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Heartless Bitches International Do really sappy, insipid, "always and forever" love poems make you want to puke? (and that goes for Bon Jovi lyrics too!) Do you find typical "Women's Magazines" to be either stomach turning or pathetically laughable? Does it frustrate you that a nutbar like Anne Coulter gets so much press, yet REAL women of substance get so little? Are you sick of people who have confused objectifying women as sex symbols with female "empowerment"?

Contemporary House in Melbourne We don’t know the architect of this house, but what we do know about it, is that is one of the most stylish houses we’ve seen in a while. The house is located in Brighton, one of the suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This two story modern and contemporary home, features four bedrooms, three baths, and a cool private sun-filled landscaped courtyard. There is a lot we could say about this house, like the special care that was give to the wooden finishing, the clean, elegant front access, the astonishing interpretation of a modern Japanese garden and so much more. But I’ll let the images tell this house stories, as architecture is better seen than explained By the way, the house is for sale, so if you can afford something like this, look into it.

How to Think Like a Genius Edit Article One Methods:Metaphorming: The Official "Think Like a Genius"® Method There are many ways to classify a genius. But if you look at the historical figures whom most people would consider geniuses, such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Beethoven, you can see one thing they all share in common: they were all able to think in a way different from the mainstream, and thus made connections that no one else did. Based on that pattern, this article will address some of the ways you can think like a genius. Agricultural technology transfer to developing countries and the public sector Summary Agricultural technologies and knowledge have, until recently, largely been created and disseminated by public institutions. But over the past two decades, biotechnology for agricultural production has developed rapidly, and the world economy has become more globalised and liberalised. This has boosted private investment in agricultural research and technology, exposing agriculture in developing countries to international markets and the influence of multinational corporations. But the public sector still has a role to play, particularly in managing the new knowledge, supporting research to fill any remaining gaps, promoting and regulating private companies, and ensuring their effects on the environment are adequately assessed. Introduction

20 obsolete English words that should make a comeback Photo: Katherine Hodgson If we all start using them, these words can be resurrected. DURING MY UNDERGRADUATE studies as a Linguistics major, one of the things that struck me most is the amazing fluidity of language. New words are created; older words go out of style. The Ladder Theory Ladder Construction So it should be self-evident, if you are following this at all, that the people you want to have sex with the most will be at the top of the ladder. Descending down to the bottom of the ladder we pass the following people: 1.

Light and Render an Arch-Viz Style Outdoor Scene with V-Ray and 3ds Max Apart from the default render engines that come with 3ds Max, several extra renderers are available. Of all the 3rd party renders on the market, however, V-Ray has proven time and time again to be the most popular. In this tutorial, you will be introduced to lighting and rendering an outdoor scene with V-Ray in 3DS Max. This tutorial will walk you through the process of taking a finished model from it's default rendered appearance, to a correctly set-up, and realistically lit final result. You will learn the basic V-Ray settings, that should always be set up for any scene, how to use a Gamma correct workflow, how to set lighting and global illumination settings, and how to optimize those settings.

100 Ways To Develop Your Mind This weeks Sunday Siesta has been postponed as I have been working all weekend on this article. It’s my longest article ever at over 4500 words but I think it was worth the time and the effort. I have been resisting doing this post for a while now. Guide for Writers: Latin Phrases It’s a matter of taste and style, but not long ago American writers attempted to demonstrate their credentials to the world by including Latin and French phrases within works. A dash of Latin was expected of the moderately educated throughout the Western world. annus mirabilis - wonderful year arbiter elegantiae - judge of the elegant; one who knows the good things in life bona fides - good faith; credentials

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