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Stack Overflow Careers 2.0

Stack Overflow Careers 2.0

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JavaScript Engine for Windows Phone Edit: This is now available on GitHub: Did a fun bit of hacking, ported the Jint JavaScript interpereter to Windows Phone 7.5 ... the result is seen below: And when we run that code in a silverlight application: Cubelets: modular, affordable robotics for kids and students Robotics can be a tricky subject to teach children, and it's hard to know where to start. Cubelets is a system of modular cubes that each have one use, interaction, or behavior, and by linking them together you can create easy to understand robots with impressive behavior. It's a great concept: you start with very basic ideas, and then by linking them together you can create something that can work in a variety of ways. "Cubelets was originally called roBlocks and was a project I worked on while in grad school for architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh," Eric Schweikardt, the creator of Cubelets, told Ars.

IBM, UNC Launch Health Information Exchange The system will facilitate the sharing of medical information among hospitals and healthcare practices across North Carolina. (click image for larger view) Slideshow: Health IT Boosts Patient Care, Safety IBM announced Tuesday that it will provide the technology and services to support UNC Health Care's newly launched health information exchange (HIE). The HIE will improve the exchange of patient information among the health system's affiliated hospitals and physician practices throughout North Carolina. Announced Monday at the Health Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Orlando, Fla., the UNC Health Care HIE is built on the IBM Health Integration Framework including IBM Initiate Exchange, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) information sharing platform; IBM Initiate Patient, which matches and links patient identities; and IBM Initiate Provider, which contains a master index of healthcare providers.

Example of the difference between Ruby and Java Having worked extensively with both ruby and java, I thought I'd share some interesting differences between how one can approach solving problems in the two languages. Let's take a common example of a function that will take a variable number of arguments and return a string with all non-null values separated by commas. We'll start by just using the core runtime and see what we can do. Here's the Java example:

How To Turn A Laser Into A Tractor Beam A photon has a small momentum which it can impart to anything it hits, as Arthur Compton and Peter Lebedev discovered at the beginning of the last century. We now know that photons can be used to push anything from electrons to solar sails. Today, Jun Chen from Fudan University in China and a few pals demonstrate the counterintuitive result that photons can pull things too. In other words, they’ve worked out how to generate a backward pulling force from a forward propagating beam. FBI Redesigns 'Most Wanted' Site The agency has enhanced its search and other tools to improve the way people can help it locate fugitives and missing persons. (click image for larger view) Best Government Web Sites The Federal Bureau of Investigation has redesigned its "Most Wanted" Web site, bolstering it with new features and organizational tools to improve how people can search for fugitives the agency is seeking to apprehend. The move follows a redesign of the FBI site itself, as the agency continues efforts to improve transparency and how it engages with the public to meet the demands of the Obama administration's Open Government Directive.

Jobs We are looking for an experienced, innovative, and passionate person to become the next Creative Developer at Vertigo. JOB DESCRIPTION As a Creative Developer at Vertigo, you will work within a dynamic, emerging user experience team to build the working front-ends for a wide range of custom applications. Not simply a translator of mock-ups and wireframes, you are an active participant in defining and executing great (fluid, responsive) user experiences. Customer needs and technology are constantly changing and we need folks who are able to adapt new platforms, frameworks, and user experience challenges quickly. An Interview With Bernie Madoff Bernard L. Madoff is in therapy. Each week, he waits for the signal that prisoners are allowed to leave their housing units, then he walks the five minutes from his “room,” as he calls it, to the psychiatric unit at the Federal Correctional Institution in Butner, North Carolina, where he can unburden himself. The sessions are often teary. “How could I have done this?”

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