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The Blog /// Digital, Buzz, viral & social media marketing agenc Google XXL AdFreak AdFreak Inland homes today will be oceanfront tomorrow. BBH New York dramatizes a playful rivalry. Zulu Alpha Kilo's creative boot camp. Order now! Hey, that's wasted time otherwise. Silly stuff from Wonderful Halos. Hashtag slipper, hashtag midnight. Even sheep hate them. A 17-minute product parade for a Black Friday sale. FCB's artful work makes a powerful point. Online Marketing Blog | Internet Marketing Blog 14 fantastic things we found on the internet this week This round-up covers a whole two weeks’ worth of brilliant entertainments, distractions and hijinks that we found on the internet. Yes the round-up took the extended Easter weekend off. It gorged itself on roasted meats, truffle chocolates and port before swearing at its family and waddling off back home to watch the entire first series of Hannibal in bed. Does that mean that this week’s edition will be a double-bumper load of wonderful content? Here’s the round-up, that will no doubt include a Game of Thrones reference somewhere... Read more... Eight inspirational examples of mobile innovation from Asia If you are looking solely at Western countries for new mobile innovations, you are looking in the wrong place. Asia is where to look for new and interesting insights into our mobile future. China and India, in particular, with their large populations and geographies are seeing new mobile innovations take off. Read more... Read more...

Chic type - Mais qui est Chic Type ? Ecrit par admin le 28 mai 2008 classé dans Chic type est animé à ses heures (perdues) par Gildas Launay Chictype sur instagramFacebook (si tu veux être mon ami dans la virtualité, mais tu sauras moins de choses de moi qu’ici même)Pour me contacter : (évitez les mailings standards d’agences de presse svp, mais couvrez moi de cadeaux, oh oui (disques , livres, chaussettes anglaises, piments antillais, je suis vénal)Skype : gildaselecta Quelques articles au hasard She spot me like paparazzi; shot me a glance

Imazine : E-commerce, Interfaces et Geekeries AdWords Team (AdWordsFR) brandflakesforbreakfast B2B Business Case for Social Media Understanding The AdWords Disco Dance This is a guest post by Chris Thunder, the founder of Advertising is very much like a dance. Two people (a business and a prospect) moving rhythmically towards a conversion. How good of a dance partner are you with your customers? The following is a concept I learned from Brad Geddes which has helped me increase conversions for my clients and myself. There are a series of steps a buyer goes through before deciding to purchase a product from a specific website. Understanding each step of the Disco Dance and finding where a prospect is in the process – judging by the keyword they used or the web page they came from – helps tremendously in crafting the message that resonates most with him or her. It helps decide whether to write a benefits driven ad, a features driven ad or one that combines both so you can lead your prospects seamlessly towards the conversion you both want. Let’s dance! Maggie becomes aware of her problem. Conclusion Like this article?

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