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Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
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KMODDL - Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library This is the lock stitch type machine. To show complete operation, material for sewing must operate through the machine. As the needle goes through the material, the foot bar presses foot down. When the needle rises and draws thread up through material the foot rises and the toothed feeder under foot advances material the required distance for next stitch. On first operation, when needle goes downward through material, the loop of thread is caught by revolving thread hook, which pulls the thread taut in the material. Repeating of this cycle, produces a series of stitches continuously along a desired line. [Editor’s Note: Textile machines were one of the major applications of kinematic mechanisms in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Energetic Science Ministeris - John Bedini: Radiant Energy Research Archive John Bedini | Radiant Energy John Bedini of Bedini Electronics has been an inventor, researcher, developer and pioneer of some of the most innovative energy producing devices available. He is most noted for his "School Girl" motor circuits and variations of them. John's circuits are easily the most efficient battery charging circuits in the world. John Bedini Discussion Groups on Energetic Forum John Bedini Schoolgirl Motor - This is the very basic model anyone should build in the beginning to understand the basic radiant energy circuits. John Bedini SG Simplified - This is the school girl concept with the ability to charge other batteries while being run from a battery at the same time and no capacitors are needed like in the capacitive discharge versions. John Bedini Capacitive Discharge Chargers - This is for the SG and solid state and other versions that charge a capacitor and then the capacitor is dumped to another battery. Report on Visit to John Bedini - Report on 4 Battery Switch

Exhibits Collection -- Amusement Park Physics You've bought your ticket and boarded the roller coaster. Now you're barreling down the track at 60 miles per hour, taking hairpin turns and completing death-defying loops. Your heart is in your throat and your stomach is somewhere near your shoes. The designers of the roller coaster carefully crafted this thrilling ride to be just that, but you're actually in less danger than you think. How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? Check the physics glossary to find out more about the terms used in this exhibit. Ready to roll?

Liverpool museums - National Museums Liverpool Jonathan Jeremiah KMODDL--Collection of Models Table of Contents Reuleaux Collection of Kinematic Mechanisms, Cornell University The 220 models in Cornell University’s Reuleaux Collection were built in the late 19th century to demonstrate the elements of machine motion, as theorized by the German engineer Franz Reuleaux. The University acquired the models in 1882 for use in teaching and research. This is KMODDL’s core collection and at present is the most extensively documented and enhanced with multimedia resources. Clark Collection of Mechanical Movements, Museum of Science, Boston The Clark Collection at Boston’s Museum of Science is a set of working models of mechanical movements and combinations of drive mechanisms built by American engineer William M. Redtenbacher Collection of Kinematic Mechanisms, University of Karlsruhe, Germany Illinois Gear Collection, Cornell University This set of 15 models built by the Illinois Gear & Machine Company of Chicago was acquired by Cornell University around 1950.

Sinner, Playing with Art Activity Guide: Pendulum Motion | Circus Physics | Classroom | Circus Swinging back and forth, the solo trapeze is a giant pendulum just like the one in a grandfather clock. The time it takes to swing forward, then back to where it started is called the period. Surprisingly, this time has very little to do with the height of the swing, or amplitude. It depends mainly on the length of the pendulum, the longer the pendulum, the longer the period. In this unit students will learn how to find how to find a pendulum's period from its length, and vice-versa. How to Incorporate the Video Into Instruction This video can be used to motivate the study of pendulum motion, or to introduce the concept of simple harmonic motion. Questions to Ask Students Before Watching the Video How is the trapeze like a grandfather clock? Watch the Video Questions to Kick-Start Class Discussion After the Video What happens as the trapeze-artist changes position from sitting on the trapeze, to hanging below it, to hanging on the rope? Connections to Everyday Life Activity 1: Pendulum Lab

New Walk Museum & Art Gallery Opening Times | Directions | Access Made in Leicestershire: Select12 April - 15 June 2014Gift Shop, New Walk Museum & Art Gallery New Walk Museum & Art Gallery in collaboration with Creative Leicestershire are showcasing the work of local artists and designers in Select, a curated choice of products for the museum gift shop. Please note: Due to redevelopment work the museum car park is currently closed, apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please note: The museum lift will be unavailable on 30 April 2014 due to essential maintanance works. New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester's original museum has wide ranging collections and displays spanning the natural and cultural world. Located on the historic New Walk, our temporary exhibitions feature works from our collections, touring exhibitions from National Museums and a programme of contemporary art and craft exhibitions. Please note the art gallery is currently closed for refurbishment re-opening on 24 May 2014.

Strong Island | Portsmouth & Southsea Rolling Ball Sculptures - Kinetic Art and The Movie 'Fracture' I researched the movie and rolling ball machines and learned kinetic art is a term for sculptures that have movement. The machines are likened to ‘nonsense machines’ originally depicted by the famous cartoonist and engineer Rube Goldberg, and now known as Rube Goldberg machines – ‘complex devices that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways’. The Rube Goldberg type machines, the elaborate full scale version and the desktop model, which are seen in wealthy Ted Crawford’s (Anthony Hopkins) home and office, play a clever key part in the movie ‘Fracture', reminding you perpetually of the man’s precise, meticulous character and synchronizing with the twisting, turning plot itself. The devices are located in the two central places of his life - his lounge and his private office. Why the writer of 'Fracture' hit upon the idea of having a rolling ball machine in the movie Writer Glen Gers was also inspired by marbles - rolling ones in a marble maze, exiting in unexpected places.