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The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You

The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You
If there's one thing in the world the food industry is dead set against, it's allowing you to actually maintain some level of control over what you eat. See, they have this whole warehouse full of whatever they bought last week when they were drunk that they need to get rid of -- and they will do so by feeding it all to you. And it doesn't matter how many pesky "lists of ingredients" and consumer protections stand between you and them. #6. You know what's awesome? "But Cracked," you inquire, "what does this have to do with food ingredients?" GettyFor the purposes of this article, you're kind of an idiot. And we look at you squarely in the eye, then slowly bring our gaze upon the half-eaten bagel in your hand. Oh, shit ... The Horror: What do they do with all the cellulose wood pulp? GettyThe best part of waking up, is wood pulp in your face! And everybody's doing it. Schuym1Et tu, Hot Pockets? But the worst thing about cellulose is not that it's everywhere. #5. And why not believe them? #4. Related:  food and nutrition1

02003-02060 (57 years): By 2060 the total population of humans on earth will be less than it is today. - Long Bets Duration 57 years (02003-02060) Voting has been temporarily disabled. Discuss & Share Add your voice to a conversation with the bettors: Join the discussion » Bookmark this bet, and share it with friends: Kelly's Argument The biggest driver of the shift from large families to small families is communication technology and education. Current estimates of the world's peak population are made with assumptions that don't take into account the major role that globalization is having. This means the earth's population will reach its peak sooner than official forecasts predict and because there is no visible counterforce compelling the majority of couples to have more than 3 kids each, world population will rapidly fall after reaching its peak. It will diminish to our level by 2060 and keep falling. Challenge Kelly! Challenge Kevin Kelly to a bet on this prediction! Detailed Terms

10 common objections to going vegan 1. Objection: “Being vegan is fine for you, but I like meat.”Response: People don’t usually go vegan because they dislike meat or cheese or any other animal product. They go vegan because they dislike animal cruelty. And the reality is, you can’t have one without the other. 2. Response: Unlike animals, plants aren’t sentient and they have no nervous systems. 3. Response: It’s impossible to live in this world without causing some degree of harm, that’s true. 4. Just because we’ve always done something doesn’t make it right. 5. Response: Unlike lions and tigers (who are obligate carnivores), humans do not require animal products to survive. 6. Response: You don’t need to eat fancy foods to be vegan. 7. Response: Who says you have to eat tofu? 8. Response: Considering that more than 95% of all animal products produced in the U.S. come from factory farms, is that really possible? 9. 10. Response: Luckily, compassion isn’t a limited resource.

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students (NaturalNews) A Rhode Island school district has announced a pilot program to monitor student movements by means of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their schoolbags. The Middletown School District, in partnership with MAP Information Technology Corp., has launched a pilot program to implant RFID chips into the schoolbags of 80 children at the Aquidneck School. Each chip would be programmed with a student identification number, and would be read by an external device installed in one of two school buses. The buses would also be fitted with global positioning system (GPS) devices. Parents or school officials could log onto a school web site to see whether and when specific children had entered or exited which bus, and to look up the bus's current location as provided by the GPS device. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has criticized the plan as an invasion of children's privacy and a potential risk to their safety. Brown disputed this argument.

6 Images of Abandoned Weaponry You Won't Believe Are Real Rare, expensive materials, cutting-edge designs and top-secret prototypes are all hallmarks of the military industrial complex. It's how they produce all their beautiful toys: the stealth fighters, nuclear submarines and flying fortresses that are the cornerstone of our childhood fantasies and Michael Bay movies. But what happens when you get bored of your new toys? Why, you just toss them out into the middle of a field somewhere. Sure, they are worth a billion dollars and took dozens of years of intricate design and revision, but have you ever built a garage? #6. Via Wikipedia Pack up your towel, your shaky folding chairs, your ineffective cooler and those hilarious shorts that make it look like you're naked from the waist down, because you, sir or madam, are going to tear it up at the beach. Via Themaritimeblog.comHalf of us just got tetanus simply from looking at that. Via Wikipedia Now looks like this: Via Scotthaefner.comWait, is that ...? Yes, that's duct tape covering the barrels.

The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You #3. Fake Berries Imagine a blueberry muffin. GettyOne muffin, you greedy bastards. Even with your freshly gained knowledge that there may or may not be some cellulose in the cake mix, it's pretty impossible not to start salivating at the thought. GettyWe could taste delicious if we wanted to. Everything is better with blueberries -- that's why they put them in so many foods. The Horror: ... not that it would do any good, as the number of blueberries you've eaten within the last year that have actually come from such a field is likely pretty close to zero. GettyWe can almost hear the muffins mocking us. Studies of products that supposedly contain blueberries indicate that many of them didn't originate in nature. They do a damn good job of faking it, too -- you need a chemist's set of your own to be able to call bullshit. Natural News TVNothing says "nature" like petrochemical-derived food coloring. Kelloggs This is somewhat recognizable. GettyAll but three of these are made of plastic. #2. #1.

Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon” | You can't make this up Joseph Moshe, MOSSAD Sponsored by the Derma roller Today, the MSM are not talking about this case any more. Yesterday, they wanted us to believe that Joseph Moshe was a nutcase and a terrorist, arrested for threatening to bomb the White House. Interesting detail about his arrest (the “Westwood standoff”) was that he seemed to be immune to the 5 cans of tear gas and 5 gallons of law-enforcement grade pepper spray they pumped into his face. Professor Moshe had called into a live radio show by Dr. Sources tell us that Bar-Joseph Moshe made no threat against the President or the White House. Joseph Moshe was soon after his arrest sent or let go to Israel. Moshe did not suffer the same effects of the gas and pepper spray that others would have because he had built up an immunity to such weapons as a by-product of his Mossad training. Does this sound like an insane conspiracy theory? Where’s the meat? Qui bono? A Spanish Doctor in Internal Medicine largely agrees with the above article:

Is Umami a Secret Ingredient of Vegan Activism? | The Vegan RD In a recent New York Times article, wellness reporter Tara Parker-Pope explored the challenges of going vegan. Those challenges—including knowledge about how to prepare vegan foods and finding support—are real, although not nearly as insurmountable as Ms. Parker-Pope would have us think. In particular, she focused on the taste and experience of familiar foods, saying “Giving up favorite foods is never easy, food scientists say, for it means overriding taste preferences imprinted on the brain during a lifetime of eating.” No doubt that’s true, but I’m not sure that we have to override those taste preferences. I wonder if the people interviewed in this article have ever had Isa Moskowitz’s Mac and Shews. Understanding umami might help meat-eaters who struggle with a transition to vegan meals. The taste/experience of umami is imparted by high levels of the amino acid glutamate. But that’s not as dismal for vegan diets as it sounds, because we can add umami to vegan recipes.

Rick Warren, Tony Blair & The New World Order « . . . and the world hears them Roger Oakland, of Understand the Times International, attended Rick Warren’s ‘Peace in a Globalized Society’ forum, featuring Tony Blair, that was held Monday night. As an eyewitness account, Oakland gives the following report: On March 7, 2011, Roger Oakland, founder ofUnderstand the Times, International, and two other members from his ministry attended the Peace in a Globalized Society forum at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, which featured Rick Warren and special guest, former UK prime minister Tony Blair. Roger Oakland and his co-workers obtained eye-witness seats at the event that included well over 2000 people in attendance. Although cameras and recorders were not allowed in the main sanctuary where the interview took place, the UTT team took notes. What Oakland and his team heard caused them much concern – thus the reason for this special report. Both Blair and Warren have a vision to see churches with like-minded vision planted all over the world. Notes: 1.

5 Common Crime Fighting Tactics (Statistics Say Don't Work) #2. Jails Are Turning Nonviolent Offenders Into Repeat Offenders Take two guys convicted of a nonviolent crime, like smoking a bong in a parking lot. Now, as a society, you have to make a choice. You can go easy on them with probation or community service, figuring that what they did wasn't that serious of a crime. No, if you are serious about crime, you need to scare those guys straight! So What's the Problem? It's the opposite. Getty"When you came here you could barely roll a joint. Let's say with our two hypothetical bong smokers, we give one probation/community service and give the other a short sentence in jail. The second guy, supposedly taught a harsher lesson, has a close to 50 percent chance of showing up in prison again within the next three years."Told you I'd be back to finish this game. So if the data says jail isn't great for keeping nonviolent offenders free of crime, why do we insist on using it? And holy shit do we love to send people to jail. #1.

Rural Migration News The US Bureau of Labor Statistic's Consumer Expenditure Survey reported 121 million "consumer units" in 2010. They had an average of 2.5 persons, 1.3 earners and 1.9 vehicles; 66 percent were homeowners, and the average age of the reference person was 49. Average consumer unit income before taxes was $62,500 and average annual expenditures $48,100 ( These expenditures included $6,100 for food (almost 13 percent of expenditures). Food spending was split 59-41 percent, including $3,600 for food eaten at home ($69 a week) and $2,500 for food bought away from home ($48 a week). To put food spending in perspective, other significant expenditures were $16,600 for housing; $7,700 for transportation; $3,200 for health care; $1,700 for apparel; and $2,500 for entertainment. The largest food-at-home expenditures were for meat and poultry, an average $785 or $15 a week. Farmers get a small share of the retail food dollar, an average 19 percent in 2006.

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