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Contents: Essays From The Church of Theists Suck: Quick Fact: In the US, the number of non-religious people has more than doubled from 14.3 million in 1990 to 29.4 million in 2001; their proportion has grown from just eight percent of the total in 1990 to over fourteen percent in 2001. This was the greatest increase in absolute as well as in percentage terms among all religious groups. Source: 2001 American Religious Identification Survey.

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The Woman's Bible Index Sacred Texts Women Bible The Woman's Bible, written by famous 19th Century feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton and a "Revising Committee", is one of the first attempts by women to evaluate the Judeo-Christian legacy and its impact on women through history. Stanton concluded that 'the Bible in its teachings degrades Women from Genesis to Revelation'. However she and the other contributors found much to admire in the Bible, particularly some of the Old Testament women. While many of her views are still controversial, time and advances in womens' rights have lessened some of the shock value of this book. The Dark Bible: Women's Inferior Status The Dark Bible Women's Inferior Status Back To Table Of Contents

Azeusism has caused every major atrocity in modern history! It happens far too frequently -- the lame atheism has caused more atrocities/death than Christianity/Islam/whatever argument. This means that a compelling response has not been found. If you are talking to a Christian who makes that argument, consider making the following argument. Why Militant Atheism is Necessary - Immortal Why Militant Atheism is Necessary Apr 4, 2011 Militant Atheism is necessary as a force to counteract the unbalanced political and social power that popular religious belief systems have wielded for too long through their powerful standardising of beliefs. It is impossible to persuade people to change their point of view when their point of view is not actually their own and they don’t care about the subject matter. As such, the only option left is to challenge the foundation of the belief structure itself so as to undermine the authority of the people who decide what their followers should and should not believe.

Food for The Eagle - Adam Savage's speech to Harvard Humanism Society Good evening. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to read my speech from my new iPad. Yep. I'm not only a humanist, I'm also an early adopter. – Top Ten Thomas Jefferson Quotes On Religious Freedom Today is Independence Day, a day in which we reflect on the bravery of Will Smith and Randy Quaid, engage in sodium nitrate vertical distribution, and blow off major appendages. Freedom in America is and has been under assault for quite some time by right-wing ideologues. Sadly, the conversation regarding the flagrant erosion of individual freedoms has been hijacked by a million moron army of stupid white people on Rascals and a penchant for wearing teabags. The biggest and most salient of freedom encroachment would have to be in the arena of religion.

Rolling Stone : Columbine: Whose Fault Is It? It is sad to think that the first few people on earth needed no books, movies, games or music to inspire cold-blooded murder. The day that Cain bashed his brother Abel's brains in, the only motivation he needed was his own human disposition to violence. Whether you interpret the Bible as literature or as the final word of whatever God may be, Christianity has given us an image of death and sexuality that we have based our culture around. A half-naked dead man hangs in most homes and around our necks, and we have just taken that for granted all our lives. Is it a symbol of hope or hopelessness? Atheism "Divine Fury" by Sabina Nore.Traditionally speaking, most religions were especially hostile towards women. While some atheists consider themselves as spiritual people, most do so because they haven't yet found the appropriate "label" for themselves. Atheism is, simply put and by definition, the belief that there is no God nor divine presence.

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