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Curation et Curator, la nouvelle tendance du Web Social

Curation et Curator, la nouvelle tendance du Web Social

Why The Future Of Travel & Destination Marketing Is All About Curation February 15, 2011 | 4 Comments Life is good for the traveller who knows where they are going. There are dozens of great and useful sites online where you can see everything from reviews of hotels to side by side comparisons of airfares from one destination to another. Conservation peut créer un instantané de notre vie numérique Posted by Tom Foremski - March 17, 2011 As our lives become increasingly digital curation tools can provide a good way to document our activities, capturing a snapshot of key events and moments. For example, the South by South West Interactive conference that is winding down in Austin, Texas attracted a lot of people, sharing lots of ideas, conversations, product launches, and more. Take at look at MobyNow's real-time aggregation of all the social media at SXSW and you'll see what I mean, the masses of tweets, photos, etc. And that's what aggregation is good at -- finding everything that's relevant or related is easy. But aggregation isn't that great at documenting a unique experience of an event such as SXSW in digital form.

Curation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Curation may refer to: Activities[edit] Content curation, the collection and sorting of informationData curation, management activities required to maintain research dataDigital curation, the preservation and maintenance of digital assetsEvidence management, the indexing and cataloguing of evidence related to an eventCultural heritage management, conservation of cultural sites and resources Curation And The Human Web... Posted by Tom Foremski - November 16, 2010 There is no doubt in my mind that the topic of curation and the Internet, is an important one and that it will be a dominant topic in 2011. Curation is important because we are reaching the limits of what can be achieved through algorithms and machines in organizing and navigating the Internet. Aggregation looks like curation but it's not. (Please see: Aggregation Is Not Curation - There Is A Big Difference - SVW) I define curation as a person, or a group of people, engaged in choosing and presenting a collection of things related to a specific topic and context.

Est-Conservation du contenu de bâtisseur communautaire neuf? Content curation has drawn my interest. I was at a tech conference last week and saw a couple of pretty cool applications for curating content. Setting a side the debate of right or wrong, these new content curation tools will make their mark. curation English[edit] Etymology[edit] From Old French curacion, from Latin cūrātiō. Pronunciation[edit]

Aggregation Is Not Curation - There Is A Big Difference Posted by Tom Foremski - November 2, 2010 Curation is becoming an increasingly important term and for good reason: the online world is increasingly messy, muddled and full of blind alleys. Search used to be the best way to navigate online but today it is only one part of an Internet user's dashboard. Finding things is fine if you know what to look for, but search is increasingly less effective in judging the quality of links, or putting those links into a context. Blekko, the recently launched search engine tries to provide a context for search terms but it's still not curation but aggregation Content curation: Is it strategic syndication or simply saturation? April 29, 2011 Online news consumption surpassed newspapers for the first time last year according to Pew Research Center’s 2011 State of the News Media report. Forty-six percent of respondents access news online at least three times weekly, compared to 40 percent from newspapers. Pew also finds that 47 percent of Americans access local news via mobile devices. These stats may not be revelations to informed communicators, but they illustrate how the volume of online information is rapidly expanding — and Pew’s data only measures editorial content.

Digital curation The term curation in the past commonly referred to museum and library professionals. It has since been applied to interaction with social media including compiling digital images, web links and movie files. Approaches to digital curation[edit]