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Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm

Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm
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Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map | Portfolio Mapping | Blue Ocean Strategy Tools and Frameworks A useful exercise for a corporate management team pursuing profitable growth is to plot the company’s current and planned portfolios on the Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map created by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. © Kim & Mauborgne. All rights reserved. Settlers are defined as me-too businesses, migrators are business offerings better than most in the marketplace, and a company’s pioneers are the businesses that offer unprecedented value. These are a company’s blue ocean strategic moves, and are the most powerful sources of profitable growth. If both the current portfolio and the planned offering consist mainly of settlers, the company has a low growth trajectory, is largely confined to red oceans, and needs to push for value innovation. If current and planned offerings consist of a lot of migrators, reasonable growth can be expected. This exercise is especially valuable for managers who want to see beyond today’s performance. For more articles on this tool,SEARCH THE eLIBRARY

WAN Optimization & Secure Web Gateway | Blue Coat Systems, Inc. Treliant The Gallup Path by Gagandeep Anand on Prezi SOA| BPM | ESB | Integration – Improve Business Process Faster with Software AG Delfin Consulting Synthetron levert software voor discussies tijdens G1000 Burgertop - E-Business Synthetron werd eind 1998 opgericht door een groepje rond Paul Verhaeghe, nu partner bij Bain & Company, maar wordt sinds jaar en dag gerund door economiste Joanne Celens, die voordien carrière maakte bij Shell. Synthetron levert een forum om discussies op zo'n manier te structureren dat er ook conclusies uit kunnen worden getrokken. Baldo Faieta, een wiskunde-alumnus van Carnegie Mellon University en latere onderzoeker bij Xerox Parc, ontwikkelde de technische basis. Synthetron is lang verlieslatend geweest. De toepassing is moeilijk te positioneren en moest door de jaren heen mee evolueren met de technologie. Sinds twee jaar draait de vennootschap echter positief, met een bedrijfswinst in de orde van 20.000 euro en distributie via consultants in de Benelux, Frankrijk, Duitsland Groot-Brittannië, maar ook onder meer Canada, Brazilië en Mexico.

On Demand Vulnerability Management and Policy Compliance - Qualys, Inc. Delfin Consulting Company Profile Delfin Consulting Group is a specialized and innovative firm delivering risk management and performance strategy consulting to the Financial Services industry. Our clients in Banking, Life & Casualty Insurance and Asset Management businesses, value our expertise and leverage our knowledge resources to enhance their business decision making processes. We offer professional services to firms in key business functions such as Capital Management, Asset & Liability Management, Funds Transfer Pricing and Performance Measurement. Our core competency is our ability to provide an unparalleled level of customer centric, targeted and “best in class” knowledge driven consulting services. Our Mission Delfin Consulting Group assists financial institutions to better understand and manage their businesses with the clear objective of measuring and improving risk adjusted financial performance and enhancing shareholder value. What we are is: