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Recipe for Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese (Low-Carb, Gluten-Free)

Recipe for Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese (Low-Carb, Gluten-Free)
(For Phase One Fridays I highlight Phase One recipes from the past that have been my personal favorites, and this recipe for Baked Chicken Stuffed with Pesto and Cheese is something I've made over and over. It's also been one of the most popular recipes on the blog for a while now; hope you enjoy if you haven't tried it yet!) For several weeks now I've been keeping an eye on the basil plants in my garden, hoping to get one more batch of pesto in the freezer before the plants started to freeze. I'm always wanting to adapt recipes every time I make them, and when I looked at the old version of this I knew I wanted to change it. Use very large chicken breasts for this and then pound the heck out of them until they're as thin as you can possibly get them! Mix together pesto, sour cream, and grated mozzarella to make the stuffing. Spread a thin layer of the stuffing mixture over each chicken breast, stopping about 1/2 inch away from the edge. Instructions: Preheat oven to 375F/190C.

Sunday Smoothie: Avocado & Banana | Make A Cute Thing Every Day After a couple of crazy combos it is time to get back to a classic. So this Sunday we have the avocado and banana smoothie. One thing I discovered drinking this one is that the avocado really enhances the banana. So you won’t feel the avocado very much, but rather a buttery banana taste Ingredients: 1 avocado chopped, 1 banana, 1 cup sweet yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey Enjoy your Sunday, L. One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta The easiest and creamiest pasta made in a single pot – even the pasta gets cooked right in the pan! How easy is that? Garlic and parmesan. A match made in heaven. And with the help of a single pan, you can make the easiest, most epic pasta ever. Just think of this as a creamy alfredo, except without the heavy cream and the cream cheese. The one pan aspect actually helps the noodles soak up all that amazing flavor, giving you that light cream sauce coating the noodles in all its garlic-Parmesan glory. And if you really want to save on dishes, you know my rule – this should get eaten straight out of the pot. One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta The easiest and creamiest pasta made in a single pot - even the pasta gets cooked right in the pan! Ingredients Instructions Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Notes

Italian Baked Eggs You’ll never believe that these marinara cheesy baked eggs can be made in just 10 minutes for a complete breakfast! I’m so excited to have joined forces with Kitchen PLAY and the National Milk Mustache “got milk?”® campaign to help build a better breakfast with milk. Milk is a breakfast powerhouse, packed with nine essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, but 85% of Americans fall short of milk recommendations. By incorporating lowfat and fat free milk at breakfast with the help of MyPlate – a guide illustrating the five food groups that are building blocks for a healthy diet – we can help close the gap between actual and recommended milk consumption. Research has even shown that milk drinkers and breakfast eaters have more nutritious diets and tend to be leaner than non-milk drinkers and breakfast skippers. So with breakfast as the most important meal of the day, I’ve started to begin my mornings with baked eggs. Ingredients Instructions Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.

Creamy Avocado Smoothie Made with only avocado, almond milk and a bit of sugar, this avocado smoothie is super healthy and vegan. Avocados are full of healthy benefits–lots of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and monounsaturated fats, which can decrease risk of cardiovascular disease. Try this delicious recipe at home to get your perfect avocado fix! Easy Total Time: 5 minutes Servings: 1 Ingredients: 1 cup almond milk 1/2 ripe avocado 1 teaspoon sugar Ice, for serving Tip: Feel free to substitute regular milk or your favorite non-dairy milk of choice for almond milk and sweeten with your favorite sweetener, like agave nectar or honey. Directions: 1. 3. 4.

Turn Your Wine Into a Sangria Slushy in Just 4 Steps Calling all wine lovers: get sloshed from this slush. Cheap wine is a go-to for any kind of night—especially if you’re as into Trader Joe’s as I am and buy “2 buck chuck” on the reg. No matter the occasion, your simple glass of white or red deserves a little more attention. Easy Prep Time: 2 minutesCook Time: 1 minuteTotal Time: 3 minutes Servings: 1 Ingredients: 8-oz. Pro Tip: Add 1-oz. brandy to mimic real sangria. Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4. More Thirst Quenching Vino Recipes: Homemade Coffee Creamer…Make Yours At Home! | Reclaiming Your Castle Around My Family Table I love coffee for many reasons – besides the necessary dose of caffeine that I can’t function without in the morning, the flavored creamers bring a smile to my face. Chocolate Almond one morning…Hazelnut the next – but who can afford to buy all of those varieties at once? Hmmmm. Why not make them at home! via Mrs Happy Homemaker Start With This Base: 14oz Sweetened Condensed Milk1 3/4 Cup Milk or Cream (whole, lowfat, skim, almond, soy, heavy cream, half & half etc – whatever your preference, however the more fat, the more creaminess) …and, here we go! French Vanilla Creamer 2 teaspoons vanilla extract OR vanilla coffee syrup Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer 2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste Chocolate 2-3 tablespoons chocolate syrup(1 tsp vanilla extract, optional) Coffee Style 10 Chocolate Almond 1 tablespoon cocoa powder1 teaspoon almond extract Strudel 1 tablespoon cinnamon1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 teaspoon almond extract Vanilla Caramel Chocolate Raspberry Irish Cream 2 Eat 2 Drink

Cinnamon, Honey, Green Tea Smoothie Recipe Making a smoothie is an easy way to whip up something nutritious when you don't have a lot of time, but they don't always have to replace a meal. This low-calorie cinnamon, honey, and green tea smoothie, for example, makes for an excellent frosty caffeine break when temperatures rise. Not only will the caffeine in the green tea give you much-needed energy, but cinnamon and green tea have both been shown to have metabolism-boosting properties. In addition, research has shown that honey may help regulate blood sugar levels, meaning you won't feel groggy after this afternoon snack. The next time you're feeling like you could use a frosty, sweet caffeinated beverage, forgo the Frappuccino for this 139-calorie smoothie instead. Notes Use two or more green tea bags to brew a cup or two of green tea, depending on how strong you'd like it, then keep the tea chilled in your fridge until ready to use. Ingredients Directions Makes one serving. Information Category Other, Snacks

Easy One Pot Lasagna The easiest 30-min lasagna you will ever make in a single pot – no boiling, no layering, nothing – the pasta gets cooked right in the pan! I’ve made lasagna about 4 times in my entire life, and the last time was an absolute disaster. My pot wasn’t big enough for the lasagna noodles so part of them were uncooked, and it was simply an epic mess. Thankfully, this one pot lasagna gives you all the flavors of that comforting lasagna with just a quarter of the work. Although I actually prefer this lasagna version over the traditional kind, especially because of those mounds of ricotta topped throughout the pan that just melts right in. So when you’re in a pinch to whip up dinner and need that comforting homemade lasagna, this 30-min one pot meal is sure to save the night! The easiest 30-min lasagna you will ever make in a single pot - no boiling, no layering, nothing - the pasta gets cooked right in the pan! Ingredients Instructions Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.

One Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta An incredibly creamy, hearty pasta dish that you can make in just 20 minutes. Even the pasta gets cooked right in the pot! Ever since I made that one pot pasta several weeks back, I’ve been on the hunt for more recipes like this – easy, effortless and sure to be a hit with the entire family. And this zucchini mushroom pasta is exactly that. Flash plugin failed to load Share Video There is absolute no pre-cooking or sauteeing of any kind here. The water will be completely soaked by the pasta and once the noodles are cooked through, you can toss in a little bit of heavy cream (or milk, if you’re watching your calories) for a thin, creamy pasta sauce. And don’t be too shocked when everyone just raves about how amazing this pasta is. A creamy, hearty pasta dish that you can make in just 20 min. Ingredients: Directions: Nutrition Facts Serving Size Servings Per Container 6 Amount Per Serving Calories 378.7 Calories from Fat 58.5 % Daily Value*

Breakfast Under 300 Calories: Recipe for Overnight Oats For the past week or so, I have been experimenting with something I came across online – overnight oats! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about sharing this with you. As I was perfecting the recipe, all I could think of was, “Everyone’s gonna love this!” Tomorrow, I leave for Sentosa and I’m trying to see if I can fit some overnight oats into my meal plan for the next 3 days (I even have a meal chart drawn up!). Okay, so, the thing about breakfast is that many people I know either (1) skip breakfast, or (2) go for unhealthy options such as fried bee hoon, curry puffs and other pastries, or sandwiches drenched in mayonnaise. Why eat oats? To make one serving of overnight oats, you’ll need: 50g rolled oats – I use Lowan’s Wholegrain Rolled Oats and these cost 193 calories;100ml low fat milk – I always go for Marigold’s HL Milk, which works out to 50 calories; andFresh fruit of your choice – blueberries for me! The combination above adds up to 274 calories. So… here we go!

Power Breakfast Smoothies for Summer | Thriving Home I am excited to have my friend, Lindsey, guest posting for us today. We were friends in college and thanks to our husbands being best-buddies we have kept in touch since then as well. When my husband and I visited our friends in Chicago they expanded our culinary horizons with unique restaurants and quirky home cooked food that I had never had. During a summer internship in New York, I went to a Jamba Juice for the first time. Over the years, I would learn that a smoothie is all about balance. These three smoothies celebrate summer by putting seasonal fruits in the spotlight. A few notes to start us off: I add at least half of a frozen extremely ripe banana to all of my smoothies. serves one for breakfast, two as a snack Instead of making pie of those leftover peaches—the ones so soft and ripe they make your kitchen smell like an orchard as they go about collapsing under their own weight—try this spiced late-summer smoothie instead. You might also like...

Microwaveable Rice Crispy Treat For One Rice crispy treats are the best, but do you really want to go out and buy an entire box of rice crispy cereal for just one serving? You know you’ll inevitably end up with either a ridiculous excess of rice crispy treats that haunt you and your friends for a few weeks or an untouched box of cereal for the rest of the semester. So why not solve all of your problems with this single serving treat that uses a cereal that you already have on hand? Prep Time: 30 seconds Cook Time: 30 seconds Total Time: About a minute Servings: 1 Ingredients: 4 large marshmallows 1 teaspoon of butter ½ cup of cereal Photo by Rebecca Block. Directions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. All about that cereal? 2-Minute French Toast in A Cup | Pretty Prudent Who’s got the munchies? Ha! Seeing as our Cup of Coffee Cake (in Under 5 Minutes) was our most popular post of 2011, I thought y’all might enjoy my other favorite last minute snack, which is even quicker and easier and more fattening (and therefore more delicious/more embarrassing to admit I eat on a regular basis). It’s french toast in a cup, made in your microwave and topped off with a generous ssquirt of ssyrup (which is making my ssssss key kind of sssticky right now). So please, grab a slice of bread and allow me to blow your mind… Don’t forget to check out Jaime’s Lazy Late Night Cooking Corner on our YouTube channel for more microwaveable treats like, Single Serve Cinnamon Roll, Rice Krispy Treat, Blueberry Cobbler, and Strawberry Shortcake for Two. 2-Minute French Toast in a Cup Recipe First you need bread. Cube your bread. Get your cup or cups ready. Place the bread in the cup of your choosing. Mix it all together with a fork. Pour the mixture into your cup/cups. Add syrup. Eat.