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Love Your Human Design

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Bill Gates personality analysis Bill Gates: born on 10/28/1955, Seattle, 21.15 PST Explanation Human Design System When we look at the design/rave chart of Bill Gates we see that there are two areas of chakra's defined: the Ajna-center (mental awareness) is linked through channel 11-56 (curiosity, a design of a searcher) to the throat center (manifestation, verbalisation). Introduction to the Human Design System Crystals and the Magnetic MonopoleHuman Design was revealed to Ra by “The Voice”, which spoke to him for 8 consecutive days and nights in January of 1987, coincidently during the super nova of the star 1987A. At that time, The Voice gave to Ra the Human Design System in its entirety. Basic to Human Design, is the information that humans are endowed with a Design Crystal and a Personality Crystal. Now although they are not actual crystals, it the term used to best explain this concept. These crystals are actually minute fragments from the beginnings of our universe, hypothetically fragments of dark matter. When the two masses came together in what the scientists call the Big Bang, and what Human Design calls the conception of our universe, these fragments became the seeds of all form in the universe – stars, planets, plants, animals, humans.

Love Your Human Design » The Gates of Love Posted on: February 11, 2010 by: peter There are many places that the expressions of love can come from within the Human Design system. As we approach Valentine’s Day, let us take a look at some of the gates and examine what kind of love they may pour forth. HDS Article 4 through Human Design Article #4 The Human Being, Consciousness & Biology Being born into this world brings your spirit consciousness into the realm of living your life in a human body. Over thousands of generations, the human body has proven itself to be incredibly versatile, resilient and capable of amazing feats, but still, it has its physical and biological limits. It is only in fairly recent times that life expectancy has risen significantly, so, to date, the importance of procreation and repopulating the species has been of the greatest importance.

Noble Sciences - Introduction Multidimensional Calendar Created By: Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. Introduction to Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis™ “No man ever steps into the same river twice, For it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Heraclitus Energy Healing : A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Healing Vibrations Energy healing is a gentle yet powerful holistic healing method... The soothing touch of a mother. A loved one's hand holding yours. A contemplative walk through a forested trail.

Human Design System Article The Voices of Light: Paramahansa Yogananda IN THE 19TH CENTURY, AT A TIME WHEN the “Sun never set on the British Empire,” (because, it was joked, God would not trust an Englishman in the dark), Britain had trade and governing routes into all corners of the globe; the beginning of world communications had commenced! In one place within the reach of Britain’s rule and trading was India, a huge country, comprising many different people’s, languages, religions and treasures. The British way of governing colonies was through establishing bureaucracy and rule systems so that trading was continued without interruptions. Living with Feeling: A Field Guide to the Solar Plexus Living with feeling can be a dilemma for all of us—for those who have the defined Solar Plexus as a part of their design, and for those with an open Solar Plexus. I’m an emotional being. When I met Human Design, I had spent years trying to change who I was, trying to improve myself, to be a more likeable person. My mind told me that what I had to do, above all, was to stop being so emotional. At that time, I had no real sense of my emotional wave.