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6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media

6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media
We all know social media is an important tool for brand awareness and customer acquisition — but how exactly are you supposed to convert random Twitter and Facebook users into real-life customers? Well, that depends. Different brands have different challenges when it comes to customer acquisition: "If you’re our customer, you’ve signed up for a year-long service, unlike the Starbucks of the world, where you can be a customer by coming in for a cup of coffee one day," says Lisa D'Aromando, social media community manager at Equinox. "I'm a big believer in creating and sharing meaningful content," says Danni Snyder, co-founder and creative director at jewelry brand Dannijo. But what does it all entail? 1. There are 340 million tweets sent per day — odds are that a few of them are referencing your brand, though you may not realize it. The key is to be proactive. But the search tactic works for more than just food concepts. 2. But the pics need not be product-focused. 3. 4. 5. 6. Related:  Strategy and ManagementSocial Media Marketing

Qu’est-ce que le Perception Management ? Cerveau émotionnel : clé du PM Les cités les plus rayonnantes ont toujours été celles admirées pour leur avance scientifique, culturelle, économique ou leur avant-gardisme concernant les Droits de l’Homme. Tel fut le cas d’Athènes lors du « miracle grec », de Bagdad au temps de l’âge d’or de l’islam et des sciences arabes, de Paris au Siècle des Lumières et de Venise au temps de la Renaissance ou encore de Vienne au tournant du XXe siècle. Ces avances leur ont conférées un rayonnement qui a fait connaître ces cultures de par le monde et donc qui a contribué à développer leur influence. Plus proche de nous, la culture américaine s’est répandue sur la planète et suscite le désir. Conscient de ce mécanisme d’attraction, les américains ont développé une discipline leur assurant une attraction toujours aussi forte et, par un jeu d’imbrication, une influence puis une puissance confortées… le Perception Management. Le Soft Power Les neurosciences Il en résulte alors principalement que :

8 Small Business Social Media Tips From the Pros Are you looking for some social media tips to grow your small business? We asked eight small business pros for their hottest social media tips. Here’s their advice for you to . #1: Show Them the “Real You” Ed Gandia Use Facebook to show prospects, clients and customers the “real you.” I love to cook, so I’ve been known to post pictures of my grilled masterpieces. Oh, and I know I’m going to ruffle a lot of feathers by saying this, I get more engagement by updating five times per week than five times per day. Ed occasionally shares personal stories on Facebook. Ed Gandia , founding partner, International Freelancers Academy. #2: Pick One Thing and Do It Really Well Nichole Kelly Small businesses are faced with having to prioritize their resources toward the activities that deliver the most impact. Being on 5 social networks and giving all of them half-effort will not generate results. Nichole Kelly , founder of Full Frontal ROI. #3: Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Lead-Generating Machine Next, .

Appliquer l’analyse stratégique au lobbying Lobbying et analyse stratégique Qu’est-ce que l’analyse stratégique ? L’analyse stratégique est une théorie développée par Erhard Friedberg et Michel Crozier, tous deux sociologues français et co-auteurs de l’ouvrage (que nous vous recommandons !) « L’acteur et le système, Les contraintes de l’action collective« . Dans une approche classique suivant les théories des organisations, les individus sont formés et conditionnés par l’organisation. L’analyse stratégique peut être définie par deux grands postulats : l’organisation est une construction sociale qui résulte des actions des individus et ces individus (ou acteurs) sont définis par l’espace de liberté qu’il existe entre les contraintes dues à l’organisation. A partir de ces deux postulats, on peut décomposer l’analyse stratégique en 7 étapes : Afin d’illustrer chacune de ces étapes, prenons un cas d’application concret : l’installation d’un parc d’affaires dans un village… Composite Park à Saint-Avold Etape 3 : qualification des acteurs

How to Build a Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard Do you need a better way to manage the monitoring of your social media? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? How about a free alternative? Keep reading to learn how… Google Alerts has its uses, but it is simply not effective as a stand-alone tool for monitoring social media conversations on a day-to-day basis. However, with an RSS reader and some Internet savvy, you can build a powerful social media listening post at no cost. Knowing where your company is mentioned online, who’s doing the mentioning and how others are responding is crucial to 1) understanding the “buzz” about you, 2) addressing complaints and negative mentions quickly, 3) knowing the impact (or lack thereof) of your marketing efforts, and 4) shaping social media marketing efforts to reach the right people (key influencers) on their preferred platform. Start With a Feed A “feed” is a summary of web content that is updated on a regular basis. Feeds allow you to easily see new content. #1: Track News and Blogs Go to Samepoint.

Web Target - web marketing magazine How to Develop a Killer Social Media Strategy and Carry it Through I am a fortunate community manager because I get to both write social media strategies and carry them through. This seamless process allows me to have a firm grip on the day-to-day online activities of our clients with the foresight to effectively steer these activities to reach long-term goals. While it is beneficial to have a team of professionals that handle the areas of social media in which they are specialized, there are some major obstacles to this approach, especially for new ventures that do not have bottomless budgets to devote to the cause. For social media to be planned and carried out in house requires a dramatic reorganization of the departments that would handle the accounts (usually a battle between marketing and sales) as well as a huge commitment of time and resources. The harmonious balance, in our case, is a consolidation of the responsibilities of a social media strategist and community manager under one job title. How to write a social media strategy: People

CloudNine - Tech public relations blog Facebook ads going strong in mobile Social media experts have been saying for a while now that one of the keys to long term success for Facebook is whether it can successfully translate its business model to the mobile arena. Which is why it's interesting to see some of the stats in the latest study by CloudNine PR client Kenshoo Social which reveals that over 20% of ad revenue for Facebook comes from ads delivered to mobile devices (phones + tablets). This is despite the fact that ads targeted to mobile devices are sold at a 70% price premium by the social networking giant. more... Why SEOs are winning the PR war While I agree with last week's NMA story which argued that PR agencies are challenging SEO agencies for work, I think the far bigger trend is in the other direction - mainly because search agencies need to incorporate PR techniques to survive in the long term. more... What PRs must know about Google’s author markup Ever wondered how Google really works?

Social Media Marketing - Who Needs It? (Hint: Maybe Not You) | Content Factory We've been getting a lot of inquiries about our social media marketing services lately, but the truth of the matter is that many people aren't ready to take that step yet. It's always a bummer when we have to tell people that we're not the right online PR agency for them, but we'd rather be honest and miss out on some easy money than take somebody's cash and deliver subpar results. Simply put, if we don't think the ROI is going to be there, we don't take the client. Before hiring us (or any other online marketing firm) to handle your social media marketing, ask yourself these questions: Are my margins big enough to make social media marketing worth the cost? These are all things that we ask ourselves before signing on new clients — and we're pretty honest with potential clients about all of these points. However, other online PR firms may not be so up front.

From Social Media To Social Business Design We are now seeing conferences dedicated solely to Twitter—the latest was Jeff Pulver's 140Char held in NYC. Like many others who were not at the event, I was able to attend virtually through following tweets. After a while I thought to myself—wait a minute, we're still just talking about "social media" in silos. What about the bigger picture? And what do you ask is the big picture? Great question. Let's start here, the term "social media" itself is indicative of the state of affairs. Enter Social Business Design Imagine if a company like GM, was at the core "social". While I can't go into the full vision of what we're thinking about yet—we're realizing that the bigger picture goes beyond how you can be a great tweeter, blogger or social media evangelist for your organization. Life After Social Media: Four Core ArchetypesIn the diagram above, you might notice the four archetypes we've been thinking about for a while (for more detail, read colleague Jevon MacDonald's post).

Starting a Social Media Strategy This post begins a small series within the Social Media 100 series where we can start discussing the parts and premises of building a social media strategy. I’ll want your help with this. We can build this collaboratively, and I believe that the end results are that you’ll have some tools to build out your own social media strategies. Consider this the warm up for the end piece, though I believe this piece has some value in helping you even begin to start your planning process. Begin with the End in Mind Strategy isn’t the goal. Increase customer base. Did I miss any? Questions Before the Strategy Before we go too far down any one path, we should ask some questions: Are your customers likely to be online? Just those answers might tell you a bit about your business, whether or not you decide to go forward with building a strategy using social media tools. Strategy Starters Listening: implement at least a rudimentary listening platform. What Comes Next What do you think?