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Industry 4.0 research

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WalkMe™ - Digital Adoption Platform. Fundacionbigdata. Industria 4.0 - Noticias y tendencias. Capgemini Research Institute. The digital journey is about treading uncharted and unfamiliar territory.

Capgemini Research Institute

It is riddled with questions and challenges. How can I scale digital initiatives across geographies? What kind of governance model should we consider? Do my employees have the right digital skills? MESA International - Smart Manufacturing Working Group. MESA's Smart Manufacturing Working Group Working Group Sponsors: Join MESA's Smart Manufacturing Working Group or MESA's Smart Manufacturing Research Community The Community is where you learn from peers: Accelerate your company’s journey to future success – with the power of the Smart Manufacturing Community.

MESA International - Smart Manufacturing Working Group

Join your peers to discuss what you are learning and what you still have questions about in a safe, non-commercial environment. MESA members and non-members, producers, solution providers and topic experts are all welcome. When we share as a community, everyone wins, including your customers and the economy around the world! The Smart Manufacturing Working Group is where you help build the research and content that guides the industry. Making our Workforce Fit for the Factory of the Future. Digital business and transformation hub. Digital transformation monitor. Home > Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our Business PartnersCentre Partners are global companies with the scale and ambition to help chart Fourth Industrial Revolution governance.

Home > Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Partners play a core leadership role in co-designing Centre portoflio(s). They include: Agenda / Cuarta Revolución Industrial. FERIA VIRTUAL DE INOVACIÓN INDUSTRIA 4.0. Industry 4.0. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab. Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Klaus Schwab

Intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Digital transformation monitor. Future for Work institute » Ayudamos a las organizaciones a tener éxito en un mundo cada vez más complejo. Digital business and transformation hub. Cyber-Physical Systems - a Concept Map. Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are integrations of computation, networking, and physical processes.

Cyber-Physical Systems - a Concept Map

Embedded computers and networks monitor and control the physical processes, with feedback loops where physical processes affect computations and vice versa. The economic and societal potential of such systems is vastly greater than what has been realized, and major investments are being made worldwide to develop the technology. The technology builds on the older (but still very young) discipline of embedded systems, computers and software embedded in devices whose principle mission is not computation, such as cars, toys, medical devices, and scientifi c instruments. CPS integrates the dynamics of the physical processes with those of the software and networking, providing abstractions and modeling, design, and analysis techniques for the integrated whole. Click on icons above for details. Sign in: Safari. Noticias Industria 4.0. Industry 4.0 News. OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers. Plattform Industrie 4.0 - What is Industrie 4.0?

UMLet - Free UML Tool for Fast UML Diagrams. Enterprise Data Science Platform Provider. Operations Management, Ph.D. - at Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany - Procurement.

Operations Management, Ph.D. - at Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany -

Simply Embedded – Embedded systems from the board up. Lesson 9: UART – Simply Embedded. An embedded system often requires a means for communicating with the external world for a number of possible reasons.

Lesson 9: UART – Simply Embedded

PC Control - PC-Control 03/17 - archive. Plattform Industrie 4.0 - International. Factories of the Future (FoF) - Research & Innovation - Key Enabling Technologies. Industrial production accounts for 16% of Europe’s GDP and remains a key driver for innovation, productivity, growth and job creation.

Factories of the Future (FoF) - Research & Innovation - Key Enabling Technologies

Espacio para la comunicación en las áreas de la informática. Research Blog: Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture. Posted by Quoc Le & Barret Zoph, Research Scientists, Google Brain team At Google, we have successfully applied deep learning models to many applications, from image recognition to speech recognition to machine translation.

Research Blog: Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture

Typically, our machine learning models are painstakingly designed by a team of engineers and scientists. This process of manually designing machine learning models is difficult because the search space of all possible models can be combinatorially large — a typical 10-layer network can have ~1010 candidate networks! Fab Lab Barcelona.

Plataforma Industrial 4.0. The case for digital reinvention. Digital technology, despite its seeming ubiquity, has only begun to penetrate industries.

The case for digital reinvention

As it continues its advance, the implications for revenues, profits, and opportunities will be dramatic. As new markets emerge, profit pools shift, and digital technologies pervade more of everyday life, it’s easy to assume that the economy’s digitization is already far advanced. According to our latest research, however, the forces of digital have yet to become fully mainstream. SMART Advanced Manufacturing Program. Understanding the 4 Types of A.I. The common, and recurring, view of the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence research is that sentient and intelligent machines are just on the horizon. Machines understand verbal commands, distinguish pictures, drive cars and play games better than we do. How much longer can it be before they walk among us? The new White House report on artificial intelligence takes an appropriately skeptical view of that dream. Stephen Hawking: This will be the impact of automation and AI on jobs.

British scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking gives his 'The Origin of the Universe' lecture to a packed hall December 14, 2006 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Hawking suffers from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrigs disease), which has rendered him quadriplegic, and is able to speak only via a computerized voice synthesizer which is operated by batting his eyelids. David Silverman/Getty Images. Empreses i entitats de l'Anella Industrial. Plataforma Industrial 4.0 de Catalunya. By The Boston Consulting Group. Business Models and the Internet of Things.

Fulls dels enginyers. Basque country 4.0. Industria inteligente en Euskadi. Basque Industry 4.0 abre en Euskadi el debate sobre la cuarta revolución industrial. La Jornada del día 15 de octubre recoge en un mismo foro experiencias, tendencias, estrategia y la ponencia de uno de los expertos en la materia con mayor reconocimiento y experiencia a nivel mundial, Wolfgang Wahlster, quien subrayó el potencial de Euskadi como industria pionera en la materia Arantza Tapia, consejera de Desarrollo Económico y Competitividad abre la jornada presentando las estrategias diseñadas desde el Gobierno Vasco que posibilitan que Euskadi se sume al ‘renacimiento industrial’ por el que abogan potencias mundiales como EE UU, Alemania o el Reino Unido, donde se apuesta por una industria manufacturera que genere competitividad y empleo en el propio país.

En Basque Industry 4.0. se presentan y analizan también las principales tendencias que van a potenciar la fabrica 4.0, explicadas por especialistas en cada una de ellas. Cognizant Technology Solutions. A paperless ICU and better post-op care Narayana Health Open-heart surgery patients at Narayana Health are living longer, healthier lives as a result of the hospital’s paperless intensive care unit, where a family of iPad apps integrates with medical equipment to feed medical teams instant, relevant patient data that improves care during the critical first hours after surgery. Cognizant collaborated with Narayana Health to develop an automated and digitally transformed ICU system that brings a single, accurate window on patient status to an iPad at each patient’s bed.

How will you prepare your kids for the world of work? A wise old sage once told me that being parent is like being an archer complete with bow and arrow—your kids are your arrows and your job as a parent is to take aim, fire, and with fingers crossed hope they hit their mark. I liked that analogy because one of my kids is about to select her options for her exams at 16 and thoughts all round are turning to what she wants to do. Being part of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, means for once she might actually listen to what I have to say! Last week’s FT was awash with stories about robots and the great hallowing out of the professional class but don’t rush out to sound the death knell of the job or career just yet.

Survey data from my latest report People—not just Machines—Powers Digital Innovation shows that prospects for the “job” are actually rather good. Singularity University - Solving Humanity's Grand Challenges. Business Process Management (BPM) Software. Manufacturing news, articles and insights. DMDII: Digital Manufacturing And Design Innovation Institute. In a fiercely competitive global marketplace, innovation alone is no longer enough. Many nations, including the United States, are driving innovation to implementation through a whole-of-government approach. Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world's leading experts. Ethereum Frontier. Workable Futures. Sisteplant.