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News, events, research and jobs from the games industry

News, events, research and jobs from the games industry
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Boston Indies gamedevmap News and Updates | IGDA New England Games SIG GamesIndustry International Gamasutra Video game industry - Video Game Sales Wiki - Video Game Sales, Charts, NPD, Graphs, Video Game Figures, and more! The video game industry (formally referred to as interactive entertainment) is the economic sector involved with the development, marketing and sale of video and computer games to millions of people worldwide. There are over 11 countries with revenues of over $1 billion.[1] See also Worldwide market in 2008 (revenues) and market research reports. Overview The worldwide the game industry in 2007 was valued at $44.9 billion.[3] This number was expected to grow 9.1% annually to $48.9 in 2011 and $68 billion in 2012, making it the fastest-growing component of the international media sector.[4][5] In 2004, the worldwide industry generated more than $25.4 billion.[6] Over a decade before, the US retail video game market was worth $7 billion (1994)[7] and $4.7 billion (1990) before that.[8] This period coincided with the arcade renaissance, when US arcades generated $7 billion in 1994,[9] thus the total US market was worth $14 billion in 1994. Comparison with other forms of entertainment See also

Features - Cliff Bleszinski's Game Developer Flashcards Epic Games' design director Cliff Bleszinski profiles common developer behavior in this special Gamasutra feature. As of this summer, I'll have been making games for 20 years professionally. I've led the design on character mascot platform games, first-person shooters, single-player campaigns, multiplayer experiences, and much more. I've worked with some of the most amazing programmers, artists, animators, writers, and producers around. Throughout this time period, I've noticed patterns in how we, as creative professionals, tend to communicate. I've learned that while developers are incredibly intelligent, they can sometimes be a bit insecure about how smart they are compared to their peers. In short, this article identifies communication techniques that are often used in discussions, arguments, and debates among game developers in order to "win" said conversations. "Pattern Match Dismissal" "Edge Blocking" Edge Blocking has variants: "The Networker." "Perfectionist." "Ne'er Do Well"

State of the Video Game Industry TIGSource Only 0.15 percent of mobile gamers account for 50 percent of all in-game revenue (exclusive) | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi Not all players are the same! Join GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi for a free webinar on April 29th that will explore why players leave Free to Play games and how you can change this. Sign up here. The group of gamers responsible for half of all in-game revenue in mobile titles is frightening because it is so narrow, according to a survey by Swrve, an established analytics and app marketing firm. This means it may even more important than game companies realized in the past to find and retain the users that fall into the category of big spenders, or “whales.” Above: Hugh Reynolds of Swrve Image Credit: Swrve There’s good news, and there’s bad news in this, acknowledged Hugh Reynolds, chief executive of Swrve, in an interview with GamesBeat. “When you see companies turning players into purchasers effectively, that’s a special thing,” Reynolds said. On the negative side, there are a lot of people who have become accustomed to paying nothing at all for their mobile games. Powered by VBProfiles