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6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media

6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media
We all know social media is an important tool for brand awareness and customer acquisition — but how exactly are you supposed to convert random Twitter and Facebook users into real-life customers? Well, that depends. Different brands have different challenges when it comes to customer acquisition: "If you’re our customer, you’ve signed up for a year-long service, unlike the Starbucks of the world, where you can be a customer by coming in for a cup of coffee one day," says Lisa D'Aromando, social media community manager at Equinox. "I'm a big believer in creating and sharing meaningful content," says Danni Snyder, co-founder and creative director at jewelry brand Dannijo. But what does it all entail? 1. There are 340 million tweets sent per day — odds are that a few of them are referencing your brand, though you may not realize it. The key is to be proactive. But the search tactic works for more than just food concepts. 2. But the pics need not be product-focused. 3. 4. 5. 6. Related:  Strategy and Management

Qu’est-ce que le Perception Management ? Cerveau émotionnel : clé du PM Les cités les plus rayonnantes ont toujours été celles admirées pour leur avance scientifique, culturelle, économique ou leur avant-gardisme concernant les Droits de l’Homme. Tel fut le cas d’Athènes lors du « miracle grec », de Bagdad au temps de l’âge d’or de l’islam et des sciences arabes, de Paris au Siècle des Lumières et de Venise au temps de la Renaissance ou encore de Vienne au tournant du XXe siècle. Ces avances leur ont conférées un rayonnement qui a fait connaître ces cultures de par le monde et donc qui a contribué à développer leur influence. Plus proche de nous, la culture américaine s’est répandue sur la planète et suscite le désir. Conscient de ce mécanisme d’attraction, les américains ont développé une discipline leur assurant une attraction toujours aussi forte et, par un jeu d’imbrication, une influence puis une puissance confortées… le Perception Management. Le Soft Power Les neurosciences Il en résulte alors principalement que :

Paper: the next great iPad app, from the brains behind Courier 1inShare Jump To Close Georg Petschnigg throws his hands into the air as he traces the ages of human evolution that led us to develop the fragile wrists we need to use tools. Today, we mostly use our fingers to interact with touchscreens — the increasingly predominant means of controlling computers — but Petschnigg isn't content with that. Sticky TOC engaged! Interview Interview Design and UI Design and UI The tool Petschnigg and his company FiftyThree thought up is the aptly named Paper, designed exclusively for the iPad. Still, the FiftyThree team is reluctant to admit that there's Courier DNA in Paper, perhaps only because the project they so passionately incubated never came to be. When you first open the app, you first see a panoramic view of all of your notebooks floating in mid-air. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal your artist's palette, and swipe down again to hide it. Do you remember the last time you used iOS’s "shake to undo" feature? A work in progress Previous

How to Master YouTube Promoted Videos Matt Lawson is the vice president of marketing at Marin Software, the largest paid search management provider. Many people think of YouTube as a place to watch cat videos and post clips of their kids singing silly songs. However, marketers should take YouTube as seriously as they do Google. By many counts, YouTube is the second-largest search engine (behind Google and ahead of Yahoo). YouTube's millions of visitors do a lot of searches, either by way of Google or the YouTube site itself. For marketers, this means you need to think about your video strategy as carefully as you do your paid search strategy. Additionally, with a Promoted Videos account, marketers can add overlays to their videos that link directly to their site, offer a promotion, etc., which will drive traffic to their sites and directly boost sales. 1. Before you even think about buying Promoted Video ads, make sure you have a complete presence on YouTube. 2. 3. 4. 5. Online video is no longer just "nice to have."

Appliquer l’analyse stratégique au lobbying Lobbying et analyse stratégique Qu’est-ce que l’analyse stratégique ? L’analyse stratégique est une théorie développée par Erhard Friedberg et Michel Crozier, tous deux sociologues français et co-auteurs de l’ouvrage (que nous vous recommandons !) « L’acteur et le système, Les contraintes de l’action collective« . Dans une approche classique suivant les théories des organisations, les individus sont formés et conditionnés par l’organisation. L’analyse stratégique peut être définie par deux grands postulats : l’organisation est une construction sociale qui résulte des actions des individus et ces individus (ou acteurs) sont définis par l’espace de liberté qu’il existe entre les contraintes dues à l’organisation. A partir de ces deux postulats, on peut décomposer l’analyse stratégique en 7 étapes : Afin d’illustrer chacune de ces étapes, prenons un cas d’application concret : l’installation d’un parc d’affaires dans un village… Composite Park à Saint-Avold Etape 3 : qualification des acteurs

How to Monitor Your Facebook Network We have truly entered a social-networked monitoring society. So keep an eye on your Facebook friends. In 2009, Zuckerberg declared the age of privacy over. "We introduced at the end of last year, and we had a vision that social networks were the next step in the security IT industry," Co-Founder Christian Sigl tells ReadWriteWeb. Your Facebook friends, like your real-life friends, are a reflection of you. Monitoring service seeks to help users gain more control over their Facebook information. is free and easy to sign up for. The privacy analysis scoured my Facebook profile and returned information that already seemed obvious: The fact that I chose to share my hometown, location, education, work, bio, some family members and political views, could compromise the way people choose to view me. The profile analysis discovered that the words "art," "pelvis" and "tattoo" were cause for concern. The Facebook Photo Paparazzi Effect

8 Tips To Maximize Your Brand’s YouTube Presence Michael “MJ” Jaindl is chief client officer at Buddy Media, maker of the social-enterprise software of choice for eight of the top ten advertisers in the world. Visit Buddy Media’s blog for more on social marketing. Creating an account on YouTube is simple, and building a channel for your brand is quick and easy. SEE ALSO: 6 Best Practices For Small Business YouTube Marketing This is why brands need a YouTube game plan that covers all aspects of the brand channel, including aesthetic, video content, and comment moderation. 1. While every brand may not have the resources to churn out new videos every week, laying out a schedule and adhering to it will force you to create fresh content. Using an activity calendar like the one shown above, you can remind your social networks about the type of content you're publishing. 2. YouTube generally caps videos at 15 minutes, but the closer you get to that limit, the less likely you are to keep viewers engaged. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Web Target - web marketing magazine How To Grow as a Designer By Building Your Own Network Being part of a web design and development community offers you many possibilities and chances for self-development. Each one of us knows about these communities and, at some point in time or another, wished or even was part of one of them. Knowing other individuals in your industry is something I recommend to everybody, as you can get a lot of help from such experts. Design, development, social media, marketing or blogging (part of the web in general) are industries evolving a lot lately and this will not stop soon. Image by CubaGallery. Main asset A community is important because it brings us all together and this helps us to grow individually and as a group of experts. Communities are important and helpful for personal development because they feature tutorials, forums, posts, advice, tips and so on. A good example could be the articles we post here on 1WD. The trick of our field is that everything evolves and changes fast. Image by steven w. Types of networks Image by Doug88888.

Google+ Holds Promise but Remains Weak on Usage In the second half of 2011, after months of speculation about whether—and how—Google would finally “get” social, the search giant rolled out Google+ to great fanfare. For tens of millions of users of other Google products, there was little obstacle to joining the new social network. But in spite of its fast growth in user numbers, the service has not enjoyed the stickiness of other top social media properties. comScore reports, for example, that average time users in the US spent on the social networking site was down to 3.3 minutes in January 2012, from 5.1 minutes in November of last year. “Google+ has seen millions of users sign up for the site since its July 2011 launch,” said Kimberly Maul, eMarketer writer/analyst and author of the new report, “Google+: Influencing the Integration of Search and Social.” “However, engagement and participation aren’t up to speed with other social networks, and that has become a major obstacle for turning Google+ into a relevant social network.”

CloudNine - Tech public relations blog Facebook ads going strong in mobile Social media experts have been saying for a while now that one of the keys to long term success for Facebook is whether it can successfully translate its business model to the mobile arena. Which is why it's interesting to see some of the stats in the latest study by CloudNine PR client Kenshoo Social which reveals that over 20% of ad revenue for Facebook comes from ads delivered to mobile devices (phones + tablets). This is despite the fact that ads targeted to mobile devices are sold at a 70% price premium by the social networking giant. more... Why SEOs are winning the PR war While I agree with last week's NMA story which argued that PR agencies are challenging SEO agencies for work, I think the far bigger trend is in the other direction - mainly because search agencies need to incorporate PR techniques to survive in the long term. more... What PRs must know about Google’s author markup Ever wondered how Google really works?