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Put me on Team Woody — Mia Farrow is full of it. Did CDC State In 1958 That Smoking Did Not Cause Cancer? A FactCheck. Debunking (again) a 14-year-old post on immigrants in Los Angeles. If you believed the statistical claims in a recent Facebook post being shared by thousands, you would think that Los Angeles is overrun by law-breaking immigrants.

Debunking (again) a 14-year-old post on immigrants in Los Angeles

The factually flawed Facebook post that claims the Los Angeles Times as its source has long roots; it’s been circulating in various forms since at least 2006. Internet memes based on hearsay claim that hospital laboratories falsify COVID-19 tests to inflate numbers without evidence - Health Feedback. (2) What the 1% Don't Want You to Know. Fact-checking Trump’s falsehoods on Fox & Friends about Ukraine, impeachment and Mueller report. President Donald Trump responded to a week of impeachment hearings with a nearly one-hour interview on Fox & Friends.

Fact-checking Trump’s falsehoods on Fox & Friends about Ukraine, impeachment and Mueller report

Many of his points were either inaccurate or repeated debunked conspiracy theories. He claimed it was Ukraine that interfered with the 2016 election. But American intelligence officials say that is a conspiracy theory. Did Trump Use Notes To Self in Sharpie Pen That Said 'I Want Nothing'? No evidence 449,000 noncitizens were registered to vote in California. A viral Facebook post that has peppered social media for at least a year was given fresh life last month when former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin shared it on her account.

No evidence 449,000 noncitizens were registered to vote in California

Meme Falsely Claims Obama Released al-Baghdadi. Quick Take Various memes circulating online falsely claim that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State leader who recently died during a U.S. raid, had been released from U.S. military custody under President Barack Obama.

Meme Falsely Claims Obama Released al-Baghdadi

He was actually released in 2004, under President George W. Bush. Full Story Misinformation quickly followed the death of the Islamic State leader known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who killed himself after being cornered by U.S. forces at a compound in northern Syria. On the same day President Donald Trump announced al-Baghdadi’s death, memes flooded Facebook with the claim that the terrorist leader had been freed from U.S. military custody in 2009 by former President Barack Obama.

States with More Gun Owners Have More Murders in the Home, Women Most Common Victims. Research suggests states with more gun owners have higher numbers of partners and family members killing each other in the home, with women in particular danger of being victims of violence.

States with More Gun Owners Have More Murders in the Home, Women Most Common Victims

Gun-related deaths in the U.S. are rising, and the authors of a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine wanted to examine the links between gun ownership and rates of domestic and non-domestic shootings. Statistics from 2017 show 39,773 people were killed by guns, with deaths among men up by 2 percent from 2016. Researchers studied annual data on homicide rates in 50 states between 1990 and 2016, from the U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Report. Amazon is the invisible backbone behind ICE’s immigration crackdown. In June, when the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) began separating migrant children from their parents, several tech companies came under fire for providing the agency with the software that helped them do it.

Amazon is the invisible backbone behind ICE’s immigration crackdown

At the center of the criticism was data mining company Palantir, which designed the Investigative Case Management system. The ICM is a critical component of ICE’s deportation operations—it integrates a vast ecosystem of public and private data to track down immigrants and, in many cases, deport them. NewsFeed Defenders.

Our new media literacy game teaches players how to detect and disregard disinformation and misinformation in today’s chaotic environment.

NewsFeed Defenders

Learning Objectives Identify markers of verification, transparency, accountability, and independence in news stories.Define and identify problematic news items, and other news-related types of misinformation.Explain a variety of strategies to verify images and information.Evaluate text for bias based on word choices and framing methods.Use third-party information to judge the credibility of a source.Evaluate the benefits and challenges of digital news and social media to a democratic society. Teacher Extension Pack.

Don't get spun by internet rumors. Just because you read it on Facebook or somebody’s blog or in an email from a friend or relative doesn’t mean it’s true.

Don't get spun by internet rumors.

It’s probably not, as we advised in our special report “That Chain E-mail Your Friend Sent to You Is (Likely) Bogus. Seriously,” on March 18, 2008. More recently, we addressed the problem of bogus “stories” from fake news sites: “How to Spot Fake News,” on Nov. 18, 2016. Pope Francis Says Border Separations Are the 'Greatest Cruelty' Pope Francis has said that the separations of parents and children at the U.S. southern border are among the “greatest of cruelties,” and if given the chance he would tell President Donald Trump so.

Pope Francis Says Border Separations Are the 'Greatest Cruelty'

In an interview with the Mexican news outlet Televisa, the pontiff criticized the idea of erecting a wall along the border with the U.S.. “I don’t know what’s happening with this new culture of defending territories by building walls. We already knew one, that (one) in Berlin, which brought so many headaches and so much suffering,” he said. Pope Francis waves to the faithful during the weekly audience in St. Peter's Square on May 29, 2019 in Vatican City, Vatican. “Separating children from their parents goes against natural law, and those Christians ... you can’t do it. Trump has pushed an aggressive border policy, which includes building a wall along the southern border with Mexico, although this has been thwarted by Democratic opposition. Trump Takes Credit for Obama's Gains for Vets. WASHINGTON (AP) — Boastful on the occasion of Memorial Day, President Donald Trump and his Veterans Affairs secretary are claiming full credit for health care improvements that were underway before they took office.

Trump Takes Credit for Obama's Gains for Vets

Trump said he passed a private-sector health care program, Veterans Choice, after failed attempts by past presidents for the last “45 years.” That’s not true. The Choice program, which allows veterans to see doctors outside the government-run VA system at taxpayer expense, was first passed in 2014 under President Barack Obama. 28 Most Savage Posts About The Alabama Abortion Law. OB/GYN Shares The Many Reasons Her Patients Had For Abortions, Says They’re All Completely Valid. Economists: Tariffs Not Boosting GDP. Tariffs imposed by the Trump administration have a small, negative impact on gross domestic product growth, according to economists, the Congressional Budget Office, the International Monetary Fund and the top White House economic adviser.

That contradicts President Donald Trump’s repeated claim that the tariffs have boosted the GDP. As the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service put it in February, the “consensus among most economists is that the tariffs are likely to have a negative effect on the U.S. economy overall.” As the trade war between China and the U.S. intensified, Trump insisted on May 13 that tariffs imposed so far by the U.S. have increased revenues to the Treasury and improved the economy.

The president said in a tweet that the 3.2 percent GDP growth for the first quarter “was greatly helped by Tariffs from China.” Trump repeated the claim in a press conference before his meeting with Hungary’s prime minister later in the day. Donald Trump? I have 2013 on the line for you. That has become accepted fact in the Trump presidency: For every pronouncement the President makes, there is at least one tweet from his past that directly contradicts his current view.

Which brings us to Iran. In the past week, the Trump administration has significantly ramped up pressure on the country. First, the US ordered an aircraft carrier strike group and B-52 bombers into the Middle East -- citing reports that Iran was putting short-range missiles on boats in the Persian Gulf. Then, came a report in The New York Times that national security adviser John Bolton had proposed one plan that would include sending 120,000 troops into the region in the event Iran continued to walk away from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a nuclear pact that Iran agreed to in 2015. ‘Who’s going to take care of these people?’ Did L. Graham Call Trump a 'Kook' & 'Not Fit to Lead' in 2016? -click 2x. Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program. In context: ‘Some people did something’ Michael Patrick Lynch: How to see past your own perspective and find truth.

Trump Wrong About Tax Law. Asked whether he believes federal law requires him to give Congress his tax returns, President Donald Trump responded, “There’s no law whatsoever.” Did Free Birth Control in Colorado Drop Unplanned Pregnancies by 40 Percent? - Truth or Fiction? From ruined bridges to dirty air, EPA scientists price out the cost of climate change. Donald Trump's ridiculous link between cancer, wind turbines. Oil And Gas Giants Spend Millions Lobbying To Block Climate Change Policies [Infographic] American middle schools not 'caught forcing students to do Muslim prayers 5 times a day' Fact-checking platform powered by science - Metafact.