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Innovators raising cash to market theft tracker for bicycles

Innovators raising cash to market theft tracker for bicycles
Preserving Cabrini-Green's images In the sharp sun of an April afternoon, Nate Lanthrum walks through the remains of Cabrini-Green giving away what he has taken. He looks out of place, a white guy carrying a $1,500 Nikon D700 camera, but the residents are used to him by now and greet... Blackhawks thrilled to have Brent Seabrook back Starting with Game 6 Sunday, Brent Seabrook's timeout will be over and the defenseman will be back on the ice — so long as he promises to play nice. The Blackhawks have done pretty well in Seabrook's absence, winning all three games the NHL... NFL draft preview: Defensive ends As the NFL draft nears — it takes place May 8-10 — we're taking an 11-day, position-by-position look at what's out there and what the Bears need. In May 1974, Tribune delivered 2 Watergate bombshells Obama denounces racist comments reportedly made by NBA owner Cubs can't take advantage of Brewers' injuries Northwestern women win at Wrigley Blackhawks thrilled to have Brent Seabrook back

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Police in North Carolina Patrol in a Corvette The nonpolice version of the Corvette Z06. Speeders in Wake County, N.C., will have to go pretty fast if they want to outrun the police department’s latest interceptor — a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. The Wake County police recently seized the Corvette from a drug dealer, said David Cooke, the county manager, according to the News & Observer. The car is being used to patrol Interstate 40. The county sheriff, Donnie Harrison, however, was apparently less forthcoming with the local paper. “You’re not going to force me to talk about anything, you understand?”

Addressing Big Development Challenges with Financial Innovation At CGAP, we believe that financial innovation has great potential to help solve big development challenges in access to energy, water, education, health and agriculture. We’re calling this concept Digital Finance Plus. There is increasing evidence from Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere that shows that even a basic mobile wallet that allows people to save and transact brings benefits. But the story clearly is far from over. We all need this financial innovation to work harder and go further in order to really make an impact on people’s lives. I'll be your mummy and you be my little kitty cat: Anjana the chimp shows off her parenting skills...with a puma cub By Mail Foreign Service Updated: 06:51 GMT, 31 August 2009 She has a tender heart, a nice hairy shoulder to cry on - and she knows where her zoo keeps the baby wipes. So Anjana the chimpanzee is well qualified to be a kitten-sitter. Since orphaned puma cub Sierra turned up at the zoo, Anjana has helped her human carers with all the feeding, cuddling and chasing duties.

How The Busiest People On Earth Find Time To Relax One has to wonder how the most successful, busy people get it all done. The beloved Oprah, for one, has acted in and produced dozens of award-winning films, launched several lucrative talk shows and published one of the most-recognized magazines of all time -- all while overcoming a sincerely difficult past. Whew. While there's no single formula for success, one ingredient that only promotes prosperity is, well, the act of not doing. Relaxation. As Tony Schwartz, founder and CEO of The Energy Project and best-selling author wrote in The New York Times, "The importance of restoration is rooted in our physiology.

Class war in Wisconsin Workers and students filled the Wisconsin capitol building for another day of protest against Gov. Scott Walker's anti-labor bill (Peter Gorman) WISCONSIN LABOR was gearing up for its fourth consecutive daily rally--and biggest yet--February 18 after sit-ins by workers and students and stalling tactics by state senate Democrats stopped a vote on devastating anti-union legislation pushed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker. It was difficult to estimate the size of the protest on Thursday, February 17, but it was clearly larger than previous protests, which began with a 20,000-person demonstration on Tuesday, and a 30,000-strong protest the following day.

Egocide and suicide | The Psychology of Me Lately, I’ve been thinking about egocide. (Why does my autocorrect want to change that to “geocode”??) I’m at the end of my rope and climbing back up is not an option. I’ve got to change. Protecting Soil Fertility: Protecting Life There is much discussion in the development arena about the struggle ahead to feed the seven plus billion, of the methods proposed towards food security, building resilience, safeguarding water resources and so on. But few stop to ponder the basic ingredient in all of this: the very land under our feet, and the starting point of all agricultural productivity. At the European Development Days, EuropeAid hosted a Lab session dedicated to the relevance of soils in development policy, featuring the release earlier this year of the first Soil Atlas of Africa. In many places, it can take up to 2000 years to create a mere 10 centimetres of fertile soil, which can be washed or blown away in a matter of hours in a severe storm, or depleted in a few years of poorly managed land and water use.

"That's Why You Don't Have Any Friends." Yesterday, I was at the gym. ...Don't worry. This isn't a gym story. This is a story about a boy who needed to hear something important. Mormon leader: Same-sex marriage laws cannot 'make moral what God has declared immoral' Elder Dallin H. Oaks speaks at the morning session of the 183rd General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, in Salt Lake City. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' president Thomas S.

These claims question the legitamency of the second hand source of information have recieved from a website. It would not be too hard to fake the government shut-down for political reasons. They lend themselves to a commonn sense based analysis, (how could an organzation as advanced and powerful be dumb enough to shut itself down?) What reason would they have to shut down their government. by tstjohn Oct 8

Tech blogger must give information on his informant by pattychanman Jan 14

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