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A Collection a Day, 2010

A Collection a Day, 2010

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Japanese Artist Crafts Furniture That Looks Like Sketches What are these kids doing inside this drawing? A look from another angle reveals that something unusual is going on. It’s not the kids who’ve been flattened to 2D photographs of themselves, it’s the chairs that have been realized as three-dimensional models. These fully functional pieces of furniture, a 2013 thesis project called “Rough Sketch Products” realized by Tokyo University of the Arts student Daigo Fukawa, look like they leapt straight from a napkin – or even someone’s mind – into the three-dimensional world.

The Magpie Girl: daily outfit post So Im finally back! I had the best weekend away in Mullingar for my hen party weekend. My bridesmaids (who you met in the last post when they took over my blog!) U.P // Year 1: Hello, Goodbye Hello, Goodbye When you’re at a loss for words it's best to defer to the masters. So I’ll pinch from John & Paul, letting you know that when You say Goodbye, I say Hello > Because to say farewell would not be fair and definitely not make us feel very well. So while the 365 days have run its course, we’ll be back, after a short break, with something new up our sleeves. In Europe, Whimsical Playgrounds For Children Danish design firm Monstrum, who specializes in playgrounds, has built wildly imaginative and whimsical playscapes for children. Founded by Ole B Nielsen and Christian Jensen, the company has constructed castles, life-size blue whales, and a series of other brilliant playground structures, around Denmark and Sweden. According to the company’s statement, it believes that playground design “should be a reflection of the world surrounding us”.

Conway's Game of Life "Conway game" redirects here. For Conway's surreal number game theory, see surreal number. The Game of Life, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.[1] ...being the blog of Steve Kirkendall Fri-llustrator-day #17 Today I’m showcasing Mr Adrian Johnson, he of the beautiful Robinsons ads that ran a couple of years ago. He has a beautiful retro style that all us fans of things like Cartoon Modern adore. And along with his great eye for composition and colour, there’s always a great concept driving the finished piece. That for me is very important (gets on high horse) as there is too much decorative ‘groovy’ illustration around, that looks pleasant but says nothing (dismounts high horse).

Geronimo! Balloon Company Have you seen pictures all over the internet of these giant balloons with beautiful magic fringe hanging off them? Geronimo! Balloon Company was started earlier this year and sells balloon kits from their website in addition to a “Balloon Trooper” coming in person to deliver the balloons for special events or birthdays in the Los Angeles area. Geronimo! will also provide the whole decor for your upcoming fete with balloon installations! "The process itself is the actuality"Alfred North Whitehead There are no shortcuts to beautiful form. If you stand in front of the faucet of your kitchen sink and look at the beautiful shape of the drop of water you can realize that it forms slowly as gravity works on the tiny bit of water.