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How Whole Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain

How Whole Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain
Long considered impossible to accomplish, new research reveals how a simple spice might contribute to the regeneration of the damaged brain. Turmeric is hands down one of the, if not the, most versatile healing spice in the world with over 600 experimentally confirmed health benefits, and an ancient history filled with deep reverence for its seemingly compassionate power to alleviate human suffering. But, most of the focus over the past decade has been centered on only one of its many hundreds of phytocompounds: namely, the primary polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin which gives the spice its richly golden hue. This curcumin-centric focus has lead to the development of some very good products, such as phospholipid bound curcumin concentrate (e.g. Meriva, BCM-95) which greatly helps to increase the absorption and bio-activity of curcumin. Truth be told, there is no singular ‘magic bullet’ in foods and herbs responsible for reproducing the whole plant’s healing power.

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Sugar Harms Your Brain Health, Drives Alzheimer’s Epidemic By Dr. Joseph Mercola Guest Writer for Wake Up World Countless Uses for Coconut Oil – The Simple, the Strange, and the Downright Odd Dr. MercolaWaking Times Coconut oil has been a dietary and beauty staple for millennia. It’s a powerful destroyer of all kinds of microbes, from viruses to bacteria to protozoa, many of which can be harmful, and provides your body with high-quality fat that is critical for optimal health. Around 50 percent of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid, which is rarely found in nature. Legal Nootropic Smart Drugs Crush Adderall for Productivity (with images) · fourminutemind The amphetamine salts in Adderall are neurotoxic, and the effects of Adderall comedown and withdrawal are intense. The Adderall Comedown Can Be Brutal Comedown effects of adderall can include such effects as:+ Depression and Dysphoria+ Apathy or not caring about anything+ Anxiety+

11 Health Benefits of Cinnamon Once upon a time, cinnamon was more valuable than gold. And while these days, most of us would rather get our hands on 24 karats instead of 24 ounces – a gold bar over a brown stick – this bark-cum-spice has just as much bite as it does bark. The potential health benefits of cinnamon could be stated as nothing short of astonishing. Dementia Risk Linked with Common Medications Monday, June 20, 2016 By: Linda J. Dobberstein, Chiropractor, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition Drugs like Benadryl, Coumadin, Sominex, Klonopin, Detrol, Flexeril, Lasix, and Elavil have something in common. They are in the class of anticholinergic medications. The use of these drugs affects the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, the memory neurotransmitter. There is a growing body of evidence with researchers and healthcare providers questioning how safe anticholinergic medications are with long-term use and its impact on those 55 years of age and older.

Exploring the Superconscious Interview with Dr Edward Bynum, author of Dark Light Consciousness Author: Jair Robles We are all familiar with its symbolic representations, be it from the caduceus used by modern medicine, the winged serpent of Prehispanic Mesoamerican cultures or the dragons commonly seen at most Asian celebrations.

Sorry, Foodies: We're About to Ruin Kale If eating kale is good for me, then eating a whole lot it must be even better. Right? John E. Nootropics - The Facts About "Smart Drugs" I’m excited to bring you something very different than what we usually cover here on Unfinished Man. Today we’re going to talk about drugs. No, not those kinds of drugs, but instead a range of “smart drugs” – also known as Nootropics – which a person can use to improve memory, learning, and overall brain function. I’ve been fascinated with them for years, and asked John Holcomb of Brainpower Nutriceuticals if he would mind sharing some information with our readers.

The Top 10 Superfoods you Didn’t Know Existed Eating healthy can take on a whole new level with the top 11 superfoods you didn’t know existed. These foods can be added to almost any dish and provide significant levels of the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning at optimal levels. They are definitely worth looking into in order to be even higher on the healthy food track than you dreamed you could go. Arame Defeating aging, and the avenues ahead of us: Part 2 With a clear way forward, what are we waiting for? If we get this done, then we can probably live indefinitely. Can humans be so mentally slothful and negligent that they would be able to do all kinds of things on microscopic scales and yet not be able to clear damage out of biology?

In the Shadow of Hegel: How Does Thought Arise Out of Matter? What's the Big Idea? Before neuroscience and quantum physics, there was Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. The 19th century German idealist revolutionized Western thought, and every great thinker since has been working in his shadow, says Slavoj Žižek, the Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic. 5 Best Fish To Eat, 5 Worst Fish To Avoid - Adding fish to your diet is a great way to improve health and protect against the harmful effects of inflammation. However, it is important to know your fish – not all fish are created equal. In fact, certain types of fish are loaded with chemicals, including mercury and PCBs. Other types may taste great and be loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but may be on the brink of extinction.