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Conference room Our unbeatable price point has made it affordable for any country in the world with an Internet connection. It is no longer a service for deep pockets and large companies. We have made it affordable for everyone. Many other web conferencing providers charge huge dollars because a third party exists. A third party meaning that the online conference provider may not own such things as: Lines of code – Hardware – Servers - Fiber optics - Location (such as a data center) All of these if they require a third party will cost you more for your online video conferencing solution. Here at MeetCheap we own everything including the data center. It is simply us and our customers. We have been providing web conferencing solutions for over 8 years and are constantly improving.

My docstoc Mike Silva at Rhode Island Blogging Consultant About Me ...Mike Silva is a Rhode Island Blogging Consultant that after several years of mostly working behind the scenes and staying out of the direct line of fire decided to bring his blogging consulting and services business out of the shadows and into the light of day. Stats Docs: 79 Views: 10662 Profile Visits: 1150 Mike Silva's DOCUMENTS The best documents & resources to start and grow a business. How are you planning on using Docstoc? By registering with you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service, and to receive content and offer notifications. Already a member? Sign Into your Account Not a member yet? GVO Academy! Leslie Fieger The WEST Program GVO preventobesity on Xanga

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