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Wordfaire 70 outils indispensables pour Twitter Cet article a été publié il y a 4 ans 11 mois 23 jours, il est donc possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour. Les informations proposées sont donc peut-être expirées. Cet article n’est que la première partie d’une série consacrée aux “outils du web”, une suite d’articles destinée à rendre votre web plus “agréable” ! Twitter Hashtags 101: Complete Guide to Discovery and Power | Internet Media Labs Blog Twitter hashtags can connect you to people and conversations all over the world … Oh! The places you’ll go! The Hashtag: A Door to Discovery on Twitter It is hard to miss the # sign attached to keywords, acronyms and phrases in tweets on Twitter. Started as a way to create groupings on Twitter, hashtags are now a powerful convention for those looking to tag, find, mine and participate in conversations on Twitter. What is a hashtag? “The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. The Hashtag Conversation: Trending Topics and Twitter Chats On Twitter, you can find millions of tweets using hashtags. However, the real gold for Twitter conversations can be found on regularly scheduled and organized Twitter Chats for specific topics–some casual, but many, very smart and serious topics. By participating in Twitter Chat conversations, you can enhance your personal development, knowledge, network, health, business intelligence and even serendipity. 1. 2. 3.

IS Parade Liveblog Pro Twitlonger Welcome to Beepmo Livetweet | Commentez en direct vos émissions de télé préférées 10 Commandments of Twitter - Do Your Job Better By Katrina Gulliver Most of my friends (the ones who are not already on Twitter) have heard my Twitter pitch, and it's true that since joining several years ago I've become quite an evangelist. Recently over dinner, a colleague told me he had never really gotten the point of Twitter, but now that he had a book to promote, he wished he had followers he could share it with. Twitter is what you make of it, and its flexibility is one of its greatest strengths. I'm going to explain why I have found it useful, professionally and personally, and lay out some guidelines for academics who don't know where to start. The first and most obvious benefit has been helping me get to know a lot of great people whom I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. Thanks to Twitter, I have been sent copies of obsure articles much faster than I would have received them from an interlibrary loan. A common error I see some academics make on Twitter is to set up an account solely to promote a new book or project. 1. 2.

No Jobs for Graduates ❤ Cartoon By Published:23-Jun-12Posted in: Chalk Drawing, Digital Painting, Editorial Cartoon -World News, Mixed Medium, Modbook Artwork, Pen and Ink Cartoons, Pencil-drawings, Political Cartoon, Sketches “The trick is to look UNEMPLOYABLE…and you got THAT RIGHT!” More Cartoons Like This: College Graduates Face Bleak Future College Graduates Face Bleak Future 1 in 2 2012...Steve Jobs Head of Apple Quits – Steve Jobs Caricature Cartoon Steve Jobs Head of Apple Quits – Steve Jobs...Steve Jobs Caricature Steve Jobs Caricature Apple creator and visionary Steve Jobs...Steve Jobs Dies Age 56 Cartoon Here’s the rough idea for Steve Jobs Dies –...150000 New Jobs in October! Editorial cartoon about the terrible state of Joblessness and College Graduates. More Cartoons in this Category:

How To Build A Great Twitter Reputation And Get More Followers And Retweets If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then this article is for you. Want more followers and retweets?New to Twitter and want to make it useful for you? The three steps to a great Twitter reputation are content, style and connections. First—because this is what makes you really popular—we’ll cover making connections and building your account. Second, we’ll work on creating tweets that will give people something to retweet, and help people get to know you and want to recommend you. Your tweets are the core to your reputation. Third, we’ll work on your Twitter style. Ready? Begin by searching for people to engage with by topics that interest you. Add users that you find and are considering to Twitter lists, so you can watch how they tweet for awhile. You’ll want to follow very few key people at first, because you’ll want to have time to devote to them once you follow them. When influential users begin to retweet you, a LOT of people will check you out. 1. 3. 1. 2. 4.

Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy ❤ Cartoon By Published:23-Sep-10Posted in: Digital Painting, Editorial Cartoon -World News, Entertainment Cartoons, Pen and Ink Cartoons More Cartoons Like This: Detroit Files For Bankruptcy Detroit Files For Bankruptcy Detroit officially filed for bankruptcy,...Egyptian People Fight Back With Facebook and Twitter See all Bryant’s “Crisis in Egypt” Political Cartoons Collection Egyptian...Twitter turns 5 Years Old-Communication Never the Same Twitter turns 5 Years Old-Communication Never the Same For...Facebook Changes Format – Cartoon Facebook Changes Format – Cartoon “CURSE YOU FACEBOOK! I’m...Back to School Cartoon – Twitter and Ipad Cartoon Back to School Cartoon – Twitter and Ipad Cartoon... Two Blockbuster employees contemplate the closing of Blockbuster Video Stores and bankruptcy proceedings. More Cartoons in this Category:

5 Tricks for Twitter Power Users If you love Twitter—and you also have a life—you probably use Buffer to schedule your tweets: To make announcements at a specific time, to send time-sensitive tweets like for limited-time offers, to communicate when your followers are most likely to notice, and to avoid membership in the tweet-a-minute club. If that’s you then you'll want to check out a few ways to make Buffer even more useful. Who better to provide tips than Leo Widrich, the co-founder of Buffer. Here are five tricks he recommends: 1. 2. “This is a great way to engage with your followers when you have only very limited time at hand," Widrich says. 3.