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Religion Dispatches

Religion Dispatches

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Portland State Sociology of Islam & Muslim Societies The Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies Newsletter: Winter 2011 Newsletter No. 7 - ISSN:1942-7948 Contents LGBTQ Student Rights Harassment of LGBTQ Students All students have the right to be treated equally and to be free from bullying, harassment and discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Respecting Transgender and Gender-nonconforming Students' Rights Transgender and gender non-conforming students have the right to be respected and to dress and act in ways that don’t conform to stereotypes associated with their gender. Transgender students also have to the right to be referred to by their pronoun of choice, and to wear clothes and ac­cess spaces such as locker rooms and restrooms that fit their gender identity. The genocide of the Jews of Europe: The Holocaust The word Holocaust (from Greek ‘holos’ meaning ‘complete’ and ‘kaustos’ meaning ‘burned’) has become the preferred name for the Nazis’ systematic genocide of some six million Jews during World War II. The Nazis themselves used the euphemism ‘the Final Solution of the Jewish Question’, while ‘Shoah’ is the contemporary Jewish-Hebrew name for the catastrophe. The Nazi race policy did not only hit the Jews. Besides the over 6 million Jewish victims, between 100,000-200,000 gypsies were persecuted and murdered.

Grace: The Power Of The Gospel - Article Grace: The Power Of The GospelBy Andrew Wommack The Gospel is the most basic, foundational message of the New Testament, yet it’s the most misunderstood. Today’s religious system is not preaching the same Gospel that Paul did. They mix it with the Law, and that isn’t the Gospel at all. Labyrinth - Theory Theology is talk about God. This means the Labyrinth is theological, because it has plenty to say about God. Creation, the Trinity, the Incarnation, relationships, journey, redemption, transcendence and immanence, encountering God, being transformed - these are some of the themes incorporated into the meditations.

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Assessing the New Federalism Changing research focus: Federalism to Private/Public Context The Urban Institute's Assessing the New Federalism Project closely followed struggling families over the past decade as many left welfare—first in a booming economy, then through a recession, and now in a period when wages have stagnated and health insurance costs have skyrocketed. Building on more than a decade of ANF research, ANF has changed focus to become the new Low-Income Working Families project. While ANF studied public safety-net programs as they shifted largely from the federal government to the states and from cash welfare to work supports, the new project spotlights the private and public sector context for families' success or failure. Low-Income Working Families

Energy Healing Transmissions You are here: Tian Gong Practice > Energy Healing Transmissions A Unique Type of Energy Work in the Qigong Tradition The essence of Chinese culture lies in its understanding of the oneness between humans and the Universe. The Qi Gong culture, which goes back thousands of years, is a manifestation of this oneness. In the west, Qi Gong is becoming more and more popular as people everywhere yearn for a greater connection to the Universe. Tian Gong Qigong energy transmissions are different from those in many other qigong practices because they connect the work of healing the physical illnesses of the body with the healing of the soul.

Labyrinth In Greek mythology, the Labyrinth (Greek λαβύρινθος labyrinthos,[1]) was an elaborate structure designed and built by the legendary artificer Daedalus for King Minos of Crete at Knossos. Its function was to hold the Minotaur eventually killed by the hero Theseus. Daedalus had so cunningly made the Labyrinth that he could barely escape it after he built it.[2] NeuroTribes "The Structure of Flame" by autistic artist Jessica Park. Courtesy of Pure Vision Arts: In 2007, the United Nations passed a resolution declaring April 2 World Autism Awareness Day — an annual opportunity for fundraising organizations to bring public attention to a condition considered rare just a decade ago. Now society is coming to understand that the broad spectrum of autism — as it’s currently defined, which will change next year with the publication of the DSM-5 – isn’t rare after all.

50 Years of Government Spending, In 1 Graph : Planet Money Of each dollar the federal government spends, how much goes to defense? How much goes to Social Security? How much goes to interest on the debt? And how has this sort of thing changed over time? The graphic below answers these questions. It shows the major components of federal spending 50 years ago, 25 years ago, and last year. Probe Ministries - A Christian Worldview and Apologetics Ministry Sue Bohlin There's one thing we do here at Probe that is our favorite part of ministry. Our Student Mind Games Conference is a week-long, total immersion, give-it-all-we've-got experience for high school and college students that changes minds and hearts forever. We teach Christian students how to think biblically on a wide range of subjects: worldviews, basic apologetics, creation and evolution, human nature, the differences between guys and girls, the problem of evil, the value of suffering, campus Christianity, and even how to watch a movie without swallowing it whole. They learn about world religions, a compassionate but biblical view of homosexuality, science and Earth-history, feminism, and genetic engineering.

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