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A Collection a Day, 2010

A Collection a Day, 2010
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'villa julia', javier mariscal for magis at milan design week 09 feb 26, 2009 'villa julia', javier mariscal for magis at milan design week 09 ‘villa julia’ cardboard playhouse for kids a game in five phases: assembly, personalization, decoration, occupation and disassembly early version of ‘villa julia’ ‘villa julia’ comes with a plan detailing the easy instructions for assembly; children set it up themselves(assisted by an adult) and make it their own by coloring the drawings found on the sides leeji choi I designboom In Europe, Whimsical Playgrounds For Children Danish design firm Monstrum, who specializes in playgrounds, has built wildly imaginative and whimsical playscapes for children. Founded by Ole B Nielsen and Christian Jensen, the company has constructed castles, life-size blue whales, and a series of other brilliant playground structures, around Denmark and Sweden. According to the company’s statement, it believes that playground design “should be a reflection of the world surrounding us”. Check out more of their work here. [via Colossal] Receive interesting stories like this one in your inbox

Inspiration Resource. Winter Willow Hand painted Suede Dress haute by attiladesign paper architecture | the republic of less Most of us use paper to write notes on, or to print those hard copies of our work on, or to wrap a birthday present in. But paper, in the hands of some, can be strong enough to make your house from. Shigeru Ban Paper House, 1995. This is a church he made of paper for the people of Kobe Japan just after a bad earthquake. Apparently he got the idea first when invited to develop the exhibit design for a show of Alvar Aalto’s furniture at the MOMA in 1986. In my home town, a pair of very talented architects set up a product design company called molo, and one of their nifty products is the soft wall–it’s lightweight, it compresses for storage, and it’s very nice to look at. It comes in a lighted version as well. Architect David Penner did this, found at from pleatfarm Another view. This is at Cambridge, England, a temporary place on the lawn for party. There’s the band inside the paper pavilion. And here’s some swell paper furniture. Amazing paper sculptures by Ingrid Saliakus. Like this:

Geronimo! Balloon Company Have you seen pictures all over the internet of these giant balloons with beautiful magic fringe hanging off them? Geronimo! Balloon Company was started earlier this year and sells balloon kits from their website in addition to a “Balloon Trooper” coming in person to deliver the balloons for special events or birthdays in the Los Angeles area. Geronimo! will also provide the whole decor for your upcoming fete with balloon installations! RS: How did you become a “Certified Balloonatic and Master Balloon-Trooper ?” JZ: A year ago, in a pinch for a birthday surprise for a friend I was meeting for dinner, I reached into my stash of random internet finds and came out with a 36″ round balloon. Click through to continue reading. RS: What’s the craziest story you have of delivering a Geronimo Balloon? JZ: I feel fortunate to be involved with really creative and fabulous people and the amazing parties they throw– but sometimes there are requests I accept without thinking through. JZ: Costumes!

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