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Personality and Mental Abilities

Living on Earth. Year 10 Energy and Matter. Australia and the Modern World. Year 12 Social Justice Homlessness. Alcohol and Other Drugs.

Year 10 RE Social Justice

A taste of Japan. Graphic Design Applications. Ancient History. Theatrical Explorations. Psychology Literature Review. Sociology of Justice. Sport and Recreation. Year 10 Geography : Australian Aid. 'I know why the caged bird sings'.

Race and Ethnicity

Chromatography. Prayer and Pilgrims. Social Commentary. Senior Psychology: Mental Disorder. Journalism. Production and Performance. Feature Articles. Dance Production.

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. Religion and the Media.

World War II

Alexander the Great. Religion, Worship and the Arts. Yr 10 Contemporary Drama. The Arab-Israeli Conflict. The Cold War. Year 10 Geography. YR 10 RE Grief and Loss. Snr Psychology: Social Behaviour. Personality. Year 10 Alcohol and other drugs.

Year 11 RE Worldviews

American Civil War. Italian Year 10. Musical Theatre Year10. Year 11 Dance contemporary dancework. Year 10 Sustainability. Senior Sociology. Year 12 Consciousness Learning and Memory.

Year 12 Exercise Science Physiology.

Year 12 RE Social Justice - Contemporary Slavery

Yr 11 RE Search for Meaning. Science and Art. Teenage Bullying. World Religions. Year 10 Creative Response prayer. Literature Resources. Comics Cartoons and Animations.