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Develop I Read the latest news in game development

Develop I Read the latest news in game development

The Art & Business of Making Games Games Industry Magazine Blogs "Everyone else is doing immersion wrong," says Please Don't, Spacedog! developer KO-OP Mode. They used the Oculus and a MIDI device to put players somewhere new, and it was a big hit at alt.ctrl.GDC last month. There are two important surveys running right now - one is focused on development trends, platforms, and tools; the other is focused on developer job satisfaction and quality of life issues. Want to start a revolution? The importance of story in games is often controversial, especially in F2P games/GaaS. Being an indie dev is brilliant and fun, but there's always dull paperwork to do. A discussion of Pratchett's ONLY YOU CAN SAVE MANKIND, the first in a planned series of posts on novels that deal with videogames and/or game development.

Flipcode Archives Welcome to the flipcode Archives. Here will you find our collection of reader-submitted content. A lot of this is timeless reference material, and we'll do our best to keep it available publicly, and of course completely free, for as long as possible (hence the ad banners, which help make this possible.) Featured Articles - Tutorials and Regular Columns The Developer Toolbox - Source Code and Mini-Articles Image of the Day - Development-related Image Submissions Question & Answer - Advice from The Pros Thank you to all who've contributed such great content to flipcode over the years! Inside Network - Providing news and market research to the Facebook platform and social gaming ecosystem

3D Tech News, Pixel Hacking, Data Visualization and 3D Programming - VentureBeat | Tech. People. Money. Articles - WGE Small-Bet SDK for Mobile Free to Mobile game developers. Contact: The WGE:Mag & Network WGE:MAG. Its a great read for game deveopers and gamers alike. Join us on Social Media: World Map of Social Networks January 2017: a new edition of my World Map of Social Networks, showing the most popular social networking sites by country, according to Alexa & SimilarWeb traffic data (caveat: it’s hard to understand the impact of Google+ because it is part of Google domain traffic). There are a lot of news since last January: Facebook is still the leading social network in 119 out of 149 countries analyzed, but it was stopped in 9 territories by Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Linkedin. It’s interesting to see that in some countries, like Botwana, Mozambique, Namibia, Iran e Indonesia, Instagram wins and that some African territories prefer LinkedIn. Overall LinkedIn conquers 9 countries, Instagram 7, meanwhile VKontakte and Odnoklassniki (part of the same group grow up in Russian territories. But what’s going on behind the first place? Instagram is the second social network in 37 countries. [Versione italiana dell’analisi di gennaio 2017] inShare1,047 But what’s going on behind the first place?