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The 6 Types of Content Will Boost Your Traffic and Engagement. How Much Should Your Content Marketing Really Cost? Businesses interested in leveraging the many benefits of content marketing seem to have an ever-growing list of solutions and content strategies to choose from.

How Much Should Your Content Marketing Really Cost?

They can hire freelancers, outsource their content to an agency; or they can even onboard and train their own in-house teams. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which is best for you. Understanding how each of these solutions can best align with your overarching business goals, budgeting restrictions and the needs of your customers is a necessary step before you promote your brand with a content driven strategy—especially when on a tight budget.

Brand Management - Five Things That Successful Brand Managers Do. I have good news for people who explore a career in brand management: Good brand managers will continue to be a hot commodity.

Brand Management - Five Things That Successful Brand Managers Do

Last year, Procter & Gamble, the company that defined the term "brand management," announced that its entire marketing function became brand management, with "single-point responsibility for the strategies, plans, and results for the brands. " The P&G announcement marks an undeniable shift in a business's go-to market strategy. Now, branding will be the epicenter of the efforts to compete in a super-crowded business environment. Marketing equals branding Building trust in a brand and managing its reputation is becoming much more important than managing the classic 4 Ps of marketing (product, placement, price, and promotion).

Uk.businessinsider. Zero UI — The Future of Interfaces. An Updated Guide to the Marketing in the Big 6 Social Networks. PredictSpring Helps Brands Embrace Mobile Shopping. Longtime Googler Nitin Mangtani (manager for a number of products including Google Shopping) has founded a startup of his own, PredictSpring, where he’s working to help brands and retailers get up-to-speed with mobile commerce.

PredictSpring Helps Brands Embrace Mobile Shopping

To illustrate why PredictSpring is necessary, Mangtani pointed to numbers from comScore showing that while 60 percent of retail browsing happens on mobile devices, those devices only account for 15 percent of dollars spent. “The experiences on mobile haven’t caught up with the consumer demand,” he said. A Content Marketer’s Guide to Podcasting. Sometimes I make content marketing strategy decisions based on intuition.

A Content Marketer’s Guide to Podcasting

5 Content Marketing Problems That Keep Me Up at Night. It’s All In The Mix: How To Create The Perfectly Blended Social Media Campaign. As with so many things in life, social media marketing is all about getting the balance just right.

It’s All In The Mix: How To Create The Perfectly Blended Social Media Campaign

Too much of one thing and not enough of another can leave your campaigns seeming amateurish, annoying, or otherwise just tasteless or plain bad. Think about them in terms of cooking up a tasty broth for your loved ones – all of your ingredients need to be balanced perfectly to avoid disaster and please those hungry tummies. Too much salt and the dish becomes unpalatable. Not enough liquid, and your broth will boil dry and burn on the pan. If you don’t use a good stock as the base, then there will simply be no meat to your offering (regardless of whether it’s a vegetarian option or not).

Balance. Marketing Speakers - CMWorld. Making Sense of Your MarTech Stack page 2. By separating out these layers, application developers are able to reduce complexity, increase scalability, make it easier to design and implement, make upgrading and adding additional functionality much easier, and increase maintainability.

Making Sense of Your MarTech Stack page 2

How Data Visualization Is Changing Digital Marketing. As consumers have caught on to the gimmicks and pitches so prevalent in traditional advertising, marketers have had to adapt.

How Data Visualization Is Changing Digital Marketing

Now data visualization is forcing them to adapt again. Once upon a time, marketing meant advertising. It was simple. Facebook video fight: strong accusations vs. weasel words. YouTube video producer Hank Green says Facebook cheats, lies, and steals.

Facebook video fight: strong accusations vs. weasel words

Facebook product manager Matt Pakes responds that everything is fine. The Journey from Web CMS to Digital Experience. Where is Web CMS going in this wild ride towards consumer-centric marketing?

The Journey from Web CMS to Digital Experience

As marketers pursue the holy grail of an omnichannel digital experience across the full customer journey, their needs are expanding. CMS vendors have responded with a growing list of capabilities such as personalization, social engagement, mobility, e-commerce and more. That CMS vendors are expanding their offerings beyond basic content management, with some in a metamorphosis to full-on digital experience platform. The spectrum is wide, and the industry experts are mixed as to what is happening, and what should be happening. How The Big Shift To Digital And Data Marketing Is Getting Agencies Fired. More Thoughts on Why Web Design is Dead. My recent article declaring Web Design “dead” spurred lots of comments and some really interesting reply posts (one, two, and three) which I absolutely encourage you to read.

More Thoughts on Why Web Design is Dead

The counterarguments in these posts and in other comments from readers can be summarized in the following four ideas: We still need lots and lots of Web design. Poorly designed sites are the norm, and people are currently using these sites, on desktops, tablets and mobile. BuzzFeed Television? Maybe it's closer than you think. Arianna Huffington built The Huffington Post into a global digital media empire, while Jonah Peretti, who helped found HuffPo, went on to co-found BuzzFeed, turned into a digital juggernaut that could soon be valued at $1.5 billion.

The former colleagues now stand at the vanguard of the new media industry, watched and discussed and speculated about all the time for clues about where digital media is going. But both of digital media's big empire-builders are looking in another direction: Television. Digital media companies, the great disruptors of news and entertainment, are cozying up to television as they look to find cash to justify their lofty valuations.

The medium of tomorrow? Not exactly. More Thoughts on Why Web Design is Dead. Why Upworthy Is Ditching Aggregation for Original Content—and Why Brands Should Too. “We are in a street fight for human attention.” So says Amy O’Leary, editorial director at Upworthy, in a new SlideShare explaining the notorious—and oft-lampooned—media company’s revamped editorial strategy. Millennials aren't getting cable because they can't afford it. Are you ignoring these Snapchat marketing fundamentals. Adobe's Digital Publishing Solution embraces content marketers. Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite was synonymous with the era of iPad magazine apps. In the past five years, it was responsible for 6,700 mobile apps that have been downloaded a total of 315 million times.

B2C marketing automation vendor BlueShift lets ecommerce marketers reach “segment-of-one” personalization. Agencies vs. Publishers vs. Tech: Who Owns the Future of Content Marketing? Facebook's second-quarter earnings call points toward focus on video content. What Facebook's Algorithm Change Means For Brands, Publishers, and the Future of Media. Master the Art of Content Repurposing. Microsoft Project Gigjam Integrated With Cortana Demo At WPC 2015. How to Develop and Maintain a Content Team. 3 Ways To Extend The Half Life Of Your Content With Smart Repurposing – TrackMaven.

Erling Amundson on how Symantec organizes their social customer care team.


Building a content strategy for the internet of things.