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Social Fresh - The Business of Social Media

Social Fresh - The Business of Social Media

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Why Branding Is An Artifact Of The Past A short while ago, I wrote an article on this site suggesting that you can’t build a brand simply by setting out to build a brand. And in fact, thinking too much about brands can actually get in the way of the real business of your company. I suggested that you try an experiment: Stop talking about brands for a month, and see what happens.

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5 Rules For Marketing In The Age Of Discovery Marketing has entered a new age: Information is no longer programmed into consumers' minds. Since its inception, advertising has been dedicated to the creation of programmed messaging. For nearly 300 years, those who could create the best message and deliver it in a memorable way across as wide an audience as possible won. In less than a decade, the types of content and ways we consume it have completely changed.

Take the Internet Back - opt-in email advertising & email marketing We will have another contest set up and running shortly, so keep checking back here for further information. In the meantime, we have decided to post 10 WINNERS each day down below - in our random winners contest. Be sure to check each day and see if your name appears!! Please do not use Hotmail, Msn,, or Fastmail. They have quotas in effect and bog down our system. You are probably not getting all of your emails if you do use them.

Who influences you? And who do you influence? The rise of "influence." Remember when you looked to TV and newspaper ads to tell you what to buy? Me neither. That's because now many of us are more likely to make an informed opinion about purchases--and many other new discoveries--based on the views of people we connect with online and through social media. Influence, that is to say, is big. How big? A new survey by Initiative questioned some 8,000 web users age 16-54 in Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, the Netherlands, U.S., and U.K. to find out how they were influenced in purchase decisions by social media interactions.

mind3web, FRANCE Everyone's linking in these days. But is anyone really connecting? Biznik is a business community for independent business people who are passionate about what they do and want to be part of a community of like-minded folks interested in seeing each other succeed. Why Your Brand Should Piss Someone Off The better you are at creating a strong, clear brand position, the more likely you are to find a group of people who really don’t like you. As Bill Cosby once said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” Years ago, the And1 website used to feature an extreme example of this point. Addressing the meaning behind its name, the basketball apparel company announced: “If you don’t know what it means, we don’t want you wearing our shoes.” It’s like life: the only way to have everyone like you is to avoid taking a controversial stance on anything.

Cédrick More | Mind3Web -• the virtual world web •- / Utherverse® Soci@l center | | #virtual #world #web #social #3D #interconnected ThinkBuzan - Official Mind Mapping software by Tony Buzan | | #MindMapping #software #think #map #mind I don't do sales...I do marketing.I don't do cold calls...people call me.I don't sell...I show.I don't enroll people...I sponsor them. I don't wish I was online...I get a website.I don't hope for traffic and visitors...I advertise.I don't email...I use an autoresponder.I don't spam...I have 100% optins.

Here's how 'irrational' customers help your brand Many of our clients include both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) brands, sometimes described as corporate versus FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). While much is made of the differences between these types of brands, they share a core objective: to create an emotional connection with the customer. We all know great consumer brands that do this well. Maybe there’s a soft drink that you associate with joy, or an apparel brand that jumps to mind at the mere mention of the word “sexy” (Coke and Victoria’s Secret, maybe?).

Colored Thoughts The Rainbow vanished Hi folks, today is a sad day here in Twimbowland, In the last communiques, Twitter discouraged the development of new applications replicating the core Twitter Experience, called “Traditional Clients”, among which Twimbow is included. They outlined some rules ( read here ) which disheartened us and now we have no longer enthusiasm to continue our adventure. Since our first day we tried to go along with the wishes that you (our dearest Twimblers) wrote in your feedbacks, and we tried to develop Twimbow accordingly.

How to Manipulate People For Fun (and Profit) When you’re building a website, the secret to building a large audience of readers and customers fast is all about “pulling triggers.” Emotional “hot” triggers. And while some people call this manipulation, the truth is that it’s just smart marketing. @mind3web's Mutual Twitter Friends We've got a new login system. You may have heard Twitter has made changes to their API that require all API calls be authenticated. This means we've had to create a login system. But it's not all bad, the new login system provides much better privacy, and it also gives you the ability to manage multiple accounts from Friend or Follow, not just Twitter accounts, but Instagram and Tumblr accounts as well! You can read more about Friend or Follow's changes on our blog.

If You Love Your Brand, Set It Free Advertisement The practice of branding is undergoing a deep transformation — a change brought about by our kaleidoscopic postmodern culture, the development of communication technology and rapid globalization. In prior decades, brand managers aimed to establish their products and services primarily by way of consistency and repetition.

Cedrick More - Business Networking on Ecademy Summary Everyone's linking in these days. But is anyone really connecting?