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Unsorted defence industry

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Wikipedia deregulation harbour australia. Wikipedia deregulation dockyards australia. Blohm + Voss. Blohm + Voss (also shown historically as Blohm & Voss and Blohm und Voss), is a German shipbuilding and engineering works.

Blohm + Voss

It is a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. ThyssenKrupp announced in December 2011 that it had agreed the sale of Blohm + Voss' civil shipbuilding division to British investment company STAR Capital Partners, pending regulatory approval.[1][2] The company also oversees maintenance and repair of large cruise ships such as RMS Queen Mary 2 and the MS Queen Victoria.[3] The company built aircraft through Hamburger Flugzeugbau before and during World War II. History[edit] The company has continued to build ships and other large machines for 125 years. The company is, along with Howaldtswerke at Kiel and Nordseewerke at Emden, a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. History during the Third Reich[edit] With the rise of the Nazi Party to power in 1933, Germany's rearmament in violation of the Versailles Treaty had begun. MBDA. Lithgow Small Arms Factory. The Lithgow Small Arms Factory is a military small arms factory located in the town of Lithgow, New South Wales in Australia.

Lithgow Small Arms Factory

History[edit] The factory was first 'corporatised' as Australian Defence Industries by the Hawke Government, then later sold in 2006. ADI Lithgow is now owned by Thales Australia and continues to manufacture the F88 Austeyr rifle and F89 Minimi currently used by the Australian military. The Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum is located on site with a large collection of military and civilian firearms manufactured at the factory and elsewhere. Avalon Airport. The airport's location between Melbourne and Geelong makes it both a capital city airport and a regional airport, servicing a large regional catchment in western Victoria and providing connections to tourism destinations such as the Great Ocean Road.

Avalon Airport

Since Linfox Group’s purchase of the airport in 1997, Avalon Airport’s aviation operations have grown significantly as it has established itself as a second gateway to the Melbourne and Geelong regions. Today, the airport contains land and facilities that are surplus to current and projected aviation requirements. This provides the opportunity to pursue property development projects for a wider range of activities, which support Avalon Airport’s growth as an airport and as a major employment centre for the region. The airport has a single runway in addition to a helipad. First pass approval given for Land 400 Phase 2. Minister for Defence, The Hon.

First pass approval given for Land 400 Phase 2

Kevin Andrews MP, has announced that first pass approval for project Land 400 Phase 2 (Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability) has been given by the Australian Government. The request for tender has been released for the multi-billion dollar project to replace the Australian Defence Force’s Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV). Australian companies wishing to be involved as sub-contractors have the opportunity to pursue a range of opportunities including: component and parts supply integration of Australian communications, sensor and weapons systems engineering and testing facilities vehicle sustainment and logistics. Australian suppliers can register here. Read more in the press release. Government Aircraft Factories.

History[edit] World War II[edit] It is noteworthy that at this stage (mid-1939) an Australian aircraft industry barely existed.

Government Aircraft Factories

The private-enterprise Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation had by that time completed three of its first product, the Wirraway, and was in the process of building the prototype of its second type, the Wackett. Both of these were single-engined aircraft and the Wackett was not an advanced design by any criterion. The other major aircraft 'manufacturer', de Havilland Australia, had up to that time mainly assembled aircraft manufactured by its parent company imported into Australia as parts, commencing the delivery of 20 Tiger Moths, built from imported fuselages and locally manufactured wings, to the RAAF in May 1939. Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. Wirraway aircraft under construction at a CAC factory in 1940 (AWM 000626/06) CAC Boomerang The prototype CAC CA-15 "Kangaroo" Commonwealth CA-28 Ceres agricultural aircraft Mirage III, the engines for which were built by CAC For the American company of the same name, see Commonwealth Aircraft.

Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation

MBDA. History[edit] The consolidation of Europe's missile companies began in 1996, when parts of Matra Defense and BAe Dynamics merged their missile activities to form Matra BAe Dynamics (MBD).


Matra BAe Dynamics represented half of Matra Hautes Technologies' missile business, the other half was Matra Missiles which became Aérospatiale-Matra Missiles (AMM). Then, Matra group merged with Aérospatiale in 1999. In 2000, Aérospatiale-Matra became part of EADS. WA australian marine complex. Gibbs & Cox. Gibbs & Cox is a U.S. naval architecture firm that specializes in designing surface warships.

Gibbs & Cox

Founded in 1922 in New York City, Gibbs & Cox is now headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. The firm has offices in New York City; Washington, D.C.; Newport News, Virginia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Adelaide, Australia (Gibbs & Cox Australia PTY LTD).[1] In 2003, more than 150 warships built to the firm's designs, including 60 percent of the U.S. Navy's surface combatant fleet, were on active duty in nearly 20 navies.[2] Iveco. Iveco, an acronym for Industrial Vehicles Corporation, is an Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company based in Turin, Italy, and entirely controlled by CNH Industrial Group.


It designs and builds light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, quarry/construction site vehicles, city and intercity buses and special vehicles for applications such as firefighting, off-road missions, the military and civil defence. Rheinmetall. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Rheinmetall AG is an automotive parts supplier and military technology group.


In fiscal 2012 (2011), the company’s 21,766 (21,516) employees generated sales of €4.7 billion (€4.4 billion). Rheinmetall was the tenth-largest European defence contractor in 2011.[1] The Group’s Automotive unit had sales in fiscal 2012 of €2.369 billion, while sales of its Defence arm for the same period came to €2.335 billion.[1] Rheinmetall AG is listed on the German MDAX; its shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.[1] Heckler & Koch. Heckler & Koch GmbH (HK) (German pronunciation: [ˈhɛklɐʔʊntˈkɔx][1]) is a German defense manufacturing company that manufactures handguns, military rifles, submachine guns, and grenade launchers. The company is located in Oberndorf in the state of Baden-Württemberg, and also has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and the United States. The Heckler & Koch Group comprises Heckler & Koch GmbH, Heckler & Koch Defense, NSAF Ltd., and Heckler & Koch France SAS. The company motto is "Keine Kompromisse!

" Iveco. Oshkosh Corporation. Oshkosh global headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA Oshkosh Plant A MK36 wrecker variant of the MTVR USAF Oshkosh P-15 8x8 airport crash tender. Timoney Technology Limited of Ireland. Timoney Technology Limited of Ireland is an Irish company which designs, develops and manufactures powertrains and independent suspension systems for heavy duty trucks, motor coaches and military vehicles. Military[edit] Timoney designs and develops a variety of standard armoured and soft skin mobility systems for military, commercial and specialist applications, principally utilising an independent suspension technology. Timoney Armoured Vehicles[edit] Timoney designed a 4x4 wheeled APC, designated Marks I, II, II,( all one off's), and 5 Mark IV's and five Mark VI's were also built for the Irish army. BAE Systems Land & Armaments. BAE Systems Land & Armaments is a subsidiary of BAE Systems Inc. and is responsible for the design, development and production of combat vehicles, ammunition, artillery systems, naval guns and missile launchers.

It is the largest such company in the world.[2] It was created on June 24, 2005, following the completion of BAE Systems plc's acquisition of United Defense and its merger with BAE Systems Land Systems. The L&A group In 2007 BAE Systems acquired Armor Holdings adding to the size of Land & Armaments significantly. History[edit] Until 2004 BAE Systems was a relatively small player in the land systems industry, however following the 2004 purchase of Alvis Vickers, the 2005 acquisition of United Defense and the acquisition of Armor Holdings in 2007 it is now the largest land systems defense contractor. DMS Maritime. Henderson, Western Australia. Henderson is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Cockburn. ASC Pty Ltd. ASC Pty Ltd, formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation, is a wholly government-owned Australian naval ship-building company headquartered at Osborne in Adelaide, South Australia. Jervoise Bay complex set to lift WA industry (Part 2)

Pages - Statement Details. A big Cockburn Sound shipbuilder has won a $6.5 million contract to convert a vessel as a result of work done by the State Government to upgrade Jervoise Bay shipbuilding estate. Commerce and Trade Minister Hendy Cowan said the contract won by Transfield Shipbuilding was a significant milestone for Western Australia.

It was the first time the State had won a major ship repair or conversion contract from Australian fleet owners. User:Saberwyn/Captain Cook Graving Dock. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Captain Cook Graving Dock is a drydock. Williamstown Dockyard. Williamstown Dockyard was one of Australia's principal ship building yards at Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. LOMOcean Design. Seahorse Mercator. Wallaby-class water and fuel lighter. Evans Deakin and Company. List of Defence Maritime Services vessels. The DMS training craft Seahorse Mercator. DMS Maritime. Home. Tenix. Advanced Composite Manufacturing. Marand. Navantia.

Raytheon Australia: Home. Home. Forgacs. Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance - Home. JSF - Australia Industry Participation. South Australia the Defence State. Extending Aircraft Life. G21. CONTENDERS VIE FOR AUSTRALIA'S LAND 400 ARMOURED VEHICLE PROGRAMME. G21 Geelong Region Alliance. Research institute. Tenix. Australian Defence: Latest defence industry news, events and special reports. Incat. Blohm + Voss. Category:Shipbuilding companies of Australia. Forgacs Shipyard Tomago. Tenix Defence. Transfield Services. Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Boeing Australia. De Havilland Australia. Walkers Limited. BAE Systems Land & Armaments. Force Protection Europe. Ricardo plc.

Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Australian Strategic Policy Institute. ASC Pty Ltd. Gippsland GA10. Commercial Aircraft Design & Manufacturer - GippsAero. Airbus Military. Qantas Defence Services. EADS. Northrop Grumman. Murakami-Ego. BAE Systems. Thales Australia. Australian strategic institute. Nulka. Planned Canadian Forces projects. VT Group. BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships. Drydock. Lithgow Small Arms Factory. Defence Science and Technology Organisation. DSTO > Home > Further Information > About DSTO. Kockums. Incat. South Australia the Defence State. BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships. VT Group. Tenix. BAE Systems Australia. Tenix Defence. Austal. NQEA Australia. Timoney technology. Rheinmetall. Joint Health Command. Blohm + Voss.