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7 Man-Made Substances that Laugh in the Face of Physics

7 Man-Made Substances that Laugh in the Face of Physics
Odds are pretty good that some of you are reading this on an LCD screen while the rest of us are trying to make it out on the 13-inch monochrome monitor that came with our garage sale Commodore 64. But even with the LCD, some laptops still weigh over 10-pounds. And while that doesn't seem like much, the level of muscle atrophy experienced by the average Warcraft addict makes that weight a thousand times heavier. However, elastic conductors could fix that and make smuggling your porn collection into church even easier. Also, oooohhh. Elastic conductors are made of "ionic liquid" mixed with carbon nanotubes. What the Hell is it Used For? In addition to making screens that can be rolled up and stuck in our back pocket, a lot of scientists and doctors want to use elastic conductors to make flexible-lensed cameras... to be fitted to the back of the eyeball. A non-Newtonian liquid, in practical terms, is a liquid that turns solid when sufficient stress is applied. Also, something with lasers.

List of colors The following is a list of colors. A number of the color swatches below are taken from domain-specific naming schemes such as X11 or HTML4. RGB values are given for each swatch because such standards are defined in terms of the sRGB color space. It is not possible to accurately convert many of these swatches to CMYK values because of the differing gamuts of the two spaces, but the color management systems built into operating systems and image editing software attempt such conversions as accurately as possible. The HSV (hue, saturation, value) color space values, also known as HSB (hue, saturation, brightness), and the hex triplets (for HTML web colors) are also given in the following table. Colors in alphabetical order A-F[edit] For the continuation of the list of colors, please go to List of colors: G-M#Colors. Colors by shade[edit] White[edit] Gray/Grey[edit] Achromatic grays are colors between black and white with no hue. Pink[edit] Red[edit] Main articles: Red and Variations of red Sources

How to Get a Copy of Your FBI The Freedom of Information Act is a powerful thing. If you've ever wanted to know just what those guvmint bastards have on you, anyway, here's your chance. Just fill in the italics in this form letter with the appropriate information, get your signature notarized, send it off, and you're in business! This should be free, though if your search returns reams of information, you may be charged 5 cents per page in duplication fees. Your Name Today's Date Your Address Line 2 of Your Address Federal Bureau of Investigation Records Resources Division - Attn.: FOIA/PA Office J. This is a request for records under both the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act. My full name is: Your Name. FOIA/PA statutes provide that even if some of the requested material is properly exempt from mandatory disclosure, all segregable portions must be released. I hereby agree to pay reasonable costs associated with this request up to a maximum of $30. Sincerely,Your Signature Your Printed Name

NoShmeat :: Home Pennsylvania The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their products: Absolute Pastured Poultry raises all-natural chickens on pastures in the scenic Sugarloaf Valley near the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain located close to Interstates I-80 and I-81. Our farm is miles away from "industry" in the heart of prime agricultural land with excellent deep well water and pastures that have only been used for natural grass for over 25 years. We initially began raising chickens for ourselves, but found that others were also interested in healthier, highest quality, naturally raised chicken that are never fed any antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. Currently, we begin in the Spring and are able to raise multiple flocks of 50–60 chickens each throughout the summer and into fall. All animals are pasture based, grass fed and free of hormones or antibiotics.

Guide to Growing Vegetables | Vegetable Growing Some general considerations for growing vegetables: Sowing Tips When sowing seeds, a good general rule of thumb is to sow to a depth of approximately twice the thickness of the seed. Some smaller seeds require light to germinate and should not be sown too deep; otherwise they may never germinate or break through the surface of the soil. Conversely, large seeds planted too shallow may not develop properly. Keep seeds well-moistened while awaiting germination and check regularly. Select a light-weight, well-drained medium for sowing to ensure good seed to soil contact. Growing Tips Most vegetables will produce better results if sown and grown in a soil-medium that is well-drained, rich in organic matter (fertile), and fairly lightweight. Most vegetables will prefer good quantities of natural, direct sunlight daily. Harvesting and Seed Saving Many vegetables will be harvested in the fall, especially if grown in lower hardiness zones.

MITRE--Applying Systems Engineering and Advanced Technology to Critical National Problems Foreclosure Fraud – Fighting Foreclosure Fraud by Sharing the Knowledge Top 10 Common Faults In Human Thought Humans The human mind is a wonderful thing. Cognition, the act or process of thinking, enables us to process vast amounts of information quickly. For example, every time your eyes are open, you brain is constantly being bombarded with stimuli. You may be consciously thinking about one specific thing, but you brain is processing thousands of subconscious ideas. The Gambler’s fallacy is the tendency to think that future probabilities are altered by past events, when in reality, they are not. Reactivity is the tendency of people to act or appear differently when they know that they are being observed. Pareidolia is when random images or sounds are perceived as significant. Interesting Fact: the Rorschach Inkblot test was developed to use pareidolia to tap into people’s mental states. Self-fulfilling Prophecy Self-fulfilling prophecy is engaging in behaviors that obtain results that confirm existing attitudes. Interesting Fact: Economic Recessions are self-fulfilling prophecies.

WORLD RANKINGS-TOTAL DEATHS 1. Cause of Death Column to the left is in World Rank Order. 2. Select a Country from the list on the right. Click on it to place it in the Grid. 3. 4. 5. 6. Entering a Country into the Grid will cause these instructions to disappear. 3D displays Keigo lizuka Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 35 St. George Street University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1A4 Contents Abstract 1. Abstract We present a novel, inexpensive, stereoscopic technique for generating 3D images from cellophane on a liquid crystal displays which are most typically used for a laptop screen or a camera phone screen. A distinct advantage of our technique is its simplicity; either a laptop screen or a camera phone screen can be converted into a 3D display with minimal knowledge of optics. 1. Let us begin by examining the properties of cellophane. As a result, the component polarized in the x direction propagates through the medium faster than the component polarized in the y direction. One of the most important functions of a half-waveplate is its ability to rotate the direction of polarization of the transmitted light. 2. Figure 1 explains the basic principle of a 3D display based upon the parallax effect1. 3. 4. 4.1 Using a laptop computer

Man survives 300 days with knife, pig | The Daily Telegraph WITH just two knives for cutting and a baby pig for company, Xavier Rosset sat solo on an uninhabited Pacific island for 300 lonely days. But unlike Robinson Crusoe, the young Swiss adventurer made a choice to isolate himself totally, surviving on food and shelter got by his own hand to challenge the modern way of life. "It was hard, yes, very hard," Mr Rosset said, freshly arrived back in Europe after ending his 10-month stint in Tonga. His island of choice was Tofua, a 64-square-kilometre volcanic isle home to nothing except "some pigs, lots of coconuts, a lake and tropical forest". His luggage consisted of just a Swiss army knife, machete and a video camera to record his adventure for a documentary to be aired later this year. The mission was to try to relearn the natural survival skills which urban men have long forgotten, but Mr Rosset said it was far from easy. "At the beginning I had to try hard to survive," the former professional snowboarder said. "She was exactly like a dog.

Juliane Koepcke Juliane Koepcke On Christmas Eve 1971, in the skies above the desolate, remote jungles of Peru, LANSA Flight 508 got its ass rocked like a hurricane by a ginormous bolt of lightning that blew the entire fuselage apart like a humongoid human-filled flying pipe bomb with wings. Juliane Koepcke, a quiet seventeen year-old high school senior on her way to visit her father, fell two miles out of the sky, without a parachute, crunching into the dirt floor of the Amazon Rain Forest with enough velocity to fracture the skull of Bahamut the World Fish. When she somehow miraculously awoke and came to her senses (a feat which few of her fellow passengers managed to accomplish), she was still strapped in to her seat. She had a broken collarbone, a severe concussion, deep cuts in her arms and legs, and one of her eyes had been swollen shut like Stallone the end of Rocky II. The Amazon. Good times. For eleven days (!) Of course, Juliane Koepcke wasn't done yet. Links: Outside Online Wikipedia Main