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Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog

Cognition: The blog of web design & development firm Happy Cog
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The Wisdom of Not Understanding Ben Radford Volume 22.3, Fall 2012 About two years ago during a conversation, a friend of mine mentioned a movie she thought I’d really like. In fact it was a documentary, and as a fan of docs, I was eager to hear more about it. I had indeed heard of the film, a New Agey jumble of pseudoscience and mysticism about supposed links between consciousness and quantum physics, produced by followers of J.Z. Not wanting to get into an argument with my friend, I just let the conversation trail off. She assumed that the reason she didn’t understand the film’s information was be­cause she had no background in science. Most commonly, the person assumes, as my friend did, that the problem lies with the listener. Less often, the problem lies with the speaker’s inability to effectively communicate—perhaps he or she does not share the same native language as the listener, is disorganized, or has a speech impediment for example. Fuzzy thinking and fuzzy language often go hand in hand.

Create Digital Media | Beautiful iPhone App Development — Your Web, documented If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free The practice of branding is undergoing a deep transformation — a change brought about by our kaleidoscopic postmodern culture, the development of communication technology and rapid globalization. In prior decades, brand managers aimed to establish their products and services primarily by way of consistency and repetition. A brand’s voice and message were to be the same, independent of marketing channel. The goal of the designer was to define identity systems that would ensure compliance and coherence in all of the brand’s manifestations, as codified in brand identity style guides. The Reasons For Brand Consistency More after jump! Further Reading on SmashingMag: It was a post-war time of optimism about the capability of standardization to drive progress — a notion whose origins stem from scientism, the industrial revolution and the workings of capital. Embrace Brand Fluidity But we now live in a different context. This is not an entirely new concept. The Playful, Adaptive Brand (al)

Dress Responsively, LTD The Buzz Bin Robot…or Not? Blog e Web 2.0: Strumenti e Risorse su Online Publishing, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Comunicazione Visiva e Collaborazione Online Conference Schedule & Talk Descriptions // beyond tellerrand 2011 We did our best to create an interesting and colorful schedule for you. Have a look on Monday and Tuesday, but please note that this schedule is subject to change. If you want to print out a schedule, use our PDF. We created one in A6 (format of a postcard) and one in A5. Monday, 21st Doors open // Registration Breaking the barriers - moving browsers and the web forward Yeah, OK. Hardware we use has a lot of features that is not available to us using the open web stack (html,css,js) and when we build inside the browser we are always limited to the space the browser gives us. In this talk Chris Heilmann will show a glimpse into the near future on what is possible with browsers and the web as a platform. Cheat your way with UX So you're building a knockout web site, a cool mobile app, or kickstarting an startup idea. Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement Lunch Break (not provided) Going Beyond Mobile Apps with JavaScript – There's More Than Web The Invisible Side of Design

How to Manipulate People For Fun (and Profit) When you’re building a website, the secret to building a large audience of readers and customers fast is all about “pulling triggers.” Emotional “hot” triggers. And while some people call this manipulation, the truth is that it’s just smart marketing. That said, today I want to share with you a simple, easy-to-replicate formula for pulling the most powerful “hot trigger” of them all. Not only can this generate a tremendous amount of attention for you and your business, it can rally your fans like nothing I’ve ever seen before… EVER. To get started, let’s delve into some interesting research that shows you why this is all possible. What Makes Content Go Viral? About a year ago I revealed the secret behind what makes online content go viral. It was based off research from Jonah Berger of Wharton Business School, and the answer was as simple as this: And that’s why the big secret behind building a large audience is all about pulling emotional triggers. First, let’s start with Outrage. Every. 1. 2.

Kisko Labs Sito Kaiku Sito is a Finnish company that provides comprehensive infrastructure, traffic and environmental services. We've worked with them extensively to create and develop Kaiku, their project collaboration tool. Mad Gang Mad Gang aims to be your trusted source for recommendations, tips and advice. WODconnect WODconnect is a product of our own making, aiming to be the best solution for tracking, coaching and managing the sport of fitness. Frozen Rails Frozen Rails is Finland's only Ruby and Ruby on Rails conference, organized by us. Helsinki Ruby Brigade Ruby Brigade is an informal meet-up for Helsinki's Ruby developers and enthusiasts. Venture Bonsai Venture Bonsai is a service for entrepeneurs to attract investors and for private investors to discover companies to invest in. Iho Muistaa We worked with LEO Pharma to design and develop Iho Muistaa, a site for educating people about the sun's effect on the skin.

Here's how 'irrational' customers help your brand Many of our clients include both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) brands, sometimes described as corporate versus FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). While much is made of the differences between these types of brands, they share a core objective: to create an emotional connection with the customer. We all know great consumer brands that do this well. But brand managers working with B2B brands often reject the idea that their company or product—maybe an accounting firm or an esoteric scientific research tool—can and should connect with its customers at an emotional level. Often, they argue that their offering is too big and serious to employ the same techniques that work well for soda and underwear. What they fail to realize, however, is that businesspeople—even CFOs, engineers, and procurement personnel—are people too. In other words, we are all irrational. Rob Meyerson, Strategy Director, FutureBrand

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