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Accelerating science

Accelerating science
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Esperienza inSegna 2015 | PALERMOSCIENZA Dall'intervista immaginaria a Newton al "libro pazzo" sul Sole e le ombre Da sabato 21 a Palermo sette giorni su "Luce, energia e cibo" Al via "Esperienza inSegna", la più grande manifestazione scientifica del Sud Eventi, exhibit e spettacoli al Polididattico dell'Ateneo per una settimana Quanta energia consuma il nostro corpo e quanto cibo è realmente necessario? Forte del successo delle edizioni precedenti, con oltre diecimila visitatori per anno, da sabato 21 fino al 28 febbraio, il Polididattico dell'Università di Palermo diventerà un laboratorio aperto a chiunque voglia scoprire i segreti dei tre elementi alla base del ciclo vitale. La manifestazione si aprirà alle 10 con una tavola rotonda presieduta dal rettore Roberto Lagalla. Quarantatré scuole siciliane di ogni ordine e grado, l'Università, il CNR, numerosi enti di ricerca e associazioni, dopo aver lavorato fianco a fianco per mesi interi, si confronteranno durante le varie sessioni e attività.

Proof That White Dwarfs Can Reignite and Explode as Supernovae This sequence shows some of the steps leading up to and following the explosion. A white dwarf, a star that contain up to 1.4 times the mass of the Sun squeezed into a volume about the same size as the Earth, leeches matter from a companion star (image 1). The Integral measurements suggest that a belt of gas from the companion star builds up around the equator of the white dwarf (image 2). This belt detonates (image 3) and triggers the internal explosion that becomes the supernova (image 4). Material from the explosion expands (image 5) and eventually becomes transparent to gamma rays (image 6). New research shows without a doubt that white dwarf stars can reignite and explode as supernovae. Astronomers using ESA’s Integral gamma-ray observatory have demonstrated beyond doubt that dead stars known as white dwarfs can reignite and explode as supernovae. With that confirmation in hand, other astronomers could begin to look into the details of the process. Publications: E.

Explorations in Science :: Official Website of Dr. Michio Kaku Scientists Have Sequenced The First Octopus Genome The Ashley Madison hack comes just two months after the breach of Adult Friend Finder, and it’s only a matter of time before another dating site is cracked, according to cyber security experts. “From a cyber-security standpoint, all the dating sites are pretty sloppy,” says Rajesh Goel, a former Intel executive and tech analyst who has researched and written about the permeabilty of dating sites like Ashley Madison. Dating sites, he says, don’t have the regulatory requirements and standards that banking and healthcare companies have, and even with several extra layers of security and bureaucracy, those sites still get hacked, exposing personal and financial data. Some dating sites are not only unregulated—they gather both sensitive personal information and credit card numbers. The combination creates extra risk for users. “Every dating site can be hacked.” says Goel. That could make other dating sites an enticing target. Grindr Estimated number of users: 5 million Launched: 2009 3rndr Tinder

ANIEF - Homepage Readings - This is part of a correspondence between Sheldon Goldstein and Steven Weinberg on Bohmian Mechanics. It is published here with the kind permission of both. From: To: Subject: NYRB Date: Sun, Sep 22 1996, 17:14:44 Dear Professor Weinberg, In your recent response in the NYRB, you ask George Levine, my colleague here at Rutgers, to "suppose that physicists were to announce the discovery that, beneath the apparently quantum mechanical appearance of atoms, there lies a more fundamental substructure of fields and particles that behave according to the rules of plain old classical mechanics." I agree with your point that this should make little difference to our views about culture or philosophy. Best, Shelly Goldstein From: To: Subject: Bohm's quantum mechanics Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996, 21:01:39 -0500 (CDT) Dear Professor Oldstein, I have carried out the experiment you requested.

Brian Greene Official Website Lab In Berkeley Accidentally Discovers Solution To Fix Color Blindness CBS SF Bay (con't) Affordable Care Act Updates: Health News & Information: BERKELEY (KPIX 5) – For millions of Americans, color blindness is a reality. A solution has been developed in a Bay Area lab, made by a researcher working on another problem. Marc Drucker sees the world differently. For Drucker, driving has always been a chore. Drucker has a type of color blindness where the red and green cones on his eyes overlap, a genetic defect that left him seeing muted, dull colors for 45 years, until he found Enchroma CX sunglasses. “I describe it like I’ve got a bit of a superpower now,” Drucker said. Ten million men suffer from color blindness. “The glasses work by selectively removing certain wavelengths between the red and green cones that allow them to be in essence pushed apart again,” said Don McPherson, EnChroma’s VP of products. Correcting color blindness wasn’t McPherson’s original experiment. “And he said, ‘Oh, I can see the cones!’”

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