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Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm

Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm
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Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map | Portfolio Mapping | Blue Ocean Strategy Tools and Frameworks A useful exercise for a corporate management team pursuing profitable growth is to plot the company’s current and planned portfolios on the Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map created by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. © Kim & Mauborgne. All rights reserved. Settlers are defined as me-too businesses, migrators are business offerings better than most in the marketplace, and a company’s pioneers are the businesses that offer unprecedented value. These are a company’s blue ocean strategic moves, and are the most powerful sources of profitable growth. If both the current portfolio and the planned offering consist mainly of settlers, the company has a low growth trajectory, is largely confined to red oceans, and needs to push for value innovation. If current and planned offerings consist of a lot of migrators, reasonable growth can be expected. This exercise is especially valuable for managers who want to see beyond today’s performance. For more articles on this tool,SEARCH THE eLIBRARY

The Gallup Path by Gagandeep Anand on Prezi Synthetron levert software voor discussies tijdens G1000 Burgertop - E-Business Synthetron werd eind 1998 opgericht door een groepje rond Paul Verhaeghe, nu partner bij Bain & Company, maar wordt sinds jaar en dag gerund door economiste Joanne Celens, die voordien carrière maakte bij Shell. Synthetron levert een forum om discussies op zo'n manier te structureren dat er ook conclusies uit kunnen worden getrokken. Baldo Faieta, een wiskunde-alumnus van Carnegie Mellon University en latere onderzoeker bij Xerox Parc, ontwikkelde de technische basis. Synthetron is lang verlieslatend geweest. De toepassing is moeilijk te positioneren en moest door de jaren heen mee evolueren met de technologie. Sinds twee jaar draait de vennootschap echter positief, met een bedrijfswinst in de orde van 20.000 euro en distributie via consultants in de Benelux, Frankrijk, Duitsland Groot-Brittannië, maar ook onder meer Canada, Brazilië en Mexico.

Company Integration After Merger or Acquisition by Daniel Flores on Prezi Case Studies - SchellingPoint Case Study: Chartering a Client-Server to Web Application Transfer Ensuring full support and commitment to a complex, expensive, IT initiative. A government software and services firm wanted to upgrade a core enterprise application from client-server to the internet. The current version was established and operating in multiple states across the country, and several CIO’s indicated interest in collaborating with the supplier in the transition. 3 CxO’s from seven states and 8 software company personnel used AO to share their views on the project. With alignment acknowledged, misalignment and concerns were assigned to four working groups, who converged on agreed plans and objectives. As a consequence of the discussions, one state chose not to participate, and the software company surfaced a fundamental misalignment within their group they had to reconcile before they could continue in the discussions. The project was funding with a shared budget and the technology transfer took place.

Jan Rotmans: "Als je als bedrijf niet voldoet aan deze 5 criteria, dan ga je eraan"​ [VIDEO] Viraal ging mijn vorige interview met transitieprofessor Jan Rotmans. Ongezien vond ook de transitie-expert zelf. We kunnen nu dus nog moeilijk stellen dat slechts weinigen vatten dat er een grote maatschappelijke verschuiving aankomt. Maar wat doe je met dat inzicht? Voor een nieuw interview met Jan over ondernemen in een revolutionair tijdperk trokken we met camera naar Rotterdam. Hij vertelt over wendbaarheid, transitiestrategieën, verandersleutels, chaos en fouten durven maken. Op de zestiende verdieping voor de boekenkast in zijn kantoor bij het Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) op het enorme universiteitscomplex van de Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam vraag ik transitieprofessor Jan Rotmans om even op te frissen waarom we niet in een tijdperk van veranderingen, maar in een verandering van tijdperk leven en wat dat betekent voor ondernemers: welk effect heeft het op ondernemen en welke rol spelen ondernemers in dit tijdperk van verandering. Eén: neem de tijd.

MiniMBA – Mini Masters of Business Administration Differentiation The Nature of the Differentiation Strategy A famous cliché contends that “you get what you pay for.” This saying captures the essence of a differentiation strategy. A firm following a differentiation strategyA generic positioning that attempts to convince customers to pay a premium price for its good or services by providing unique and desirable features. attempts to convince customers to pay a premium price for its good or services by providing unique and desirable features (Figure 5.4 "Differentiation"). The message that such a firm conveys to customers is that you will pay a little bit more for our offerings, but you will receive a good value overall because our offerings provide something special. In terms of the two competitive dimensions described by Michael Porter, using a differentiation strategy means that a firm is competing based on uniqueness rather than price and is seeking to attract a broad market. Developing a Differentiation Strategy at Express Oil Change Key Takeaway

Leading Strategically with Dr. David Dinwoodie | Resource Library Books Becoming a Strategic Leader This publication from Richard Hughes, Kate Beatty and David Dinwoodie is available now. Selected Articles Transformational Change: An Ecosystem Approach (White Paper from the Center for Creative Leadership) Bridging the Performance / Strategy Gap (White Paper from the Center for Creative Leadership) 4 Elements of Strategically-Aligned Leadership Strategy (Article from Center for Creative Leadership) 12 Questions About Your Leadership Development Strategy (Article from Center for Creative Leadership) Case Studies Walter Bayly – the Credicorp case study How did Walter Bayly lead organizational transformation at one of the fasts growing financial institutions in Latin America. Research Diversity, Culture, Leadership, Performance – A performance-oriented model to leading across differences and managing internationalization processes. Videos