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News and Updates
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GamesIndustry International Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games Game Development Tools And Software :. GarageGames Bienvenue sur Alt Minds Avec plus de neuf millions de jeux vendus dans le monde (PC, DS, Wii, XBLA, PSN) à travers des partenaires prestigieux, Lexis Numérique est l'un des principaux studios indépendants de création de jeux en Europe et a été plusieurs fois numéro un des ventes avec ses jeux pour enfants (Oncle Ernest, Alexandra Ledermann, Léa Passion Mode...) Avec le lancement d' « In Memoriam » dès 2003, Lexis Numérique s'impose comme l'un des pionniers mondiaux de la création transmédia. Alliance réussie du jeu, d'internet et du cinéma, « In Memoriam » rencontre à la fois un grand succès critique et une véritable réussite commerciale aussi bien en Europe qu'aux Etats-Unis (lancé sous le nom de « Missing: Since January »). Plusieurs suites viendront enrichir l'expérience en impliquant toujours plus le joueur (géolocalisation, SMS, mise en contact téléphonique avec des personnages du jeu...).

SIGGRAPH 2011 Autodesk Student Experience Event – exclusively for students On Sunday, August 7, 2011, Autodesk will be hosting the Autodesk Student Experience event, a series of workshops and presentations exclusively for students. This full day of events will feature classes, one-on-one feedback sessions with Autodesk technology experts, a seminar from Carlos Baena of Animation Mentor and a keynote presentation by Duncan Brinsmead, principal scientist at Autodesk. This event is brought to you thanks to our strategic partners Dell™ Precision Workstations and NVIDIA®. All Autodesk software showcased during the day’s event will be running on Dell Precision workstations equipped with the latest NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics. Wanted: Student attendees in pursuit of their CG dreams Location: Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel 1128 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC Sunday, August 7th from 9am-5pm PST. Description: Your Responsibilities: Attend the Autodesk Experience workshops. Requirements:

Boston Indies Topic: Game Developer Magazine Intro to User Analytics by Magy Seif El-Nasr, Alessandro Canossa, Anders Drachen [05.30.13] An intro to analytics written by the editors of Game Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Player Data, a compendium of insights from more than 50 experts in industry and research, which covers the most relevant questions: what to track, and how to analyze the data. Business/Marketing , Design , Game Developer Magazine , Console/PC , Social/Online , Smartphone/Tablet , GD Mag , GD Mag Exclusive Internal Indies by Steve Stopps [05.29.13] Are there lessons from indie development that can be utilized in a larger, established studio setting? Crowdfunding, One Year Later by David Daw [05.01.13] Game Developer Magazine asked devs behind major crowdfunding pushes from the last year -- Chris Roberts, Brenda Romero, Greg Rice, and Jim Rossignol and James Carey -- for their advice on what worked for them and what they’d do differently.

XNA Game Studio 4.0 XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh is a programming environment that allows you to use Visual Studio to create games for Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and Windows. XNA Game Studio includes the XNA Framework, a set of managed libraries designed for game development based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. This documentation collection contains technology overviews, tutorials, and reference material related to XNA Game Studio. Introduction to XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh Provides helpful prerequisities for installing and using XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh Getting Started with XNA Game Studio Development Provides introductory information about developing games with XNA Game Studio. Writing Game Code Describes how to use XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework to develop multiplatform games for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone. Adding Art, Music, and Other Game Assets Describes game assets, such as bitmaps, models, textures, and sounds. Packing and Distributing Your Game Advanced Topics The App Hub Website

L'essentiel de l'actualité du serious game sur un blog ! THE ULTIMATE MAYA & MR ARCHVIZ, GUIDE. A screenshot of the wireframe, that hopefully explains, why I often use the terms massive, Huge and Insane, referring to the Maya mb. production scenes: Just would like to say that the major achievment of this tut, is that all the very complicated machinery, composed by several Render layers and Render Passes, perfectly works in conjunction to the various Maya & Mr lighting, shading and rendering techniques used. For the creation of a custom Label pass, in the tut I opted for the camera output shader workflow, suggested by slipknot on the very informative thread posted by Achoury: The result is a Label Pass in the Maya native Iff. format which containes very little Edge Aliasing artifacts. With a little edge feathering in PS. you can use it for masking purpose, without the need of an extra coverage pass. I just put the Label Pass hided, as the top layer in the Layer stack in Ps. and unhide it every time I need a new mask. Ciao...! Alex

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