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6 Creative Ways to Teach Students Academic Vocabulary When it comes to teaching academic vocabulary, you can have students endlessly copy new words into their notebooks or use new words in a sentence over and over. Or you can get a little more creative. Here are some of our favorite ways to shake up word instruction: Post a bulletin board “graveyard” of overused words such as said, nice, and good. Question for you: Looking for a new way to practice academic vocabulary?

edutopia Teaching vocabulary within the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is an essential component of standards-based curriculum alignment. Making the critical words second nature to our students will enhance achievement on assessments and will be useful in college and career. To process and store the academic vocabulary of the standards, our students’ brains require an efficient automatic memory system. This system, also called nonmotor procedural memory, stores information that is repeated, such as multiplication tables, song lyrics, words and definitions. Following are 11 strategies, supported by education and memory research, for teaching critical CCSS words while keeping the cognitive verbs in mind: analyze, evaluate, compare, delineate, etc. Identifying the Best Words to Teach Find out which words are "your" words. Teach the words in the order they are presented in the CCSS. Vocabulary Exercises Supported by Educational and Memory Research How do you identify and teach vocabulary? Notes

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