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SPIRITUAL SEX Here is your chance to spiritualize your sex life or to make your spiritual life more sexy by Walter Last Sexuality is closely related to spirituality in several ways. Society for Psychical Research From the publisher’s website: For thousands of years, voyagers of inner space—spiritual seekers, shamans and mystics—have returned from their inner travels reporting another level of reality that is more real than the one we inhabit in waking life. Others have claimed that under the influence of mysterious substances, known as entheogens, the everyday human mind can be given glimpses of this multidimensional realm of existence. Using information from the cutting edge of modern science, Peake presents a startling new hypothesis that these “inner worlds” are as real, or possibly even more real, than the “reality” we experience in waking life. As his starting point, Peake examines the widespread historical belief that the mid-brain’s pine-cone shaped pineal gland activates the “third eye” described by mystics and seers.

Quantum Approaches to Consciousness 1. Introduction The problem of how mind and matter are related to each other has many facets, and it can be approached from many different starting points. Money really cant buy happiness - in the long-term at least - Lifestyle It's an old adage that we usually quote but don't really believe. "Money doesn't buy happiness." However, now a new study by an economist has found it to be true. A new collaborative paper by Richard Easterlin - namesake of the 'Easterlin Paradox' and founder of the field of happiness studies - offers the broadest range of evidence to date demonstrating that a higher rate of economic growth does not result in a greater increase of happiness. Across a worldwide sample of 37 countries, rich and poor, ex-Communist and capitalist, Easterlin and his co-authors shows strikingly consistent results: over the long term, a sense of well-being within a country does not go up with income.

How to Be a Positive Person, in Under 300 Words ‘Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune.’ ~Walt Whitman By Leo Babauta I’m a pretty positive person — I consider it one of the keys to the modest success I’ve had in creating new habits and achieving things in the last few years. I couldn’t have run three marathons without a positive mindset, nor created Zen Habits, mnmlist, or The Power of Less. What IS the Color of Stone List Agates: Agate is a "chalcedony" which is one of the many varieties of quartz. It is scientifically classified as a cryptocystalline or microcrystalline quartz. Agates come in many different forms. The main conditions necessary for agate formation are the presence of silica from devitrified volcanic ash, water from rainfall or ground sources, and manganese, iron and other mineral oxides that form the bands and inclusions. Also see individual listings, BLUE LACE AGATE, MOSS AGATE and TREE AGATE. Amber: Formation of amber goes back millions of years ago - up to 300 million years - when, certain tree resin hardened and fossilized over a long period of time.

Divination Divination is the art or practice of foretelling the future using different methods that the diviner may decide. The art of Divination has been practiced by all countries, cultures and religions around the world for thousands of years. It was studies over two thousand years ago in China by the study of cracked eggs for Divination.

Hippie Havens Maine Industry, Maine - "Plenty of old hippies, die hard hippies, new hippies and a bunch of drunk ones too you. Ever hear of Hempstock? That's in the town right next to us. Then Harvestfest isn't too far away either." Ogunquit, Maine - Ogunquit is an artsy/funky town 66 miled north of Boston.