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Booz Allen Hamilton: A Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm

Booz Allen Hamilton: A Strategy and Technology Consulting Firm

Congress Asks to Review DoD and NSA Contracts With HBGary | Threat Level Update: This story was updated with comment from the House Armed Services Committee and Johnson’s office March 17, 2011 at 2 p.m. PDT. Anonymous’ recent exposure of a federal contractor’s plan to take down WikiLeaks has led to a congressional probe seeking data on contracts the company and its partners hold with the U.S. military and intelligence agencies. The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities on Wednesday asked the Defense Department and its intelligence arm — the National Security Agency — to hand over copies of any contracts they may have signed with HBGary Federal, Palantir Technologies and Berico Technologies. Rep. Miller replied that he would have to check with the Defense Department’s general counsel to “make sure that the provision of that type of information is allowed contractually.” Subcommittee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) interjected that the information should be provided to the entire committee. Last month, Rep. Gen. See also

Coventry Health Care: Home Identity Assurance & Strong Authentication Solutions - ActivIdentity Delivering a full range of flexible authentication and credentialing options that give businesses confidence in their users’ identities, the HID ActivID® IT Security portfolio protects access to everything from the cloud, to the data, to the door. HID Global’s ActivID product offering gives enterprises, financial institutions, governments, and healthcare organizations a single, coordinated view for logical and physical access, enabling them to efficiently manage various credentials for all of their different users, across all types of devices. HID Global understands that each customer has different needs, and therefore requires a different solution. With that in mind, we offer multiple form factors and deployment options for our solutions, to effectively address every application. Strong Authentication for Cloud, Data, and Online Services HID Global’s ActivID product family enables a wide range of companies to provide their customers with secure and convenient access to online services.

Initiative ISCN ? | Sur la technique et autres, et son besoin de carburant ideogrammatique non assumé WAN Optimization & Secure Web Gateway | Blue Coat Systems, Inc. Balkinization Bradley Manning, Barack Obama and the National Surveillance State In 2006, Sandy Levinson and I predicted that the next president, whether Democratic or Republican, would ratify and continue many of President George W. Bush's war on terrorism policies. The reason, we explained, had less to do with the specific events of September 11th, and more to do with the fact that the United States was in the process of expanding the National Security State created after World War II into something we called the National Surveillance State, featuring huge investments in electronic surveillance and various end runs around traditional Bill of Rights protections and expectations about procedure. Barack Obama has largely confirmed these expectations, much to the dismay of many liberals who supported him. One might have hoped that,given his campaign pronouncements, an Obama Administration would have implemented a framework that is closer to the values of civil liberties. Nor should this be surprising.

Welcome To Mylan Inc. Callcredit - Direct Marketing & Credit Solutions for Business Home - Crypto-Parties 2013 Qu'est-ce qu'une Crypto Party ? Un temps pour apprendre à sécuriser nos échanges en ligne. Il s'agit d'un regroupement informel avec des PCs, de la musique et des boissons, dans le but d'échanger / partager des connaissances permettant d'assurer la confidentialité de nos échanges via Internet. Pour beaucoup de monde, Internet est devenu le principal vecteur de communication avec l'entourage, les collègues, le travail, … mais pour beaucoup de monde également les dangers sont mal identifiés et les solutions ne sont pas connues. CryptoParty @Salon de la CIA Join the party ! Rejoignez-nous ce vendredi 25 avril à 20h30 au Salon de la CIA pour vous informer, apprendre à vous protéger, discuter de ces sujets et boire un verre à la CryptoParty. Au programme : Pour toute personne sensible à ce sujet, quel que soit le niveau de connaissances, souhaitant s'informer sur les risques ou apprendre les rudiments de protection des données. Atelier de cryptage - Roberto Paredes (GSARA), informaticien.

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