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Gemstone meaning, magic meaning of gem stones

Gemstone meaning, magic meaning of gem stones

Society for Psychical Research From the publisher’s website: For thousands of years, voyagers of inner space—spiritual seekers, shamans and mystics—have returned from their inner travels reporting another level of reality that is more real than the one we inhabit in waking life. Others have claimed that under the influence of mysterious substances, known as entheogens, the everyday human mind can be given glimpses of this multidimensional realm of existence. Using information from the cutting edge of modern science, Peake presents a startling new hypothesis that these “inner worlds” are as real, or possibly even more real, than the “reality” we experience in waking life. As his starting point, Peake examines the widespread historical belief that the mid-brain’s pine-cone shaped pineal gland activates the “third eye” described by mystics and seers.

LOS ELIXIRES DE CRISTALES Y GEMAS ¿Que son los elixires de gemas? Los elixires de gemas son remedios vibracionales, se dice así por que sanan por vibración, no contienen drogas como los remedios de las farmacias, sino que curan por la vibración energética de la gema. Cualquier persona los puede tomar, no tiene contraindicaciones, no existe la sobredosis y puede consumirse junto a otros medicamentos. ¿Por que los elixires son tan efectivos? Hablando desde lo personal, cuando elaboré los primeros elixires y los probé, los cambios fueron notables, mayor equilibrio, capacidad de observar los conflictos con mas objetividad, claridad de pensamiento. En las personas que acuden a mi, noté como bajaba el nivel de estres y angustia, enfrentaban los problemas con serenidad y algunas afecciones físicas se aliviaban. ¿Cómo es que una piedra me puede sanar? ¿Los animales pueden tomar los elixires de gemas? Por supuesto, y son de gran ayuda con las mascotas. ¿Que problemas resuelvo si tomo los elixires? ¿Por qué sana el color de las gemas?

EZ Chakra Spin This meditation only takes a few minutes, and can be done at any time when you are able to tune in and focus. It is easy to do and can take the place of a full or extended meditation for people who lack the necessary privacy and/or are short on time. Turn your attention to the base of your spine and visualize your base chakra as a vortex [like a small pyramid]. Visualize this chakra a rich vibrant red and spin it. Work your way up through each chakra, visualizing each one and spinning it until it spins fast and on its own. When you spin the 6th chakra, focus *behind* your 3rd eye, in the middle of your head. Each of your chakras should be a powerful vibrant color. When our chakras spin at a faster rate, this helps to protect us from misfortune and disease, opens us to the astral, and protects us astrally as well as in the physical world. Also, note that the soul is made of light. © Copyright 2005, 2009, 2013, Joy of Satan Ministries; Library of Congress Number: 12-16457

Moss Agate Meanings and Uses The Crystal Vaults Comprehensive Illustrated Guide to Crystals Your On-Line Guide to The Healing Energies, Metaphysical Properties, Legendary Uses, and Meaning of Introduction to Meaning and Uses of Moss Agate Moss Agate is not banded, and therefore not strictly an Agate in scientific terms; but is included in the Agate family. Throughout history and all cultures, Moss Agate has been known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. Metaphysically, Agate has a lower intensity and vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, but is highly regarded as a stabilizing and strengthening influence. Moss Agate Uses and Purposes - Overview As a stone of abundance, Moss Agate is known for its benefits in agricultural pursuits and has been successful in promoting the growth of new crops. Moss Agate is also a stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. Useful as a birthing crystal, Moss Agate aids midwives in their work, reducing pain and assisting in delivery. Moss Agate Spiritual Energy

Directing Energy from Azazel Directing Energyfrom Azazel To make full use of your abilities in magick, it is important to be familiar with energy; sensing it, how to absorb it, detect it, send it out and manipulate it. This comes with meditating, sensitizing yourself to it and working with it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. This is an excellent exercise for directing energy at will. It is very important to always direct your energy upwards and out of your crown chakra.

Bloodstone gemstone meaning Bloodstone Gemstone meaning Bloodstone (also called heliotrope) is green with distinctive red spots that resemble blood, giving this stone its name. The bloodstone was used to stop bleeding especially nosebleeds. There is a legend that says the bloodstone was formed from the blood of Christ dripping on the green earth and solidifying. It was also called heliotrope by the Greeks and was thought to bring change. The bloodstone has been used as an amulet to protect against the evil eye. Healing properties of bloodstone The bloodstone is used for circulation of all energy in the body and helps to remove energy blocks. Sources of bloodstone Locations where bloodstone can be found include India, Brazil, China, Australia, and the United States. How to Clean Your Aura How to Clean Your Aura Cleaning your aura is essential for spiritual hygiene. By cleaning your aura on a daily basis, you protect yourself against psychic attacks and illnesses. A clean aura is charismatic and will encourage better relations with others. People will naturally be more considerate and grant favors to one whose aura is clean and radiating with energy. Here is where we influence people and get them to do as we wish. Ideally, one should clean the aura twice a day- upon awaking and before falling asleep at night. 1. That’s all there is to it, for a short working. TO FULLY CLEAN YOUR AURA, recite a Satanic rosary, with the seed mantra for the Sun, while visualizing yourself engulfed in brilliant white-gold light. Vibration is much more effective in cleaning the aura. Quite often, if there is a problem, such as illness or if there is a lot of negative energy, one will have difficulty in visualizing the light. Contrary to many teachings, Satan/Lucifer is the bringer of light.

Resources Recommendations and Kindred Here are some folks and sites I love, recommend, and enjoy… (Disclosure statement: Several are affiliate links, which means I get a bonus if you buy through my link. You never need to use my link if you’d prefer not to – you can always find the site and go directly there.) Angel Sullivan - Creating simple (+ soulful) websites, and reminding you of living magick. Lori-Lyn Hurley - Sharing spiritual energy and guidance to help you connect to your inner truth. Athena of Sage Goddess - Hosts live online rituals, leads membership programs (Magical Sabbatical and Ars Magica), and has a fabulous etsy shop where she sells her oils, sage bundles, crystals, ritual sets, candles, medicine bags, and more. Meegan at Dreaming in the Gloaming - Singing heart songs and whispering truth. Sarah Stephenson – Mama Sarah - Healing, loving, living… Crystals and Stones The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian Aromatherapy Chakras Various ‘n Sundry