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Develop I Read the latest news in game development

Develop I Read the latest news in game development

Emerging markets will spend billions on games this year Gamers are expected to spend billions of dollars in emerging markets this year such as Brazil, Mexico and Russia, according to market researcher Newzoo, based in Amsterdam. Newzoo’s data shows that gaming is spreading rapidly around the globe, thanks to online play, mobile games, and new ways to pay for games such as free-to-play games with micro-transactions. In Brazil, gamers are expected to spend $2 billion on games in 2011. “Brazil is leading Western countries when it comes to the popularity of new game platforms and business models,” said Newzoo chief executive Peter Warman. The growth in Brazil is due to the uptake of social, mobile and massively multiplayer online games, all of which depend on free-to-play business models, where users play for free and pay real money for virtual goods. Games on Facebook and the Google-owned social network Orkut account for 11 percent of spending, while casual game sites account for 15 percent.

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