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Cultures for Health: Yogurt Starter, Sourdough Starter, Kombucha, Kefir Grains, Cheese Making and more

Cultures for Health: Yogurt Starter, Sourdough Starter, Kombucha, Kefir Grains, Cheese Making and more
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Blue Mountain Organics - Organic Raw and Sprouted Foods,Raw foods, raw food, organic food store, Sprouted foods AT BLUE MOUNTAIN ORGANICS™ WE BELIEVE THAT:Pure, wholesome food heals, cleanses and revitalizes the body.Organic growing practices support healthier soil and better crops in the future.A diet that consists mostly of organically-grown, whole plant-based foods can help prevent disease.Raw, organic foods contain important natural phytochemicals that can contribute greatly to maintenance and repair of our bodies.The healthy co-existence of humans, food and the environment is an imperative, not an option.Good nutrition is the key to a healthy body and a sharper mind.Each one of us can affect our own good health and the health of our families through better food choices. Blue Mountain Organics is a premier provider of certified organic raw and sprouted nuts, nut butters, flours, grains, dried fruits, and superfoods. We are located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the small agricultural community of Floyd, Virginia. "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food."

Travailler aux États-Unis Travailler aux États-Unis Suite à mon séjour de 1 an dans le Tennessee entre 2005 et 2006, voici quelques notes à propos de diverses formalités administratives et autres choses qu'il peut être utile de savoir avant de partir aux États-Unis pour un séjour prolongé. Obtenir un visa de travail H1-B Pour trouver des informations officielles sur l'obtention de Visa non-immigrants pour les français souhaitant aller travailler aux Etats-Unis, consulter le site de l'ambassade, notamment sur la page How to apply ? Préparation du dossier Le Visa H1-B concerne les travailleurs hautement qualifiés. Ils doivent constituer un dossier (une Petition) précisant plein de détails sur l'emploi qui nous est destiné. Lorsque la petition est prête (quelques dizaines de pages), elle est envoyée aux services d'immigration américains qui l'approuvent (ou pas), et notifient l'ambassade américaine à Paris. Rendez-vous à l'ambassade En plus de notice d'approbation de la pétition de l'entreprise, il faut se munir de :

Ridiculously Easy Homemade Dill Pickles At my farmer’s market, there’s an amazing pickle stand with about 12 different kinds of delicious homemade pickles. They have garlic pickles, super dilly dill pickles, sweet pickles, spicy pickles and all the flavors in between. I love my pickles so the pickle stand was a weekly must stop for me. …..Until I realized how ridiculously easy it was to make my own homemade pickles. This will literally take you 10 minutes tops and in 3-7 days, you’ll have the best homemade pickles in town. The recipe down below is a basic recipe for old fashioned homemade easy dill pickles and it’s my very favorite, cut right out of a falling apart old, old church recipe book that I think was my grandmother’s (best kind of recipes, right?!). Oh! Ridiculously Easy Homemade Dill Pickles Makes 1 quart sized jar Ingredients: cucumbers 2 cloves of garlic 2 sprigs of fresh dill (the flowered heads of the dill taste the best for these pickles, so use them if you can get them) ½ tsp coriander seeds ¼ tsp mustard seeds

Wheat Montana ~ Home How to Move Adobe CS5 Between Computers, or from PC to Mac OK, so your old computer is running out of gas, you’re upgrading or changing systems, adding a new machine, or switching from a PC to a Mac, or vice versa — and you want to move over your purchased CS6 (or CS5 or CS4 or CS3 or CC/Creative Cloud or any other) Adobe software — what do you do, and how do you do it? Just follow our complete guide below. As we’ve covered previously here, you are generally allowed to install and activate most Adobe software on up to two computers, with the restriction that the software can not used on both systems at the same time. So right off the bat, you might be good to go with installing the software on a second computer, although you may wish to double-check the licensing agreement for your product to be sure. Deactivating Your Old System First Adobe uses software activation to control how many of your computers are able to run their apps like CS6. Deactivation is different from uninstallation. Setting Up Your New System There are a few provisos. See Also

IMBB 6: kelaguen mannok this wednesday, july 21st, is the 60th anniversary of guam's liberation by us forces from japanese occupation in world war 2. although the core of the many events is solemn, it *is* a celebration of and by the local people, known as chamorros. for my first "is my blog burning?" entry, i wanted to submit a chamorro dish in honour of the unique culture of the island. i decided on kelaguen mannok, chicken kelaguen, which is a standard local dish. it is basically a chopped chicken ceviche-type dish with freshly grated coconut, hot red chilis, and onions. however simple it is, it comes with a complex history reflecting guam's native culture, the influence from hispanic, latino, and filipino cultures during its time in the 16th century spanish empire, and the far east asian influence during the japanese occupation in the 1940s. this is what you'll need: this is what you'll do: put all the ingredients in a bowl. mix them up. adjust the acid--is it not lemony enough for you? i hope you enjoy it!

Certified Organic Milk & Dairy Products | Straus Family Creamery Mexican Ceviche Recipe | Ceviche Recipes from Around the World Photo Courtesy of Serves 6 Ingredients: 2 pounds of shrimp ½ pound of white fish – sea bass fillet for example (dice into ½ inch cube)3 large limes1 small lemon1 medium diced fresh tomato½ small white onion, finely chopped ½ small green sweet pepper, chopped in cubes ½ jalapeño pepper, chopped in cubes ½ buch of fresh chopped parsley or chopped cilantro 1 teaspoon of olive oilsalt and pepper to tastelettuce leaves (to line serving bowls)avocado cut in slices (optional) corn chips (optional) Preparation: In a large bowl, gently mix the shrimp and fish with the lime juice and lemon juice and put it in the fridge for 1 hour or until shrimp and fish are opaque (this step cooks the shrimp and fish). In another bowl mix the tomato, onion, sweet pepper, jalapeño, cilantro/parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients; cover the bowl and chill ceviche in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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