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Are you having problems driving traffic to your blog? Are you finding that no one is retweeting your content or sharing it on Facebook? When starting a blog the challenge for any blogger is providing content that will entice and delight your readers. You want them looking forward to your next article. Developing an antenna for creative ideas for content is a skill that can be developed. What I have found effective is to take notes when reading a book or after a meeting when customers provide insights into their business dilemmas. Everyone has Problems One thing to keep in mind is that every business or reader has day to day challenges and problems that they want help solving. Ideally you want your blog to become the industry resource or Bible that becomes the “Go To Portal” for your subscribers. Social Proof is Vital Do you have clients saying to you “What are some of your customers finding what works for them?” 10 Addictive Content Types 1. Example: 2. Example 90 Tips to Make Your Blog Rock 3.

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Insights Into the Hot Trend of Social Media Content Curation Online content curation is a hot trend as business owners and professionals realize that content is vital to add value to their customers and prospects. The trend was already evident in 2011 but 2012 saw an outright explosion of the phenomenon. Also important is delivering and sharing that content on your social media networks. Content curation is the art of selecting content that is appropriate and then organising and publishing it in a way that is relevant for the topic of choice. This can be offline with print such as magazines or online via the web. Magazines about cars or fashion are evidence of content curation in action. 10 Steps to Reinvent Media Strategy In today’s communications landscape, Paid (advertising), Earned (PR) and Owned (branded) Media are converging like never before. Of these media types, which is the most valuable? Not “the most expensive.” The most valuable. If what you value most as a brand is the trust of consumers and prospects, then the answer is obvious: Earned Media is far and away the most effective influencer of consumer trust. Of course, historically it’s also been the most difficult to measure — and of the three types of media mentioned above, despite being the most valuable, Earned Media also bears the dubious distinctions of also being the least controllable and least expensive.

Blogging for SEO: How to Write Blog Posts That Rank Well A blog can be the most powerful web marketing tool at your disposal, but only if your ideal customers can find it. In this article I’ll show you some simple changes you can make to your own blog that will help increase your search engine visibility, drive more traffic to your blog and generate more leads and sales for your business. Start with keyword-rich topics. Why are blogs such powerful tools for SEO (search engine optimization) and online visibility? Because every blog post you write becomes another web page, and every web page is another opportunity to rank well for a specific search your ideal customer is doing right now. Or in a month.

Linchpin Bloggers: These 5 Bloggers Are Indispensable To Me This is just a short list of bloggers I visit nearly every day. These five bloggers have become what I termed “Linchpin Bloggers,” of course inspired by Seth Godin. They are indispensable to me. Bloggers: 23 Ways to Counter Writer’s Block All of a sudden, your blog seems like a dog biting your heel cap and refusing to let go. You do not have time for yourself, all your research zeal has been exhausted and the topics you want to write on are all water down. They have no juice anymore.

Top 7 Chrome Extensions for Content Managers Fellow Social Media Today contributor Courtney Kettmann shared with the community her "Top Ten Chrome Extensions for Community Managers". Building upon that list here are 7 must have Chrome Extensions for Content Managers. Google Chrome certainly does offer a great user experience and unparalleled syncing abilities when it comes to keeping multiple computers and mobile devices organized. By building on Chrome with apps and extensions Content Managers can add a layer relevant tools and quick access to information that helps them stay ahead of the curve. These top 7 must have Chrome extensions have proven priceless when reacting quickly and proactively to trends and market place changes.

How Dynamic Content Makes Your Marketing a Helluva Lot More Personal The first time Amazon introduced me to the perfect book for me via their recommendation engine, I was completely awed. The idea that a website could not only recognize a return visitor, but also discern their interests and alter their site experience accordingly, felt like nothing short of magic. Since then, data-driven personalization has become more common, though not entirely pervasive in the marketing space -- perhaps due to a lack of understanding around how it really works. I mean, just what drives all this highly adaptive content? And how does it affect a lead's decision-making process? In this post, we'll break down the concept of "smart" or "dynamic" content -- that's what all this personalization revolved around, after all -- and explain what it is, how it works, and even give you some strategies for incorporating it into your marketing.

120 Marketing Tactics for Blogging Success Blogging success can seem like a distant dream when you start out. You aren’t quite sure what to blog about. The choice of technology can be overwhelming. Then learning to use the features and functions of your blogging software is a maze of confusion and confronting choices.

20 Ideas for Social Media Content That Engages The cry of “Content is King” has been a rallying call for bloggers and on-line publishers for years. Creating and marketing your content is now as easy as typing text and uploading images and videos and then hitting the publishing button. This has been facilitated by the advent of social networks and blogging software that facilitate fast efficient multi-media publishing. The reality is that everyone is now a publisher as social media has provided easy to use tools which has put a personal printing press in everyone’s hand.

Facebook Updates Follow Button: This Week in Social Media Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? How to Create Stunning Infographics in 30 Minutes or Less From word clouds to network data visualizations, infographics have become a primary format for content in a relatively short period of time. Although the ‘infographic’ is nothing new, its proliferation and evolution has been nothing short of exponential in the past few years. Whether you love them or hate them, the rising popularity of infographics can’t be denied. If you want to get a message across, whether it is for your business, blog, or book club, using an infographic can be the best way to do it. If you’re incapable of drawing a recognizable human stick figure, let alone an entire data visualization, you may be agonizing over the disturbing fact that infographics are all the rage.

5 Motivations for Sharing Content Sharing on a social web drives millions of hits for viral videos, motivates people to email humorous articles and makes content spread at the speed of a “click”. Humans have always shared.. …it is in our nature but the information age has accelerated that sharing. It is estimated that every 2 days we create as much information as we did since the dawn of time till 2003. In 60 seconds we find and share vast amounts of content in all its different types of media. Perform nearly 700,000 searchesUpload 600 videos to YouTubeShare 80,000 Facebook wall posts