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Epicurus Quote - Plain, dark version T Shirt. The Association for Religion, Economics and Culture (ASREC) The Association for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Culture exists to promote interdisciplinary scholarship on religion through conferences, workshops, newsletters, websites, working papers, teaching, and research.

The Association for Religion, Economics and Culture (ASREC)

ASREC supports all manner of social-scientific methods, but seeks especially to stimulate work based on economic perspectives and the rational choice paradigm. The Skeptic's Dictionary. Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc. Science News, Articles and Information. Born Again Pagan - An Atheist Smorgasbord: Movies, Comics, Photos, Stories and Much More! The Skeptic's Dictionary. National Center for Science Education - Defending the Teaching of Evolution in Public Schools. ERS. Charles Darwin and other early evolutionists were fascinated by religious phenomena and how they might be explained from an evolutionary perspective. Portland State Sociology of Islam & Muslim Societies. The Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies Newsletter: Winter 2011 Newsletter No. 7 - ISSN:1942-7948 Contents.

Portland State Sociology of Islam & Muslim Societies

The British Humanist Association. Sandwalk. Secularism and Nonreligion. Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society & Culture. Religion Dispatches. A Philosophy Podcast and Philosophy Blog. Heterodoxology. Atheist Nexus. Skeptic » Home » The Skeptics Society &asmp; Skeptic magazine. Michael Shermer. Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The Wall of Separation. Freedom From Religion Foundation. Think Atheist. Rationally Speaking. Evolving Thoughts. Secular News Daily. Secular Web. American Atheists. New Humanist Blog.

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A Magazine of Critical Inquiry and Social Concern. American Humanist Association. The Brights. Sam Harris. The Christopher Hitchens Web. by (Yellow Pages Directory Inc.) is a leading online directory allowing users to search an online database and telephone directory for all telephone numbers in the USA.

The Christopher Hitchens Web

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Why Evolution Is True. EvolutionBlog. Epiphenom. Genealogy of Religion. A Theory of Mind. Biology of Religion. 03.

Biology of Religion

March 2012, 11:06 The online-magazine Evolution: This View of Life did get a new (and, if I might say, awesome) look. For example, the recommendation of John Jacob Lyons, who is a regular commentator here, about presenting the number of comments to each post has been fulfilled. You should check out the fresh page! More than ever, the brilliant team with active members such as Robert "@RobertMKadar" Kadar and Hadassah "@Haddie" Head is experimenting with new media possibilities such as videos. After seeing this well-done tutorial, I decided to add a web-interview and sent him some questions. 1.

My professional life is devoted to expanding evolutionary science beyond the biological sciences to include all aspects of humanity--in my own research, in higher education (EvoS), and in the formulation of public policy (The Evolution Institute). 2. 3. After decades of studying group selection and human evolution, it only made sense to study religion from an evolutionary perspective. Neuroanthropology. This is a post about decades of science.


This science doesn’t fit the normal template of “science,” of experiments and testable hypotheses and the like. Then again, a lot of research on humans rarely does. We’re humans, after all. Still, this post draws on many, many years of peer-reviewed empirical work. This body of work has focused on how people classify and judge each other, and how power is inevitably part of how humans interact. The case I will examine is what happened with Danielle N.

Dr. The first indication of why came in a tweet from Mariette DiChristina, the editor-in-chief of Scientific American. In other words, the Scientific American reaction was one of determining boundaries and what counted as appropriate or not. An important question becomes, Why? DiChristina penned a response today, highlighting her position as Editor-in-Chief in the title of the post. We recently removed a blog post by Dr. These insights come in two linked sets. NeuroTribes. "The Structure of Flame" by autistic artist Jessica Park.


Courtesy of Pure Vision Arts: In 2007, the United Nations passed a resolution declaring April 2 World Autism Awareness Day — an annual opportunity for fundraising organizations to bring public attention to a condition considered rare just a decade ago. Now society is coming to understand that the broad spectrum of autism — as it’s currently defined, which will change next year with the publication of the DSM-5 – isn’t rare after all. Neurophilosophy. Skepticblog. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. Atheist Media Blog. Thoughts from Kansas. Dispatches from the Culture Wars. Stephen Law's Blog. Eric Kaufmann.

Richard Carrier's Blog.