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Research Review: Could Green Tea Actually Be Bad For YOU?

Research Review: Could Green Tea Actually Be Bad For YOU?
Green tea has received a lot of positive media attention in recent years. But is it really good for everyone? Not necessarily. There is a group of people for whom green tea may be hazardous. And given green tea’s popularity these days, it’s critical to share this information with anyone interested in health. Green tea has a wealth of research behind it demonstrating a number of health-promoting benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties. Many of green tea’s benefits are due to its effects on the immune system, which is also where it can cause problems. But before telling you how green tea impacts the immune system, let’s take a quick look at a simplified version of how it works. Should you banish this harmless-looking substance from your pantry? A primer on the immune system The immune system is composed of white blood cells, which are then differentiated into five different type of immune cells. Let’s say you cut yourself with a dirty knife. Conclusion

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Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) Definition Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura is a bleeding disorder in which the immune system destroys platelets, which are necessary for normal blood clotting. Persons with the disease have too few platelets in the blood. ITP is sometimes called immune thrombocytopenic purpura. Alternative Names American Council on Science and Health A recent study challenges the recommendation that we should avoid dairy fat. Advice to limit all dietary fat, and to drink only 1 percent (low fat) or skim (non-fat) milk has been a cornerstone of dietary guidance for years. Yet, at least with respect to the occurrence of new cases of diabetes, full-fat dairy products just might have a preventive edge, according to the report. The researchers examined blood levels of dairy fatty acids in participants in two long-term prospective studies. Samples from the Nurses’ Health study were collected in 1989-90, and those from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study were obtained in 1993-94.

completing-goal-drink-more-herbal-tea?ref=mail&mtype=weekly_newsletter&mid=20160801&uid=773392&email=bmike1850.mb@gmail Day 7 Secret Today’s recommendation: Rooibos Herbal Tea Consider how many toxins your current drinks contain. How Visualization Helped Me Lose 220 Pounds In 2001, I weighed over 400 pounds. My weight was the big issue in every area of my life. I was borderline type II diabetic, suffered from elevated triglycerides, sleep apnea and a dozen other weight-related health issues that made every day a struggle. Determined to find a solution, I spent years yo-yo dieting. I'd lose 10 pounds, then gain back 15.

Feeding Time // Diabetes Reversal // Weight Maintenance Here is a recap of some of the most interesting stories in science and health that we’ve been reading and discussing over the past week – focusing on regulation of body fat and blood sugar. First, a group of Japanese researchers demonstrated how circadian misalignment, caused by shifted feeding patterns, can wreak metabolic havoc. Perhaps more importantly, they uncovered what precisely is happening inside of the brain and body to at least partially cause this. Next, we look at an English study, which revealed a way to that we might be able to put diabetes in remission – without drugs. Finally, we all know that losing weight is hard, and keeping it off can be even harder. Does the struggle ever get easier?

7-household-chores-with-unexpected-health-benefits?ref=mail&mtype=weekly_newsletter&mid=20160801&uid=773392&email=bmike1850.mb@gmail Not everyone enjoys household chores — that’s a given. But what if you knew that there were more benefits to them than just making your home look more presentable? Once you realize how these simple tasks can boost your happiness, lower your stress, or protect your body from diseases, your to-do list will never look the same again. 1. Making the Bed

NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASE NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASE Ed Friedlander, M.D., Pathologist No texting or chat messages, please. Ordinary e-mails are welcome. Cyberfriends: The help you're looking for is probably here. ACE - ProSource: April 2016 - The Newest Index on the Block: The Hydration Index  You’ve likely heard of the glycemic index and the insulin index, but beverages now also have their own index: namely, the new “hydration index.” People usually think about hydration in the context of sports and exercise, so it may be beneficial to know which beverages can best hydrate you when access to fluids (or bathrooms, see Figure 1 for a rough guide to bathroom-guided hydration statuses) is limited. Figure 1: BHI for tested drinks Not all beverages are created equal from a hydration standpoint.

Lavender Lemonade with Honey 1134StumbleUpon Lavender is beginning to bloom now in my garden, not only looking and smelling beautiful, but attracting bees and other pollinators to the rest of my plants. I harvest it for its beauty, and dry it for use as food and medicine. Growing Lavender A Map of Currently Available Life Extension Methods - Less Wrong Discussion Extremely large payoff from life extension We live in special period of time when radical life extension is not far. We just need to survive until the moment when all the necessary technologies will be created. The positive scenario suggests it could happen by 2050 (plus or minus 20 years), when humanity will create an advanced and powerful AI, highly developed nanotechnologies and a cure for aging.

recommended-daily-protein-men-vs-women-5141 The average man in the Unites States takes in about 100 grams of protein per day, while the average woman takes in approximately 70 grams, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The amount of protein you need daily depends on your total caloric intake, gender and activity level. Government resources and nutrition experts offer guidelines to help you determine how much protein you should take in. Protein Needs Heal Your Organs With the Secret Powers of Fruits and Veggies. ~ David Kovacs You may not see what your organs are doing all day long, but you know they’re important. When one starts to have problems, there’s a very real risk that your entire body will be impacted. Do your organs a favor and drink fresh juice every day! Why fresh juice? Check out some of the amazing things your fresh juices can do: