are meant to spark a discussion about how we'd like our robots to relate to us: subservient, intimate, dependent, equal?

Inbetween House by Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates This house in a mountain region outside of Tokyo by Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates is composed of five connected cottages. Each of the larch-clad cottages of Inbetween House varies in size and has a different single roof pitch, with overhangs that overlap one another to create connections internally. The buildings have a fan arrangement on site that adds further variation to the shape of the interior spaces, from which there are wide views of the surrounding landscape. Photography is by Iwan Baan Pendulum Bowling - Adapted sports Pendulum Bowling is an independent game of skittles whereby the suspended ball and gravity can do all the work. The game can be accessed by a wide range of individuals with differing special needs and for mainstream participants as well. The ball is held at the length of the attached line from the stand and released slightly pushed.

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